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  1. intixw

    Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    Who cares if someone is pretending to be a vet. Quit idolizing them.
  2. No, what I'm saying is that their primary purpose for being in the game is gambling. That "everything else" is nothing but an excuse, and does not justify the gambling. Also, you really like that bullcrap line don't you? Even after, what, the third? Fourth? Time I've said it, you still can't seem to get it past your thick skull that you can enjoy a game as a whole even if you strongly dislike certain parts of it.
  3. This line of thought would justify the sale of literally anything.
  4. I literally gave you examples of people buying those gambling boxes specifically to gamble on getting an unlock mission, and you keep trying to justify it. Keep your head in the sand.
  5. More marketing psych tricks. It's meant for you to: 1) Jump at the opportunity to get a "great" deal 2) See something cheap and hopefully make a first purchase in the premium shop - research indicates that after you convince a player to make a first purchase, it's much easier to turn them into a heavier payer. Keep in mind that due to the event structure, the discount isn't really 90%. Guineas aren't used for anything other than buying Cossack. In practice, this discount may be worth as little as 50%, if you intended on completing all the missions anyway and only needed 2 Guineas.
  6. Are you incapable of reading or thinking? WG put those gambling boxes in the game because they want people to buy them. You can make excuses all you want, but people 100% buy those containers to gamble on getting the early unlocks. Literally 2 posts above yours: "I just ate, so world hunger is solved".
  7. intixw

    Acasta unworthy or RN event bug?

    WG wants you to go to the premium casino and roll for Jervis/Lightning.
  8. WG came quite far without gambling in their games. Unless you can prove otherwise, WG isn't doing this because they can't keep the servers up and new content coming. WG is doing this because the owner wants another Ferrari.
  9. It gets old pretty fast listening to this same defense of WG's decisions. "I'm ok with it, so there's no problem". Same crap, over and over and over. WG added those gambling boxes because they wanted people to buy them. The only unique drops in them are the chance to unlock the British DDs early. Why bother with the rest of the event? Every good drug dealer knows: Gotta give the first hit free to hook your customers. And no, just because what WG is doing isn't as bad as what Destiny or Overwatch are trying to pull doesn't mean it's not bad.
  10. It's not the RN DD event, it's the RN DD gambling box event, where WG wants you to go buy the new RN gambling boxes with an (apparently tiny) % chance of unlocking a RN DD so that you can fully participate.
  11. It doesn't matter what the sunk cost is as long as the player thinks they've sunk it. And leisure time or not, giving you tokens to mark progress definitely will do the trick.
  12. The point is to manipulate players into ponying up the last little bit of cash through sunk cost fallacy and reactance. WG is hoping that the time investment of earning 1-48 tokens combine with the desire to not have your discount vanish when the tokens are removed will cause players that would otherwise not pay any money for the ship to buy the ship at a reduced cost. Oh, and I suppose it's in arsenal to get it in front of more eyes, and to dangle your sunk cost and potential loss of opportunity every time you open the event store to get something you can actually get. Remember when in game events were actually in game events instead of a chance to shovel more time limited exclusives to make a quick buck abusing human psychology? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
  13. intixw

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    What, do you mean to say that the ship that would be here to stay isn't available? WG's word is trash - never forget.
  14. intixw

    Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    Do you have reading comprehension or memory issues? Pretty damn sure I've already responded to this .... calling it a "criticism" would be too generous. WG is a crappy company and this game has predatory monetization, yes. But disliking the publisher and part of the game doesn't mean I dislike the game as a whole enough to stop playing. Do try to actually read this time.
  15. intixw

    Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    I also understand that this can be done in ways that do not blatantly exploit the playerbase. What WG is doing is designing the game in such a way to manipulate players into paying more money for a deliberately defective product. If WG can't create a product that people WANT to pay for without those manipulative mechanics, then they should go bankrupt, like economics 101 says they should.