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  1. Qilang

    game download speed is 360kb/s

    oh, trust me, it's set to unlimited. Meanwhile I got download speed at 20mb-60mb from anywhere else. lmbo.
  2. LOL, this is getting ridiculous. Does wargaming really wanna stay in business? My ISP is Verizon Fios 960MB
  3. with this hybrid BB line cuming out, still make sense to buy Kearsarge?
  4. and got burned alive to death
  5. Qilang

    UK or IJN BB line?

    thanks guys!
  6. which line to grind? or both.
  7. Qilang


    such a bad ship. with stock 14.2km fire range, it's a joke. in t10 game. It is so sluggish to handle. damn, it's bad.
  8. Qilang


    I have republic, but I am not seeing Patrie. Do I miss anything? Thnx
  9. Qilang

    New Lighthouse Auction

    zero interest
  10. Qilang

    Duncan, Part 2.

    I don't like this ship, turn too slow. isn't it called battlecruiser?
  11. This is kind of new, all of sudden I forget. thnx
  12. Qilang

    G.O.A.T. Ship

  13. Qilang

    200% cashback coupon