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  1. Detonation needs to go

    Here, have some salt
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Tell them to suicide less. ))))
  3. perhaps it's better for you guys to move this to the worldofwarships.com's news section, since you can't view forum from in-game, IIRC? it's also better for userbase to know what's going on since the news would pop up on worldofwarships.com moment they go to the site, instead having to go to forum to see this. FYI and thank you for the clarifying the issue, guys. (I wasn't affected though, lucky me)
  4. Conq is hardly OP

    >Colonizer is hardly OP >average damage equivalent of a good CV at top tier
  5. People Still play GZ in battles for some reason.
  6. What if i told you....