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  1. Gaelic_knight

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

  2. Gaelic_knight

    Grand Battle

    the difference from selecting the game type being active and the battle button i found was a 30 min time difference
  3. isnt there an alternative instead of having to sign up to your discord
  4. pitiful rewards concidering to what we used to get a few years ago
  5. more grind forcing us to use precious signals and camo in the hope we will buy more just to get these missions done . for what 2 signals per mission done its a joke right
  6. Gaelic_knight

    Grand Battle

    As much as I have been enjoying Hannover ( please bring it in as a coal ship ) I dislike satsuma the way it handles in everything . No wonder satsuma players sit at the back . as for the game mode . I wish they would sort the battle mode and battle button as one will say active and the other says inactive . This was going on all weekend . And your starting times changed twice over the weekend also how long will the event last for as I didn’t read anything about it in the dedicated news article.
  7. Gaelic_knight

    Armada: Tone

    usually with the video being on youtube you would put your answer there as mentioned at the end of the video ( click the like button , subscribe to the channel and leave your answer in the comments below ) as mentioned in the video
  8. Gaelic_knight

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    why are the starting times for grand battle changeing each day . yesterday i got on at 10am ( mountain time ) this morning at 8:56 am ( mountain time ) it says starts in 2hrs which will be 11:56 am ( mountain time )
  9. Gaelic_knight

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    try player support , but good luck on that one buddy when will players realise that when WOW say there removing ships ( there hoping to be an influx of buyers ) and once they have there fill then they will notify you that they are banned just to screw you over
  10. Gaelic_knight

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    probbly have all the equipment put into your inventory the same way they do with ship rentals for clan battles
  11. Gaelic_knight

    Grand Battle

    how long does it run for . it doesnt say
  12. Gaelic_knight

    Grand Battle

    now its active
  13. Gaelic_knight

    Grand Battle

    so is it active or inactive . as it says in battle type active but the battle button says inactive
  14. Gaelic_knight

    Recruiting Station: Community Tokens

    very poor rewards for so much tokens