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  1. Qilang

    Massachusetts main guns

    oh boy, thats 6-7km shot, do you really need 19 or 21 point commander for this?
  2. Qilang

    Massachusetts main guns

    everything Main Arm Mod 1 DCSM1 SBM1 DCSM2 CSM1 pls dont tell me I need 19 point commander.
  3. Qilang

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    good. No one cares Apple computers.
  4. close to be joke, perfect waterline aim at pommern from like 6-7km, all missed. Just terrible.
  5. Qilang


    thnx. how much is 2019 Armada pack?
  6. Qilang

    Florida doesn’t cost 20000 tokens...

    is that new judge? lol
  7. Qilang

    ship rental

    they should do this.
  8. Qilang


    thnx guys. when will they offer better sale? BF or Christmas week?
  9. Qilang


    how much normally do u keep in your account ?
  10. Qilang


    is paper made. It's total [edited].
  11. Qilang

    PSA: Alienware Transformers Giveraway

    thnx, works like a champ
  12. they all need EURO ships. Options are very limited. Anyone still play them?
  13. Qilang

    increase HP

    which flags/upgrades can increase HP? thnx
  14. Qilang

    Client Crashing

    update your nvidia driver and report back pls.
  15. Qilang

    in game crash frequently

    I find out lots of guys crash their win10 in-game, not just wows. I think this has something to do with recent win10 updates which cause Nvidia driver issue. If you experience crash in AMD video cards, thats another story. Please update your nvidia driver to latest version, prob it will do the trick. gl.