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  1. AtlanticRim

    PT 8.5 - Talking Toasters!

    Wait, they're supposed to simulate real players, and they spam stuff in chat and teamkill a lot? WG you sly dogs, commenting on your playerbase with bots.
  2. AtlanticRim

    My First Tier X

    Great job! I recently got my first Tier X as well, the Des Moines. My stash of coins is still trying to recover from that. Congratulations, and fair seas and following winds!
  3. AtlanticRim

    the old game style of the aircraft

    No, it won't. WG put a lot of time and resources into the new carriers, and I don't expect the old ones to return. I will say (most of) the new carriers are still fun, so try them out if you haven't already.
  4. AtlanticRim

    Renaming a captain while in Port?

    The only way you can "rename" a captain is to re-roll his name before creation (EX: I want to put a 3pt cap on a new ship. I click "New Commander" and keep re-rolling his name and appearance there, then click Assign to Ship) TLDR: You can't rename a captain after it has been officially created. However, I do think it would be lots of fun.
  5. AtlanticRim

    repair and fire suppression resets?

    Yeah, there's a green timer right after you press the button, that's the active time, the Damage Control or Repair Party is active and working. The yellow timer right after that is the cooldown timer, where the consumable is not working.
  6. AtlanticRim

    Premium Ship Review #119 - Charleston

    As soon as I saw the Charleston in the Arsenal, I bought it. For one, I loved the St. Louis. Two, it's named after a place in my home state. Three, I can make it a pearly white. It was all wins for me. Good review LWM!
  7. AtlanticRim

    Dumb Dallas Question

    The XP would come from the Omaha. In addition, if you didn't have enough on Omaha, Free XP would be used. There's no such thing as regular XP flowing backwards down the tech tree.
  8. AtlanticRim


    Science of Victory (I think that's the name) is for 5-10. Campaigns are more like late-game content, but it wouldn't hurt to have a second lower-tier campaign, especially because SoV is so old and most have completed it.
  9. AtlanticRim

    Fav food while playing WOWS

    Not so much a food, but I chew gum (specifically 5 brand Spearmint flavor). It helps me focus.
  10. AtlanticRim

    I Got The Des Moines!

    I went a bit different. I got Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Jack of All Trades, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, and Advanced Firing Training, with Concealment Expert and Preventative Main. left to go. I may change it with the free captain respec's going on. I might switch out Adrenaline Rush for something else, as the DMs reload is really good compared to the rest of the line. Oh yeah, I'm for sure going after that Legendary Module. With it and the Propulsion Mod I equipped, I can accelerate extremely fast.
  11. AtlanticRim

    I Got The Des Moines!

    I didn't go for an AA build for this reason. Too many unknowns right now to decide. I went for a gun build with some AA reinforcement. Yeah, I'll always remember the DM as my first Tier X. Next up, Worcester. I just have to finish grinding the Cleveland, save up millions of credits and thousands of Free XP again... Yeah, no. I'm better just playing Des Moines and Charleston for a while. Worcester can wait (only for a bit, though).
  12. AtlanticRim

    I Got The Des Moines!

    So, after a year and a half of playing WoWS, I finally got the Des Moines, my first ever Tier X! I've gotten a lot better compared to when I started at the humble Erie, the second ship I ever played. I'm so glad I got done grinding through Buffalo, and I think I have finally got the hang of the game. I'll leave you all with a picture of her:
  13. AtlanticRim

    Personel Assingments

    Not "Personel" (As in the crew or the like), "Personal" (As in pertaining to you). These assignments are usually from different places, some from clicking Opt In buttons on the WoWS website for exclusive missions, some are special missions you can get in-game. I know there is one mission that is for Clan Wars. CW are Tier X only, so yeah, the missions are for Tier X only. Another is the Legendary Upgrade missions for Tier Xs. Those are for special modules specific to each ship. My point is, those missions are for a certain group: those at tier X. You can just ignore them until you get to Tier X.
  14. AtlanticRim

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    Hmmmm... something to protect battleships from getting bum rushed? Isn't there, I don't know, A WHOLE SHIP TYPE that can help with that.
  15. AtlanticRim

    EGAD! My eyes!

    Community: What were you on when you made this? The one WG artist: Yes