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  1. You would have to download Aslain's mod. Just search for it on google.
  2. Game Chat

    But why? I don't understand why we should expect some casual player who has other priorities in life to 'git gud' at this game? Yeah I do understand that it's a team game and one should try and contribute. But not everyone is blessed or have the time to 'invest' in this game. They want to play casually, so let them and if someone has a problem they are better off turning off chats and locking up their stats. Now they can do what they want and the player enjoys their leisure.
  3. What's the name of the mod to mute chats? Would be helpful this ranked season so that I don't lose my cool and get salty at other players. I have no right to be salty at someone just because they are not doing it the way I want (or even the way a team wants). I mostly never lose my cool or get salty on chats but for some reason did it twice last ranked season. Really felt bad for doing it as I must have known that anyone can play any modes and they shouldn't be expected to improve so I can win them all. For them its just another game they play casually and its not life/work/school so that they have to improve.
  4. Next steel ship?

    Wouldn't the new proposed premium tier 10 French BB put all such speculations to rest? How else would they give out a tier 10 ship? Don't quote me on that though :)
  5. Did I win some kindof lottery?

    The Texas and free exp is because of refer a friend program. But OP doesn't have any tier 6 ship, so playing one of those tier 6+ trial premium got them the Texas and free exp. WG has given those ships to try for a few days and later makes an offer to buy the ship at a discounted price probably (they have done this before). @OP- It's no lottery, just a carrot by WG to get you to spend a bit if you like those ships :)
  6. Would never ever equip the Hindy module as it was tough to disengage when I wanted (I am not a long range spammer). But definitely liked the Zao module. Range takes a bit of hit but the wiggly wiggle frustrates BBs :D
  7. Most good CV drivers would avoid the Worcester now. It has been long since I have shot down more than 10 planes in any of my so called AA platform cruisers due to lack of CVs. So I just decided to give up AFT when I had my 19 point captain in the Seattle. Have not played the Worcester yet as I am waiting to get the perma camo from the event. I have a typical light cruiser setup on my captain 1. PT 2. JoAT, AR 3. SI, DE 4. IFHE, CE I might put another captain on it and raise him to a 19 pointer so can have a dedicated captain for Atlanta. IFHE, AFT and CE would go well with the Atlanta and might put him on the Worcester at times when I see a lot of CVs in the queue. But right now would focus on the damage dealing build.
  8. Maybe you could add a poll? Not sure how to create one though <500 500-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 2000-3000 3000-4000 4000-5000 >5000 No bacon :D
  9. 1364 in radoms. Maybe cpl of more Ks in co-op and ranked
  10. Sale Price...good thing

    Does anyone really buy credits for real money in this game? XP is one thing but why credits?
  11. No it was not, because I remember converting around 1mil of my free exp (ship exp on elite ship/premiums).

    They want the ship in their firing range to be spotted irrespective of their concealment values so there is nothing to inspect here. Just lack of basic game mechanics @OP Ships are detected based on their concealment values and not based on your firing range. So if I am in a DD with 5.4km concealment value I wont be detected unless there is a ship within that range (surface detection). There are other detection methods such as plane spotting, radar spotting, hydro spotting. You can read about all that in the wiki or following some utube vids. Again there are lots of variables - detection while firing main guns, detection while firing main guns in smoke, minimum detection range (which is 2km of each other but some ships can detect further with a module).
  13. Maybe WoWs anniversary?