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  1. New vol has been good so far. I will say I did actually like Volume 4 even without that much plot advancement. I feel like they did a lot more world building though
  2. exclamation point (I really hope I spelled that right)
  3. In a protest of current ammo balance, I will now purchase a Kii and use nothing but its torpedoes
  4. I once had a guy on the other team complain about getting shot at by multiple people in all chat He then tried to convince everyone else that "this game isn't CoD and people shouldn't be using teamwork" It was wild
  5. Not only have you not written any actual sentences here, you've failed to write anything remotely comprehensible
  6. Can you rewrite this in english, please?
  7. We're all sock puppets now
  8. Sounds like something a sock puppet would say to disguise the fact they were a sock puppet
  9. Yes, of course
  10. Referring to fellow forumers as "it" will surely get people on your side
  11. How do we know that you aren't the sock puppet here?
  12. That's a lot of pseudo-intellectual nonsense for someone with a decidedly limited grasp on the english language In fact, that first sentence immediately brought this to mind:
  13. inb4 thread is nuked because name-n-shame