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  1. Laser_Beam

    Support Carriers: Not a bad idea

    The idea is bad. What next? Support Subs? Support DD? Support Cruisers? Support BB? Already too many ships camping and lurking at the back. Unless the number per team increases... and even then the benefits are slim. I guess it's time to join the new majority and go co-op.
  2. Laser_Beam

    Sync Dropping - is it cheating?

    Honor ...in a game which has CVs and Subs. TY for the lolz.
  3. I recon that if all the AA was nurfed to 0, the CV's players would play exactly the same way. Which proves how useless AA is and how it was added to give players a placebo effect that there were actively doing something to counter planes.
  4. Laser_Beam


    The 'Awesome' part about subs (and CVs) is they deliberately avoid confronting each other. It's like there is an unwritten memo of understanding between subs (and CV) players. Let me spot and shoot your ships on one side, and I'll leave you to spot and shoot ships on the other side. If anyone complains, it wasn't the Sub's (or CV fault) as it was clear which side of the map was being supported, this way passing the blame back onto the targeted ship. Stating "stay with the group" and "DO NOT press W" is also a great way to keep blame away (from the sub or CV). Right now there is an enjoyable DD vs DD mode. Note: There will NEVER be a CV vs CV mode or a Sub vs SUB mode because these ships are stupid, and never should have been added.
  5. Time to leave when: Que is over 4min. Which is often There are 4CV (total) in a match. CV as top tier is also a consideration to leave A Sub in a game (regardless on quantity, or on which team).
  6. Laser_Beam

    PSA. Survey about subs.

    Same. A 1 question survey. Nice to know a WG person was paid to think up the questions and the sequence of questions.
  7. Laser_Beam

    Cats today?

  8. Laser_Beam

    Any word on Russian CV skip bomb change?

    there was no RU BB's either, does that mean you want to change how the BB HE and AP works?
  9. Laser_Beam

    Don't Put Baby in the Corner

    The fastest way to make anyone do something.... Say don't and people will see this as: a challenge to be completed, an instruction something to do for the lols all of the above
  10. Laser_Beam

    Subs in General

    Subs were brought in as a distraction so players would stop complaining about CV's. So far WG's plan is working 100%.
  11. Did I read this right? As CV player complaining about a ship that is hunting CV's? How did the response go? - Something like group up and hide behind the team.
  12. Laser_Beam

    Commonwealth Cruisers - Potential Line Ideas

    I would prefer to see the Achilles as a prem: It's a named ship Better fit with the ships it's famous for fighting with (and against) these being the Exitor and the Graf Spee (also prems). Yes, the Ajax is missing. However, Ajax camo is available for the Leander
  13. I'm sad that you had to explain this^^^
  14. Laser_Beam

    Does anyone know any good metal bands?

    Depends on what you're after. Tungsten and/or Titanium make a nice change to the usual gold or silver (those are too common for me). Of course Steel bands are hard to beat, (thou a badly placed nail can chew these up pretty quick)