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  1. sansfaille

    Buying John Doe

    Use it on my Zao and Hindy and its so effective dishing out dev strikes. Those few seconds mean the targets broadsiding or angling away.
  2. sansfaille

    Buying John Doe

    I am just holding it out for the Alaska release. The ammo switching skills would be really useful on the Alaska I believe.
  3. sansfaille

    After all it is just a game

    You know why this game gets stressful? Stats, period.
  4. sansfaille

    Season 11 start date?

    There is this mini ranked and then comes the clan battles. So probably Jan of 2019 :)
  5. sansfaille

    RN questions.

    WG should give you a few premium RN crates for explaining and answering this event better :)
  6. "WoW" I liked it :)
  7. sansfaille

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    Well, Warspite gives you 6500 dubs for 220 sovereigns :)
  8. sansfaille

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    Gallant costs 200 Sovs and gets you 4500 dubs.
  9. sansfaille

    RN DDs and what did I miss reading???

    I thought they were generous with the shop drops. I got the tier 5 and tier 6 dd missions by completing the first week's mission. I planned to buy a few premium crates so I can get the tier 7 and tier 8 ships too. But now I wont gamble knowing I was lucky enough to get 2 drops and I have never been that lucky.
  10. sansfaille

    Super Container wish list

    1. 12 SCs 2. Steel, steeeeel, more steeeeeeel. 3. Free exp/commander exp flags
  11. sansfaille

    So what time does the Super Container event start?

    I would wait to see if there are no issues with the event. Last time I guess there was some bug?
  12. sansfaille

    Forget AP with the New Mexico.. HE delivers.

    I hope someone had the time to do that on a live stream teaching all those game mechanics explaining every minute details. I am just an average player knowing some game mechanics watching those CCs (especially Flamu) but I feel I don't know a lot of stuff like the one you mentioned above (Flamu did demonstrate hitting the cit of a bow on Yamato in one of his vid but I don't have it so will try it when I get it). Maybe some great soul can even make a list of such unique things so one can try to learn those mechanics .
  13. sansfaille

    SPEND YOUR TOKENS Public Service Announcement

    Wait for the patch day and you will see at least a couple of threads about WG not calling them personally to inform about this. They would also want WG to compensate for this 'mishap' :D
  14. sansfaille

    Way Too Many Games?

    Can't be a bot account because he has good stats? Sharing would be a possibility, but even if someone is addicted to games they can't play so much.. This game is fun for 5-6 matches and there is nothing new. As far as I have seen, game addicts play many games as they get bored with same games.
  15. sansfaille

    Way Too Many Games?

    Co-op Battles 243