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  1. Yes, buy them back, you only get port slots for ships you own.
  2. Citadel penetration with HE?

    Only at low tiers. High tier CVs have enough armour in the right places to consistently autobounce Yamato AP.
  3. That's Halsey you're thinking of. Halsey's reload buff pops on Confederate instead of Kraken
  4. Harsh Team Damage Rules

    It adds a tiny amount of strategy in a rare situation. In exchange, it allows for unnecessary griefing, and the countermeasure to that griefing inconveniences even more people. The benefit is not worth the cost.
  5. Missouri Gone

    What's sad is that WG lied about it's permanence.
  6. Harsh Team Damage Rules

    Because you brought up DDs. And this doesn't eliminate that maneuvering, you can still maneuver in your brawl so that you can use that enemy ship as cover. It would just take more careful positioning. Maybe that's your problem?
  7. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    When someone "threatens" to take something away from you, you want that thing more. Aka, "limited time offer" sales.
  8. What about it. Des Moines is viable at T10 with 16 km range and the reload module, and often works at even lower ranges. No reason Cleveland can't manage with the same.
  9. Harsh Team Damage Rules

    Funny enough, they've already been punished for it: They wasted a salvo of torps. Did they get punished as much as if team damage+tk prevention was active? No. But on the other hand, no one else was affected. If you take half a second to think about what you're saying here, you're suggesting that you position yourself closer to enemy fire in a situation where every point of HP counts. Furthermore, if you're in a DD brawl, those DDs shouldn't (in general) be torping anyway. You need to take time off firing your guns to aim and launch torps, and that gap in firing is super obvious, so whoever you're brawling would immediately evade anyway. The only time a DD should be torping in a brawl is if they're super close, and in a high risk situation like that, I doubt anyone but the most super of unicums is even thinking about where their torps are going beyond the immediate target, you can always warn your allies to dodge later, but if you don't fire, you're dead NOW. So no, I don't buy this garbage for a second.
  10. Harsh Team Damage Rules

    Just turn off team damage. It's been off in ops since forever and ops haven't devolved into a mess of trolling and anarchy.
  11. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Statistically, it does. Abusing reactance is a tried and true marketing method.
  12. When you hop tiers, you move up without the captain that makes it work. NO shouldn't have much trouble getting into position, it's one of the stealthiest cruisers in it's tier range. A full concealment build gets NO down to 9.1km surface detect range (extra useful given that's only 100m more than it's 9 km radar range). That puts you lower than any cruiser other than Edinburgh, and even then, only barely. With a proper build, if you get spotted in a NO, pop radar, then prepare to stomp whatever was spotting you.
  13. Stress reduction. You don't have to worry about dropping too far.
  14. Except you don't need to analyse all the data to determine who gets what ranked rewards. All you need to know is 1) who's ranked out, and 2) if they've ranked out in pas seasons. WG already knows who's ranked out this season on an essentially daily basis - that's kind of a prerequisite for publishing a daily updated list of the people who've ranked out. The rest of the data needed to determine who gets what is so accessible that third party stat trackers have access to it. As for cheaters, this isn't some kind of tournament with real money, goods, or services at stake. All the rewards stay on WG's servers. If anyone is caught cheating, their reward can simply get removed. If they aren't just banned anyway for the cheating. It really makes no practical difference if they don't get the ship at all, or just gets it taken away. If there's any barrier to handing out the rewards faster, it's outdated bureaucratic nonsense, aka,no good reason.