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  1. You realize that the skill takes effect when your bombers have the orders to land, yes? It doesn't matter whether or not your planes have dropped or not. That means, 1: You can simply give your returning bombers a move order near your CV and queuing the land command, allowing you to get your planes back without any delay, and 2: If you need to dodge a strafe, your planes move at full speed. Except now, you can hit F to tank a strafe you couldn't avoid, or to tank a point and click squad until you can send help.
  2. Doesn't she work for WG now? As far as I'm concerned, her word is as good as WG's: Worthless.
  3. Reward Whales WG

    You paid money, you got a "product". You don't "deserve" anything else. Entitled brat.
  4. Remove the giant text on the side of the ship... it just looks tacky.
  5. Those aren't heroic achievements.
  6. The New WGC Launcher

    - It doesn't automatically log you in, it shifts the login from the client to the launcher. - People who only play one WG title don't give a damn about consolidating other WG titles or reducing icons from 3 to 1. - What "unseen benefits" exactly? The only unseen benefits here are to WG execs, who get to fire a few people once they have less software to support. You see that as a downside. WG sees it as pruning away players who can't afford to pay.
  7. Should WG consider...

    WG should never have let the idea that paying for content in game means that content will never change take hold in the first place. Forget tech ships with permacamos, even premiums should be able to be nerfed. This entire issue is something that current law is entirely unsuited to deal with. Yeah, it has massive potential for abuse with bait and switch schemes, but at the same time, online games NEED to be able to be patched to reflect changing metas.
  8. Expecting WG keep their promises = implied communist. Yeah, makes sense.
  9. I would be calling for it to be nerfed even if I had it. OP ships need to be nerfed. Period. End of discussion. Some people have the integrity to care about balance over personal gain. If it was the credit earning potential that was OP, WG should have shut up and sucked it up. They screwed it up, they should own it, instead of making a pathetic excuse a toddler could have seen through in order to break a promise made to their playerbase. And that'd really the core issue in the end: WG lied to their players in a huge way. They promised this ship would be here to stay, then they removed it.
  10. 1) Find a loophole. Corporations always find loopholes. And if the only reason people are buying premiums is because they're OP..... we have a word for that. "P2W". You defending P2W buddy? 2) That was poorly worded. More like "WG promised you wouldn't have to rush to grind it, because it would be here to stay" 3) THEN BALANCE IT
  11. Then nerf it. Also, are you suggesting that no one could have joined the game too late to grind it out? And more fundamentally, WG promised that there would be no need to grind, since it would be there to stay. On principle, it should have stayed.
  12. Ships promised to be "here to stay" should actually be here to stay. Missouri should never have been removed.
  13. Half the legendary mounts are of questionable enough value it's not worth mounting them until WG let's us demount modules (even if it's only legendary/special modules) without doubloons.
  14. Yeah, go work as a team. Unless you're a CV. Then just go roflstomp whatever you want solo.