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  1. Well, I am officially old, but have been in computers since 1986, in internet and search engines from 1993 (worked with Tim Berners-Lee, for who still remember who he is), so screen junkie for a long time but there is one habit I will not give up: paper paper and a cup of coffee…and yes, we no longer access traditional tv - older generation is probably defined as true consumers of what is put in front of them, whereas younger generations are more intention-driven - decide what you want to view, and go search a medium that offers it…
  2. Only for those who understand Dutch - the largest Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” had a one-page article today on WOW and the launch of the Dutch cruisers - enjoy Lert!
  3. I want to see Admiral Michiel de Ruyter - running around on his ship - as a special captain whose special proc is to double the number if planes in an airstrike can dream eh?
  4. DottoreBoooom

    Choice of Steel: Shikishima or Bourgogne

    Of course I had to try - Bourgogne with - speed flag - speed boost - swift in silence almost 42 kts (41.7 ) can surprise the broadside of camping BBs ( or get you into trouble real fast)
  5. DottoreBoooom

    Salty player is salty. What language is this?

    I am actually Dutch and it does look more like South African - it is pretty bad language but it appears that your mother is an object for his desires and he desperately wants to do something naughty to her. Whether she would like to reciprocate, I of course cannot say..
  6. DottoreBoooom

    De Zeven Provincien confirmed! \o/

    Happy for Lert And - as a Dutchie - I am cheering! nice to see our great seafaring nation (;-)) appreciated...
  7. Fyi Before the Black Friday event I had a Tirpitz and a Tirpitz B. From a container I got the Tirpitz B (2500 dubs) , a 10 point captain and the mission for 2500 dubs.The mission is gor the non-B Tirpitz.
  8. DottoreBoooom

    RU Christmas store is live

    Gorizia for around $30 I see.
  9. DottoreBoooom

    Question about Wichita

    Hi Ferret, I have a similar preference for these squishy cruisers such as Bayard, Irian - have you considered Lazo at T7? Real fun, especially with the range extending plane (set fires from 20 km). Pretty certain you will love her! Unless you need a US ship of course!
  10. DottoreBoooom

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    And this last bit is key - you cannot brawl T10s easily with a T8 (I certainly cannot), but I have been a major nuisance in a Hipper or especially Charles Martel, for T10s such as Yamato, GK, and burn them down while kiting. I thought the same as the topic starter at first - what can I do in a T8 against T10s (especially after being one-shot in a NorCa by a top-clan Yamato player, boy that was lesson). Nowadays, I am thankful for the opportunity to play against T9/10 because it enables me to understand their in-game properties so I can develop strategies for fighting them. I have held off playing my T9 and T10 ships in random until I can survive most battles in which my T8 is bottom tier. You will have to get used to the feeling of being ROFL-stomped as a team - I remember one game I did some damage, made a very stupid move, and got deleted - only to find out that I was in the top 3 of my team....
  11. Of course, I have to ask - Inktomi San Mateo? I was Europe...