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  1. grim_reaper_6_9

    Why the Carrier Rework will fail no matter what.

    1. I have played cvs enough to know what i am doing, see image, fyi this isnt my main account, my main is on another server 2. If a cv knows what he's doing trust me unless you got DF AA you cant avoid him and this goes for both the present and the rework, i have tested the rework multiple times and i can assure you that. Let me give you an example of rocket planes, haku rocket planes get easy 6-7k per run on cruisers plus fires, now put that into 4 well placed runs and add fires to the equation you get an easy 30-35k from one cruiser with him being able to do nothing at all to you. with each successive run his AA dies and gets weaker, he is spotted the whole time and any planes that he shoots down don't really matter cause in 30 seconds the cv will be bringing a fresh squad like nothing happened. 3. And tbh the sector system of AA is not effective, i would rather let both sectors be at 100% rather than boost one sector cause it only takes seconds for a squad too go from one side to another and putting into account the fact that you will be maneuvering too to avoid his planes and enemy shells incoming its going to be hard to keep any squad in a sector for a time long enough to make it viable to be focused.
  2. grim_reaper_6_9

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    if wg can work out a better AA to planes interaction i think rework can succeed
  3. grim_reaper_6_9

    Why the Carrier Rework will fail no matter what.

    imo the biggest problem with cvs is that there is no counter play, you can't angle to bounce shells like in ships you can't wasd to dodge torps you cant use islands as effectively to block incoming shells in other words every ship class can 1v1 and have ways to counter each other except cvs in which case if a cv wants you dead he can harass you forever and do it making you useless for the whole match. i think we need a way for ships to interact with aircraft through the players, rather than the players having to rely AA that is AI based to fend of planes that are player controlled.
  4. grim_reaper_6_9

    Current state of the game

    its people like you lol who ruin this game all money no skill
  5. grim_reaper_6_9

    Current state of the game

    Off recently i have been noticing that this game has just been degrading and that too not just in one way but due to a host of reasons the most common being the quality of the player base and the upcoming cv rework. It just feels like although this is a f2p game the devs are just full of sell outs who find every possible way to cash grab, referring to the PEF and steel campaign. And it just feels like that no game aspect is thought out at all before implementing(cv rework). I mean if you have a game in which people are going 10k games and still performing atrociously to just have a 40%wr i think then there's something wrong with the game in being able to instruct or convey to the players what to do and just being lack luster in general. Because the devs need to understand that its annoying when you play 5 games in a row on t10 avg 180k and 2 kills but still manage to lose because your team doesn't have the brain capacity to operate or the game is just not clear enough. If this keeps up i dont think that this game will retain competitive players and for that matter even have a competitive scene left in the coming months. p.s. i am glad i haven't spent one buck on this game
  6. tbh the karma system in the game is pretty useless, it leads to nothing except for one random number in the player's profile going down, WG really needs to start taking some responsibility
  7. grim_reaper_6_9

    Buff montana pls

    maybe, maybe not, who knows
  8. grim_reaper_6_9

    Buff montana pls

    dont let my number of battles fool you :) infact i am pretty sure that i am a better player than you in every regard :)
  9. grim_reaper_6_9

    Buff montana pls

    looking at server stats and just general in game performance i feel that montana is becoming a victim of the power creep and i think its time that montana gets a buff and what better way to buff it than give it 57mm deck as it would greatly improve survivability but not make it broken, rather it would reward players for playing smartly even more.