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  1. cpt_a_hole_killer

    Looking for an ACTIVE clan

    Hi. I'm currently in a clan that has next to no active members. I have 4000+ battles in random and currently have several tier 10 and 9 ships. I play mostly DD's but can switch to BB's and CA's if needed to. I'm looking for a clan that is very active and the members are willing to enter into clan battles on a regular basis. I may be able to refer other members from my previous group that wish to join.
  2. cpt_a_hole_killer

    [Team RWBY] Are you combat ready?

    I'm currently in a clan but its dying. I may be able to bring others with me for recruitment
  3. cpt_a_hole_killer

    KOTC is rebuilding

    Kings of the Citadel are rebuilding our clan and require ACTIVE members of all skill levels and tiers. We chat in discord. Please only apply if you play ships more than once a week and are willing to be active in clan wars.
  4. cpt_a_hole_killer

    KOTC is recruiting

    KOTC is recruiting active members. We now have openings and require members of all tier and skill who are active on a weekly basis. We chat in discord and require it to participate in clan battles.
  5. KOTC is recruiting active members from all tiers and skill levels. We participate in Clan Wars and div up on a daily basis. Our membership ranges from 16yo to 60. Come join us !