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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe she has a baked in repair cost reduction before you add the benefits of the Premium Camo.
  2. KidDiscordia

    Problem with Naval Battles this week.

    I believe the OP is operating under the assumption that the scoreboard is keeping track of the number of stars he is earning for the team and not that is only keeping track of which games he earned a star/tier/whatever in. (1 star per "winning " game).
  3. KidDiscordia

    Naval Battles going back to base XP?

    I wouldn't be bothered if it alternated between Base XP and Damage every couple of weeks. Good players are going to be able to perform well in both formats while giving smaller or perhaps less coordinated clans see a benefit for playing.
  4. KidDiscordia

    Not seeing ugrade discounts

    What time would 10PM PT be in Germany? It appears that May 5th was when Germany started surrendering in various regions with the official VE being May 8th
  5. So what was in the other 33 crates?
  6. KidDiscordia

    Thoughts on Yorck vs. New Orleans

    I believe it is one of the 2nd Directive rewards for Fly, Strike Win.
  7. I wish I was able to purchase multiples of the same package at one time. Let me buy multiples of the same flag bundle in one transaction.
  8. KidDiscordia

    What are your professions?

  9. It sells off any extras immediately on completing a collection and will then sell any future duplicates for that collection as they arrive.
  10. KidDiscordia

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    I got mine last night by receiving a notice in Port (grey box). You click on it and it sends you to the wesite/premium store where you have to log in and it drops.
  11. KidDiscordia

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Then does it become a discussion about "Why play the YY if the others are just as good."? Whether you nerf one or buff six it is still going to be the same argument.
  12. KidDiscordia

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    The other option is to wait 6 or 8 months and you will be able to purchase the Perm. Camo. separate. (see Kii, Roma the beer can in the store.
  13. I suspect they fall under the description she gave in post #61, in that their torp defense is internal.
  14. I received 4 Super Containers on Sunday for complete a stage in the Halsey and Yamato campaigns. I got 25 Hydra Flags 50 Halloween Camos 15k Coal 1000 Doubloons A pretty diverse haul. Would have liked a ship like everyone else, but it is all useable.
  15. KidDiscordia

    Jingles previews the Cossack

    The Event is broken down in 3 Stages, Chapters or Themes. Each of these Stages, Chapter or Themes are made up of 4 weeks worth of Directives. If you complete all of the Directives in the Event, you will earn a max of 48 Guineas. Since we are at the end of the second week of the event you should only have a max of 8 "Directive awarded free" Guineas. You will need to purchase at least 2 Guineas to receive the Cossack through the Arsenal. As mentioned above you can purchase from the Premium shop 10 Guineas for $1.00 USD as a one-time purchase. You need to be logged into the store to see this "special" offer. The Hall of Fame does not award Guineas at any level, just flags, badges, camos and crates.