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  1. Klaus the Conqueror

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    a chain of missions but you cannot see the next mission until you complete the previous one
  2. Klaus the Conqueror

    Naval Legends: Bespokoyny

    Background resists
  3. Klaus the Conqueror

    Italian Token Code

    See news: By completing combat missions from the official World of Warships streams—up to 1,000 Tokens. Usually it will be 100+200+300+400
  4. Klaus the Conqueror

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    For certain win rate WR and probability of saving stars in losing battles P, the number of stars you earn S is proportional to the number of battles N: S = N x (2WR+P-WRxP-1). Thus, unless more star requirement mentally affects your performance, you need approximately 1.5x battles for 1.5x stars (slightly more because the number of irrevocable ranks remains the same) . However, you have 2x time, which gives you the capability for 2x battles, so it is rather easier.
  5. Klaus the Conqueror

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    2x time and 1.5x stars actually easier
  6. Klaus the Conqueror

    Commander Skills Update

    I have spent 5M ECXP in 2 days -- not even close to an end...
  7. Klaus the Conqueror

    WG does NOT recommend "priority target" for DDs?

    Suggestion: If you use PT, use it on all your ships; if not, dont use on any ship. Otherwise you are only to confuse yourself.
  8. Klaus the Conqueror

    Santa Crates

    Finally got my Makarov
  9. Klaus the Conqueror

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Not the same. If you reached to R1 in the old system, you would start the next season from R10S2 (38 stars to R1 in 4 weeks). If you want the maximum rewards (only 3k3 steel and 2k1 doubloon) in the new system, you will need 13+17+19*4=106 stars in 6 weeks. It also requires up to 19 stars every one week or you loss your progress, which is ridiculous.
  10. The upcoming commander system is to teach you playing better
  11. Klaus the Conqueror

    Thanks WG, nice way to start

    Show me a co-op in which you earn 2300 BXP and I shall buy you 4x NF
  12. Klaus the Conqueror

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    345k for the 20th point and 394k for the 21st point, estimated based on the current 19-point system.
  13. Klaus the Conqueror

    colbert way to powerful

    What is stupid and what should be fixed? You dont even have fire prevention. What you would expect?