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  1. Chief Petty Officer Pacific_Cruiser1942


    I am new to the boards here and trying to figure out why I can't post or answer anyone.  Keeps coming up and saying that I need 10 battles.  I have played at least 1,000 battles.  So maybe you can help me....Thanks....What part of Florida?

    1. Pacific_Cruiser1942


      Naples.  During the winter months.  In the summer, I'm in British Columbia, Canada.

      To post in the forums, you don't need any experience in the games.  It's an open forum to anyone, really.  I don't understand why you're getting that message concerning number of battles played, etc.

      You need to sign in first, however.  If you haven't done so, you will have to do that before you can post.  A forum visitor can't post messages.

      To post a message, you click on the Create button which is right next to (just left of it) the notification bell and to the right of the calendar tab on the line just underneath the forum header.  The create button has a little + sign next to it.

      Click on that, and a pop up menu will follow asking you what forum you wish to navigate to.  Answering that question directs you to first title your question/statement/whatever and then you go down and write your message below.  (Ignore the tag space for now.  You'll figure out what that is later on.)

      When you're done with your message, click submit topic and you're done.

      To replay to someone else's message, you either hit the "quote" button at the bottom of their message (try that.  You'll see what happens), or just simply go down to the bottom of the page and type your message.  Again, hitting the submit topic button will post your message.

      Hope this answers your question.

    2. RU4Reel5050


      Thank you for the reply.  We have a place in Lakeland Florida and are ready to head back down there on November 19th.  We are snow birds also.  Wow you come down from B.C. must be a long trip.


      I will try what you said and see if I can post.  Never noticed the plus sign which might be the problem.  I have so many questions I need answers to playing this game.  Again thank you.