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  1. sansfaille

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    2017 Halloween. I made lots of dubs through Halloween crates which paid dubs for duplicate camos. I am at 95k now with 2 mil free exp conversions and few doubloon ships purchases. Not to forget the 1000s of economic flags and a few commander re-training with the dubs. PS-Spent $300 for crates I guess and made nearly 130-140k dubs
  2. This is my build for the Stalin, Moskva and Kronsh. Hope it helps
  3. sansfaille

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    Playing DM was totally boring for me and its AA platform was useless with no CVs. Now I am enjoying playing it and my grind for the legendary module is almost over. CVs have made it more exciting for me at least.
  4. sansfaille

    Ranked = relaxing

    People are bored complaining about ranked, season after season. They have found something new to complain :)
  5. sansfaille

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    Oh yes he said that when I tried to tell him to get his facts right about the new CVs. In his words, "Don't try to teach me how this game works. I have been playing this game from Beta days and I am an Unicum player".
  6. sansfaille

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    One of these Unicum co-op players asked me to stop playing CV. He said that one should know multi tasking to play CVs and I am a noob flying just one squadron ;p
  7. sansfaille

    Have the problems of the old CVs been addressed?

    @iEatChickenMcNuggets I saw one of the devs explaining about how flak works and it was definitely not RNG. He said that the game estimates the probable location of the planes (based on direction and speed) and shoots flak at that location. He said this estimates are done every 'x' seconds (I don't remember exactly but he said it was every 2 seconds). So WASD is what was suggested to avoid flak fire.
  8. sansfaille

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    The 2 CVs are there to learn the game and since its a new mechanism they will take some time. Even if they were decently good enough they still can't carry yoloing Co-op players because of the lack of alpha damage. If you think you are good, try playing a CV once and experience it for yourself. Meta has changed in CO-OP too, learn to live with it as it's going to stay that way for quite sometime.
  9. They screwed it up without an option not to sell camos.
  10. sansfaille

    The best way to farm reports

    It's a very tough way. Take your DM and say (in global chat) that you have spotter plane instead of radar. Easy reports.
  11. sansfaille

    PSA Guineas and Cossack, Snowflakes, last reminder.

    It was a huge grind and credit sink. Done all ships in tech tree (except Izumo and yammy) and 48 premiums. Guess at least 100mil credits went down the drain buying and selling ships. Once I finish the Yammy grind, probably will play many ships I thought I didn't like :)
  12. I bought both cpl of days back after some enlightening words by a streamer. Free exp can be earned, those ships can't be. PS- Had around 4 mil so wasn't an issue for me.
  13. sansfaille

    Quick easy changes for WoWS - Add to the list

    Not the "chat after game over". There will be lot of abuses and name calling. Once you are done with a game forget it and move on. No need to call out people or brag :) Sure might be constructive but most of the players won't use it for any good purpose. Also it would affect queue times as players would be on chats rather than playing another game ;p
  14. When I a radar a DD no one shoots. When I play a DD and get radared, everyone and their moms shoot me. That's how randoms have been for me ;p
  15. sansfaille

    Unauthorized Account Transactions

    My $10 transactions itself are rejected by my bank and I have to resort to buying subway gift cards. I wonder how such big transactions to a Russian payment processor went through without any red flags.