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  1. There's a certain beauty in just how absurd she looks, I'd probably sail her around Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river Imagine for a moment, that you're a student at SUNY Oswego with a dorm view of the lake, and you wake up hungover from a long weekend, look out your window, and this thing as all you can see
  2. Besides the standard Big E/Yamato/Warspite/Bismark answer? If I ever become a billionaire I will personally finance the construction of a 1:1 scale model of HMS Marshal Ney
  3. I'm starting to get the impression that you just really hate asian people, with this ridiculous tinfoil hat bull that you keep on repeating Whether or not you think WG's reasons for adding this line are intelligent, "logical", or valid is decidedly irrelevant
  4. Appealing to a growing market is not "pandering"
  5. I'd like to point out that getting exactly 10 upvotes from almost certainly a single person really doesn't mean much of anything here Given server populations, the actual core of this game's player base lives in Europe, not America Even ignoring that, I think you'll find the vast majority of players will disagree with the idea that this addition "degrades historical accuracy" enough to render the game unplayable
  6. I think it's pretty clear that there are plenty of people who simply don't agree with you on that part Lo Yang and Anshan sold pretty well as far as I'm aware, so the probability that the mere addition of the line causing the game to tank is slim to none Most players are either looking forward to this line or simply aren't bothered by its addition
  7. If you were that worried about historical accuracy then you probably shouldn't have been giving money to WG in the first place I don't see how the addition of these ships hurts it more
  8. There's a difference between marketing towards a growing market (ie, what WG is doing) and "catering towards extremist nationalism", you do realize that, right?
  9. I'm confused now, are you calling WG fascist? Or Asia fascist? Because if you have a problem with the navies of fascist nations being added to the game, I have some really bad news for you about Italy during the second world war
  10. OR, hear me out now, it's possible that WG is simply appealing to a rapidly growing market
  11. And please, bear in mind, at the end of the day
  12. Have you considered for a moment that your parameters for a tech tree line and WG's parameters are different? Has that thought crossed your head?
  13. I've stated, ad nauseum, that the only justification necessary for WG to add the Pan-Asian line is that the ships actually existed You, on the other hand, have probably the most idiotic parameters necessary to maintain "muh immersion" and an irrational hatred of the Chinese
  14. You are probably the third or fourth most delusional person I've encountered on here, congrats
  15. You berating someone else for "not having a rational argument" is a tad ironic, isn't it? Everything you've posted in this thread is angry, nonsensical whining