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  1. PzPz_EU

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    Must be the overabundance of diplomatic skills on your part.
  2. PzPz_EU

    (???????) is ruining the game

    It's both. The vast majority of the playerbase is horrible, but at the same time the game doesn't punish them for it, so they feel like they do nothing wrong with their 43% winrate, and still reach high tiers like it's nothing, while having learned nothing. There is exactly one thing where world of tanks is vastly superior: at high tier you most likely will lose credits, and a lot if you're braindead, forcing you to go midtier earning credits, and maybe learning the game. In wows every mong can keep spamming tier ten for free.
  3. PzPz_EU

    Out of control unlimted CV planes have got to stop!

    And is this supposed to be clever then? Intelligent people don't use the term "unlimited planes" when they're aren't unlimited, and certainly wouldn't try to find meaningless ways to semantically ra*pe the word "unlimited" to fit into their emotional outrage. *lol of course this word gets edited here
  4. PzPz_EU

    HMS Implacable

    The 4 pointer that accelerates aiming is a waste of points for British carriers (and ijn imho) Replace it with either - SE + last gasp (which I'd recommend) - CE
  5. PzPz_EU

    NA user playing EU ?

    I wanted to do a little script for that for a while, but atm I've been experimenting with lutris for a while. If I ever get to it, I'll let you know. Here's a workaround if you want: the directory where preferences.xml is I'll call WOWSDIR (sometimes changes depending on distro); goto WOWSDIR and make a copy of preferences.xml (in the same folder) to preferences.na. Then open either of them, change the "na" to "eu", and save it as preferences.eu then open your ~/.bashrc file, and add: "alias wowsNA="mv WOWSDIR/preferences.na WOWSDIR/preferences.xml" "alias wowsEU="mv WOWSDIR/preferences.eu WOWSDIR/preferences.xml" So henceforward you can just open a terminal, type either wowsNA or wowsEU, and the appropriate setting will be loaded in preferences.xml. (getting into all those steam directories gets tedious really fast) - or make a desktop shortcut for it if you're into that. That comment wasn't aimed at you, but at those two guys desperate to make a point. And I know it is common in Europe to speak more than one language - I'm Belgian.
  6. PzPz_EU

    NA user playing EU ?

    First: OP: you don't need a separate client, you do need a separate account though, although it can be the same email. To use the same client, you can use "wows realm tool", from aslain. (or in linux: open ~/.steam/steamapps/common/WoWs/preferences.xml and change eu-na on the fourth line between <currentRealm></>) 2: - The language barrier is mostly a myth, propagated by people like you. Most people speak a decent amount of English, the de facto lingua franca, and are not hindered by what you are describing. The ability to not casually start conversations with strangers (and the willingness to do it) might be more of a "European" thing though. - I have never ever - in over 8K games - seen people start arguments or virtual fights over nationality and the like. Sure, if someone plays bad and has some geographical indicator in his name, it's an easy way to start an insult. That's however something else than how or what you present entirely. - The better teamplay. Sure, keep dreaming. Not saying it's better on EU. Just that it's laughable on both servers. 3: - I guess that your story implies that on this server nobody "literally throws a win away"? (Just had a tier ten game where my team did that btw - Also, that's literally not how to use "literally".) Nobody abuses F-commands here? Nobody sails in a straight line. That's nice... Lovely anecdotes. You want me to share some of too, especially of the kind where "it gets interesting"? But I'm glad that your stats are better there I guess. Would be sad if they were even worse. Stop spreading nonsense, especially if expressed by utterly vague formulations or anecdotes. In the end both populations are depressing. Whatever reason you guys have to prefer one over the other, fine - just don't pretend there is any objective truth behind that.