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  1. Gift for Returning Players?!

    Well I guess WG did give those players some freedom containers and if I remember it correctly those ship missions from freedom containers required us to earn 25k exp.
  2. 1750 base xp with losing battle is almost impossible. The win condition hardly matters for that sort of base xp :)
  3. Missions Ruining the Game

    At least they have this win and live criteria for the mission so that ppl just dont yolo die and think the team will win for them. Not complaining one bit about those two criteria :)
  4. Easy to earn the elite commander XP once you get your first 19 point captain but not so easy to earn free XP. Would suggest to hold on to your free exp and grind your captain to get him to 19 point.
  5. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    You must read a bit more to know how tough it is to earn 14k steel to get a Black. But I would have 10k steel with the oil to coal conversion + rank 1 this season. So if someone has done the oil grind and bought a ton of crates, should be very easy to get the Black.
  6. Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    Only the fourth one remains and will complete the remaining 2 stars. Hasley can wait for the next patch :)
  7. Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    Is it a good idea to stop the Hasley campaign now as there might be a remote chance of getting steel from those super containers? Feeling bad for completing 3 stages :(
  8. Actually I like the 'win' rider they have added to many tasks/missions including Hasley. At least people would know that if they yolo and die the completion of task wont be assured unless they contribute.
  9. I am sure I can't complete that 30 plane kill mission. I only play tier 10 cruisers and has been ages since I have been dropped by the CVs. Wouldn't have bothered if it was a 2500 base xp mission as it can be achieved, but when there are no CVs and being in a cruiser makes it almost impossible :(
  10. Not sure what tiers you are playing but I have done similar missions when I started this game in tier 6-7-8. Thing is don't try too hard for the missions as it affected my game play a lot when I started this game. All I would try to do is stupidly yolo to torp, kill and what not. I remember taking a 1% hit on my WR doing such stupid things and also costing my team. Now that I use the tier 10 cruisers, I dont even bother about such missions. They would be done in my regular game play.
  11. The New Cleveland Sort of Sucks

    I was with you in the match and I thought you were using the terrain well. Zao took notice of you and you were dead, but not a match you guys should have lost with so much advantage :)
  12. The Cursed Marathon...

    Depends on which cruiser you play and how you play it. I have done all those top score/top 3 score missions exclusively in my Hindy. Win or lose I mostly would be in top 3 in most matches when I am in my cruisers (only play tier 10 cruisers though)
  13. The Cursed Marathon...

    Missions, Hasley campaign becomes a night mare if you play for those goals. Just play your natural game without trying for those goals and they would be done easily. Without trying hard much hard I am almost at the end of the Mission 3 of the Hasley campaign. The daily and weekend missions are being completed too without even me bothering to look at the mission criteria.