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  1. sansfaille

    Vote for the currency of the Hayate is up

    WG- Thanks for voting and surprised to see you all "voted" for the same currency we had already decided on ;p
  2. sansfaille

    Ok let’s see those mega crates results

    Second freebie crate gave me a W.Virginia :)
  3. sansfaille

    Wheres the 200% win bonus for the Anniversary?

    They don't want you to grind for free and grind it fast :)
  4. sansfaille

    0.8.8 Patch Notes - T10 SC Confirmed

    No flags for every 1000 battles played makes me sad :(
  5. sansfaille

    We Need a "Demount All" Option For Signals

    Aslain's mod pack has this feature
  6. Yep 1 AM PST and the event ended.
  7. Don't forget to add that they need to grind the entire line to get that 20k. Many have asked here if they can get 20k just by resetting (not having to play the ships)
  8. Surprise!!! It was just a trial run yesterday
  9. If you want the free ship take a sabbatical from whatever you are doing. They want us to grind the whole day.
  10. sansfaille

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Common, 250k damage and 1200 tokens? You got to be kidding.
  11. sansfaille

    Why is Georgia going away so fast?

    They could have mentioned "You can't buy her for real world cash anymore but you can buy her for coal in the armory till further notice" for those who can't comprehend. Wait a minute, didn't they say they won't sell tier 9-10 ships for "real world cash"? They might be just embarrassed to put it out in words ;p
  12. sansfaille

    Suggestion for consumables. What do you think?

    You mean I can radar a DD who is playing it smart to juke the radar (sitting at the radar edge) and turn it off when he goes out of radar range? You mean I can hydro every few seconds so that a DD can never torp me? So unfair and mind you I am no DD player :)
  13. sansfaille

    how to daring 101

    @Kingpin61 Why not post "how not to daring 101". I am sure you have a good clip for that ;p
  14. What if you want to buy the JB + Yoshino + Georgia? Yoshina is expected to be sold for nothing less that 300k. I am saving for both the Yoshina and Georgia as they are unique ships (salem is not on the list yet as DM with LM works good for me).
  15. Not random I guess. I was away from the game for a couple of months and I had got that personal mission.