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  1. AtlanticRim

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    Hmmmm... something to protect battleships from getting bum rushed? Isn't there, I don't know, A WHOLE SHIP TYPE that can help with that.
  2. There is a tutorial, though. But thats just the basics.
  3. AtlanticRim

    EGAD! My eyes!

    Community: What were you on when you made this? The one WG artist: Yes
  4. Well, this used to be the case. It was changed, as it was promoting passive battleship play. All ships have one of two assured detection range, but the detection range in smoke is different than that. Also, don't fire in smoke if you don't want your detection to go up.
  5. AtlanticRim

    Game idea's Question?

    I protest that. Looking at ships in port is something everybody enjoys, and I spend lots of time in port finding missions/applying camos/flags/etc.
  6. AtlanticRim

    New Cruiser user here (Pensacola)

    Try and get a feel for Pensacola, she's the first ship in a line that all play somewhat like her. She has a long reload time for a cruiser, so you can't beat anyone in sheer damage-per-second, however, her AP is really hard hitting. Then, the most important skill to learn, is how to avoid taking damage. Learning that will only help you as you progress through the US heavy cruiser tech tree. I'm on Buffalo, and still get deleted because I came around an island broadside or caught in a crossfire. Another tip for the Pensa is to take hydro insted of DFAA. You really don't see that many carriers in randoms anymore, and her AA power is good enough. Hydro will help you avoid torpedo spreads as you sail around islands or near DDs. Also, try not to be the first ship spotted by the enemy, and try to avoid taking fire from too many angles at once. Finally, each time you die, reflect on how you died and the mistake you made. It really helps. Again, I'm on the Buffalo and have improved rapidly over the past 2 days just by playing battles and saying "Why did I die there? What mistake did I make?" after each battle.
  7. AtlanticRim

    First game of the year...

    That loading screen is gorgeous tho.
  8. AtlanticRim

    Research Price Glitch?

    Its because you have to research modules (Like a Hull B) to progress. Say the price of the next ship is 40k Xp, and the B Hull of the ship you're on is 5k XP. The total cost to move to the next ship is 45K (Hull B + the next ship)
  9. Use the ~ key, it think. A circle will pop up with two sectors. Click one sector to give it a 15% boost at the expense of the other sector loosing 15% power.
  10. AtlanticRim

    Damage Control System Modification 1 DONT WORK

    It's a 3% increase. You wouldn't notice it except if you magically took 100 torpedo hits each on the perfect places on a 100% health ship. Then you would see 3 less floods on average than normal in those ideal conditions. The buff is so small it's barely noticeable. And I'm not even sure my example is right. Here's the exact formula off the wiki. Run your math and see the flood chance. ( [Flood Protection Coefficient] x [Damage Control Modification 1] ) x ( [Torpedo Flood Chance] + [Signals] ) = Flood Chance http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flooding
  11. AtlanticRim

    This survey... uhh....

    Dangit, now the song it stuck in my head. Thanks J30_Santaurhardt
  12. AtlanticRim

    What am i doing wrong? (Baltimore)

    Granted, I didn't play her in Randoms all the time, but here's my observations: 1. Your AP is great against other cruisers, and even against some battleships. Don't neglect the 2 button, especially against cruisers. I've seen her outright delete cruisers before. 2. You are fragile, but not overly so. You will take citadels easily, and taking some chip damage is fine with her large-for-a-cruiser healthpool, but be aware when you are overextending and may take huge damage. 3. She's very effective at killing cruisers, chipping battleships, and SPOTTING destroyers. She so-so about killing destroyers with her high shell arcs and slowish reload. I've found she's great a scaring DDs away, though. However, if you think you can hit that DD without taking too much return fire yourself, go for it. 4. Work with your team. That's an important lesson for the Balti, Buffalo, and DM. They can't face other ships without support. If you 1v1 someone, you better be sure you have some backup, and mind your positioning. 5. Take Radar (duh) and, if you want, also take the module that speeds up your acceleration time. I found it extremely useful for getting out of a bad situation.
  13. AtlanticRim

    WG staff and others judge about this

    For one, you gotta hide the Amagi's name as well, or you could get in trouble. For two, it's a video game, if he had something that serious that he had leave, he probably had to do so urgently. Life > Video games