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  1. Qilang


    Subs are boring to death
  2. Qilang

    KOTS Day 3 is on!

    great, thanks! Is there similar page for EU?
  3. Qilang

    KOTS Day 3 is on!

    @Lord_Zathhow can we find out the latest results and bracket?
  4. Qilang

    KOTS Day 3 is on!

    imo KOTS is pretty bad organized. For starters, where can we check the latest results (EU/NA)? I guess nowhere.
  5. I understand, and I have Tirpitz, another reason not to buy it
  6. I won't but it. I just use my Massa against it in Brawl, win with ease.
  7. it's better than Tirpitz? Imo prob Tirpitz is better
  8. Qilang

    Brandenburg Armor

    still Massa's secondary is better?
  9. Qilang

    October Prime Loot now available

    same here. I only got the flags. no following container. Please let me know if you got it.
  10. Then we have to agree to disagree.
  11. ask BB players, listen to them how effective ASW is.
  12. ASW on BB is nothing. Both Subs and DDs can torp BB to death, with ease.
  13. Subs make BB even weaker class. Basically BB has not much counter against Subs.
  14. Qilang

    100% cashback coupon

    yes. 6 days
  15. Qilang

    100% cashback coupon

    thats good thought