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  1. LiaoXanLan

    Commander Skills Update

    I do like the fact you can earn commander exp regardless now but a lot of this that I'm reading has the feeling of being rushed out for the sake of being rushed out. We don't need more BBs cowering in the back line while everyone else is being shot at and we most certainly don't need CVs getting more power that they already have. I have to wonder if they're playing anything other than WoWs because this is not going to end well at all. WG don't be surprised that you get "we told you" by the majority of players that do know how to play your game.
  2. LiaoXanLan

    Rebalancing the German DD line

    In a knife fight you always want to be able to out DPM your prey. It's why the USN DDs (and French DDs to a certain extent) do knife fights very well. Now while the 150mm guns do have a higher alpha, unless they're double turreted 150mm guns on the German DDs, you will be out DPMed by all the other knife fighters in the game because of rate of fire and turret traverse working against you. They're meant to be used against cruisers, battleships, and air craft carriers (when the opportunity presents itself and if you survive long enough for it) which the 128s do better anyway.
  3. LiaoXanLan

    WOW questions from a new(er) player......

    I've learned how to play this game while playing PvP 100%. I don't consider win rating a good indication of skill because this is a team based game and approximately 75% of matches played are filled with players doing there level best to throw the match early. With that being said, I still make mistakes as an experienced player and I always aim to correct those. As long as you aim to correct your mistakes in the next game, then in anyone's book you are not a hindrance but you are a player that is constantly aiming to get good and the only real way to do that is to play PvP. There is only one thing that remains constant in WoWs and that is knowing the capabilities and limitations of your ship that you are currently playing and that takes time. Master your ship, you will get be able to not only secure your PR but you get to be the guy that may or may not be forced to carry your team to a win or at least not lose in completely horrifying ways.
  4. LiaoXanLan

    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    Provided you use flags and manage to have decent games you have more than enough time to get the Moskva. Get ready to be bored though. Playing those ships is like watching paint dry.
  5. LiaoXanLan

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    True enough. It’s funny when they want to skip a stinker in the line and they don’t have the FXP to actually skip the ship.
  6. -cough- smokescreen -cough-
  7. LiaoXanLan

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    They can still make it to tier 10 games regardless but in all honesty this will help them get exposed to dealing with radars even sooner because, let’s be honest, too many DD players opt for the suicide way of playing when radars exist at tier 8 and above. Maybe we’ll start seeing those that want to learn how to play a class of ship instead of derping there way to tier 8.
  8. LiaoXanLan

    Changes with Detonation Lately?!

    I don’t run det flags on a destroyer and I still do fine. Just make your magazines healthier with the proper upgrades and skill point usage and you’ll be mostly fine.
  9. Only at tier 8 and above. Otherwise it’s a nerf to all the tier 7 CLs that desperately need it just to have a chance of surviving in uptiered games while remaining useful. What they’re doing is instead of cutting off what made IFHE so incredibly powerful, they’re dropping a big nuke on it and calling it balanced. It’s not balance. It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. They need to go back, keep the 30% pen increase, and make the fire chance drop by 50%. This is how IFHE was supposed to be in the first place but naturally they screwed it up so instead of fixing it they’re nuking it.
  10. LiaoXanLan

    Why do players do this?

    Not necessarily. Sometimes you need to temporarily mask your turrets while doing a full turn particularly with slow rotating turrets. However keeping them masked is a mistake. It’s really situational but not a habit to make since turning with cover is a lot more preferable than turning out on the open to begin with.
  11. LiaoXanLan

    This is what WG wants their battles to be?

    They’re too common. In a full day of playing, you’re more than likely to run up a constant 5 game losing streak with all of them ending in a rapid snowball for every win you’re able to get. My new worst streak was a 10 game losing streak. That is just demoralizing.
  12. LiaoXanLan

    DD Commander Skill points question..

    AFT and then IFHE. You play them like Russian gunboats and annoy the entire red team with your constant peppering of your HE. Prioritize cruisers and learn how to dodge. The only concealment you should take is the upgrade for your ship. Also, don’t forget your reload booster when you find yourself in a knife fight against another DD. If you’re not aware, Yuro has massed a video on how to Tashkent which is ironic in that that’s how you play French DDs also.
  13. LiaoXanLan

    What ships are best for what operation ?

    Basically if it’s a cruiser or battleship should work out fine. Destroyers are, well they’re not exactly appreciated unless they’re gunboats and are played by someone who knows what they’re doing.
  14. This is very dangerous for us. Just look at MWO (my favorite reference I know) and tell me how well that has been going for them. The developers will simply stop caring and we have at least ourselves to blame.
  15. LiaoXanLan

    Moskva vs Worcester

    Moskva is the baby Stalingrad. It’s AP is still ridiculous. It’s HE is still ridiculous. Everything about the Moskva is ridiculous and it’s only balancing feature is how boring it is to play a Moskva until someone eats your broadside for dinner which, may I add, should almost be never. Another downside to the Moskva is that it’s not for cheap captains. Other than that, Moskva is the easy tech ship mode of most heavy cruisers. She’s rivaled by Yoshino, Des Moines, Alaska, Stalingrad and Zao for different reasons. If you want a fun ship out of the bag, and you’re that serious to skip a ship, go with the Worcester. I think you’ll get more mileage out of her.