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  1. You forgot to mention bacon :D
  2. sansfaille

    Snowflake Steel and Coal amounts announced

    I have 4 mil free exp and I was alsow wondering if I can do that. Are you sure about getting back the free exp with CV update drop? Hoping you would reply as none did :)
  3. If I free exp both the CV lines for the snowflake event can I get back the same value with the trade in?
  4. sansfaille

    Make random...PURE random pls

    Yeah but ships out of league (+/-2) cant shoot each other lol.
  5. sansfaille

    Brawling in the Großer Kurfürst

    I agree. If I see any BBs pushing that way I would ask the team to focus and I would spam them in my cruisers. Won't last more than 2 minutes unless the team decides to ignore or not enough ships on the flank.
  6. sansfaille

    Snowflake Steel Amount

    Same here. I hope WG doesnt come up with "only ships in port when the patch drops are eligible" clause :)
  7. sansfaille

    2019 Ranked

    Missouri, Missouri, Missouri and Missouri.
  8. sansfaille

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    Worked. Thanks :)
  9. sansfaille

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    Just a "DDs no need to rush into caps and die" message will avoid that a lot of times. Many DDs would have been forced to do that by previous team mates.
  10. sansfaille

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    Then my steel hoarding continues. Didn't like playing the Stalingrad and not a good BB player (was considering buying this ship but not anymore).
  11. sansfaille

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    I recently started grinding DDs tier 8 and above and it has kept me thinking always. Decision, decisions and decisions have kept me and my toe which I didn't realise till now that I enjoyed so much (I am a cruiser main). Its so much fun playing DDs :)
  12. sansfaille

    Am I reading this right?.....

    I don't see any such personal mission? How does one get that?
  13. Hope WG realises that they would benefit a lot choosing the mass sales option over niche sales. If they price it good I am sure they stand to gain much as people would be willing to spend USD 30-40 during the holiday season. But they know it better :)
  14. Why am I feeling that the steel campaign would be sold for nothing less than $99.99? Hope I am wrong :)
  15. At 2km you have aimed it all wrong. You have made sure to hit the belt armor and all of them bounced. Flamu demonstrated it by hitting some tier 1 or 2 ship on the belt armor with a Yammy at close range.