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  1. NOA_marksman

    Winners – USNI Giveaway

    Glad to see Marathon back. NOA_marksman
  2. NOA_marksman

    King of the Sea X Results!

    King of the Sea is a little complicated but I am sure WOW will provide all the necessary info to participate. If not, it will be the first time clarification and the " bugs" were not made.
  3. This is Wonderful. I will complete ALL bundles and encourage others to play or donate in they don't play World of Warships. Thanks for this opportunity to help Vets. NOA_Marksman
  4. NOA_marksman

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Where do we place code BIRTHDAYMADDNESS for subscribing to Dasha's stream - hit 3,000
  5. NOA_marksman

    BONUS CODE from EU stream

  6. NOA_marksman

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Unable to log in to Public Test 0.8.3 Round 1. 2nd game in first night of Clan Battles. Disconnected three time in the game.
  7. NOA_marksman

    Should WG go forward with the CV rework?

    I understand the frustration mates have with the rework. It is difficult to get past the flack and hit the target. The AA is murder. Rework is a step in the right direction however. I enjoy CV play and fully expect to continue. Talked with other CV owners. Most hate to loose their present CV fleet. The only bug I encountered was Hosho stuck on F key and would not respond to other escapes. Like learning to play CV games this too will require practice. I am optimistic the Rework will draw more CV players as WOW continues to improve the balance of power. Complaints of overlapping PT, Clan Battles, P.E. Fredrick Directive, Daily Missions are legitimate. Many mates have outside War gaming responsibilities and are pressed for time. Hope WOW will put some time for completion longer or space the offers out.
  8. NOA_marksman

    Should WG go forward with the CV rework?

    Rework is WORKING. Great improvement over CV of the past which was boring to many gamer mates.
  9. NOA_marksman

    Kitty Purrfurst #3 Code

    Have code - how do I redeem? whatacattitude