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  1. BoS_Mud

    IFHE All Night Long

    Any updates to this thread for the Al Nevsky? I'm on the fence with it for the 180s
  2. BoS_Mud

    Steam Dockyard Crash

    My dockyard won't display at all.
  3. BoS_Mud

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    These greedy people man, greedy
  4. BoS_Mud

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    This statement, is why those that bought the Moskva camo,....digital goods that cost next to nothing to make and are sold for $20 a pop,....will not be buying any more camos. It shows an extreme lack of regard and respect for the customer base that are literally paying you for an imaginary thing. It would cost WG NOTHING to give the camo to the previous owners of the camo and would show that they are listening to the player base and appreciate them. The tone def response you made for them tho spells out clearly why I shouldnt have bought the Moskva camo in the first place, which I did, and why I will never buy another.
  5. So long story short (TL;DR), you feel the ships paid for with cash should be the same as ones you received for free. Naw, not gonna happen. Have some cheese with your whine
  6. Good work getting into the top Ranked league. Another important thing to learn, just as important as being cautious and aware, is knowing when to push ahead and take an advantage to force the other team out of their comfortable spot. Flanks are importantant, but so is getting a dominant center position with cover and lighting up hydro or radar to expose the other team when the opportunity presents itself. Keep an eye on when players do this succesfully and if you learn that, you'll be light years ahead of most. Good luck getting to 1!
  7. This can't be said enough, it's nerfs have become rediculous
  8. BoS_Mud

    Khaba needs some serious buffs...

    I posted this same article right after the IFHE changes happened. It's a useless joke now, thank God I got my legendary upgrade prior to the change because it would be miserable to do it now. No range, no speed, no turning quickness, no damage, no outspotting ability, and the size of a cruiser. What is the purpose of this ship now, Devs?
  9. I fail to see how playing my rear off and still not acheiving 50% even is right.
  10. The game making is pretty jacked recently. My last 43 battles I've played at a Unicum level with a PR of 2175. That has resulted in a win rate of 48.84%. Seriously, wth. how about giving me a team that at least knows which direction they are supposed to go during a match.
  11. BoS_Mud

    Wows-numbers signatures not updating?

    Hi, yeah, the issue isn't with wows.stats site. Easy answer, I used the sig from the 3rd party site on another forum, suprise suprise it worked correctly. The issue is here, like I said. This forum is using cached signatures from over a month ago for some reason.
  12. BoS_Mud

    Wows-numbers signatures not updating?

    I tried that, as much as Happa keeps saying it is the 3rd party site, I promise it is not. The forum like was said a few posts up, is using a chaed version. It is a Wargaming forum issue, not a wow numbers issue. I can report on their website until I'm blue but it will not change the issue or fix something that is due to this forum. I've loggedout of both and cleared cache and cookies multiple times.
  13. BoS_Mud

    Wows-numbers signatures not updating?

    The issue specifically is from this site though. I understand there is no support for the signature itself but a forum related issue should be supported I would think. It is this forum somehow retrieving or holding onto a cached signature and prioritzing it over current data fetched from the 3rd party site. The signature appears fine on the 3rd party site and also when pasted into the signature field of this forum, but as soon as the signature is saved this forum then reverts to a chached image from 30-45 days ago. Maybe this belongs in a bug fix error section, but the issue is most assuredly with this forum and not the source of the signature. For troubleshooting, I did in fact log out of both sites and clear all chache and cookies. The problem repeats every time the signature is saved in the account section of this site but appears fine before the saving.
  14. BoS_Mud

    Wows-numbers signatures not updating?

    Same, I update, it looks correct and thn I save and it changes back. What gives
  15. BoS_Mud

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    Still upset that the Steel is not higher. I don't see a reason why you can't earn the same amount of steel attaining Rank 1 as you can getting through Typhoon or Hurricane in Clan Battles.