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  1. spiritslay

    offensive screen names

    it's not alright to post offensive screenames I know if you rerfence km leader you can;t get the name but you allow offensive names against native americans , unless they have a tribal card block all refrences to native tribes just in a game with navahobrave as a screename and they're alot of others that use names that are offensive to real natives remove their accounts or make them change names it's an embarrisment to wg to let this happen \
  2. spiritslay

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    uhhhh guys might want to check your dates I went through dec 31 1969 once really don't feel like being in diapers again, thx
  3. same thing since last patch, gets worse after 3rd game to the point where it's unplayable and then takes forever to shut down even with task mgr
  4. spiritslay

    stuck at "waiting for authorization"

    guess we;re all gonna get some compensation as in the past when their servers get wonky,lol can always use more signals, wish it would be a real compensation I pay for internet and am a prem acct holder in game, kinda dosen't compensate
  5. spiritslay

    stuck at "waiting for authorization"

    nope having this issue too, must be server
  6. spiritslay

    Can't access Armoury

    had the same thing happen with the new port , just hit escape and change to one of the older ports and no problems since thought at first it might be my modpack (use hakabase) but uninstalled it and still same problem, so then I changed ports and viola it works fine now even with the mod installed, so guess it's a bug
  7. thx guys wows keep;s me a disabled vet from thinking the worst, thx for being there I'm a medocore player but at least I try thx again for being there
  8. thanks WG, usn/usmc disabled vet(corpsman) storm -shield timeframe, and also was snfl back in the 90's would love to have that patch in the game......anyhow, thanks to my fellow vets and to you wg it it is appreciated
  9. , name on list still haven't gotten my mass...…..