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  1. Klaus_Conqueror

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    Farewell to the most majestic camouflage
  2. Klaus_Conqueror

    Results: Celebrate Christmas in July with Free Gifts!

    How WG force people to play at the weekend
  3. 48km map for T6 and 42km map for T10
  4. Klaus_Conqueror

    Twitch Drops – Monstrous Edition: Week 4

    _Me4tatelnica_ (RU) acroterium (KO) Andrey_RusSolo (RU) ChaosMachineGR (EN/GR) DobbyM8 (EN) Doobiecool (FR) Gamer_Undercover (RU) gootien (RU) GumiSamaChan (ES) JulianHeaf (ES) Kantemirovskiy (RU) MorfVK (RU) Painezor (EN) S_DMC_5 (KO) Trenlass (EN/DE) Twist0n (RU) Wookie_Legend (EN) WorIdofWarsheeps (KO) Not a single one is on. brilliant selection
  5. Klaus_Conqueror

    Combat Missions in Update 0.10.4 The Hunt for Bismarck

    Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Klaus_Conqueror

    Game Servers Still down?

    My premium just expired 1hr ago
  7. Klaus_Conqueror

    First post after shutdown?

    Data centre attacked by Vampires
  8. Klaus_Conqueror

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    a chain of missions but you cannot see the next mission until you complete the previous one
  9. Klaus_Conqueror

    Naval Legends: Bespokoyny

    Background resists
  10. Klaus_Conqueror

    Italian Token Code

    See news: By completing combat missions from the official World of Warships streams—up to 1,000 Tokens. Usually it will be 100+200+300+400
  11. Klaus_Conqueror

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    For certain win rate WR and probability of saving stars in losing battles P, the number of stars you earn S is proportional to the number of battles N: S = N x (2WR+P-WRxP-1). Thus, unless more star requirement mentally affects your performance, you need approximately 1.5x battles for 1.5x stars (slightly more because the number of irrevocable ranks remains the same) . However, you have 2x time, which gives you the capability for 2x battles, so it is rather easier.
  12. Klaus_Conqueror

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    2x time and 1.5x stars actually easier
  13. Klaus_Conqueror

    Commander Skills Update

    I have spent 5M ECXP in 2 days -- not even close to an end...