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  1. Laser_Beam

    I Miss Old Carriers

    Rebalance? Rework? How many years has it been, and WG can't still cant balance ships. WG needs to wake up and smell the coffee. You tried, it was a good effort. You failed. Now put the subs and the CVs in the box labelled 'rubbish' and move on.
  2. Laser_Beam

    Mouse is a Dirty, Rotten, No-Good Thief

    So many players with 'mouse' in their handle may be offended by the title of this post. Personally, I choose not to care.
  3. Why? Enterprise has been on sale (shop) and in loot boxes. Why does this need another release? MO was a FXP ship (with Steve) and then a lucky container roll, and then a PR nightmare let's match more apples and pairs. IMHO a really bad example. Bring back the veteran flag so we can all get 5% more on every game. Not fair that some people have it and others don't.
  4. Someone should make a video to explain the 'members' tag. <------------------------------
  5. When I want to see who is a CC or not. I look in the wiki. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Community_Contributors
  6. Laser_Beam

    PC Gamer vs Board Gamer poll

    What you do with 2-day old polls is entirely up to you.
  7. Laser_Beam

    PC Gamer vs Board Gamer poll

    Clearly, a biased poll, as any dissatisfied players would have left by now.
  8. Laser_Beam

    Russian CV Two Flags?

    So remind me - when did you complete the mission to mount 2 flags on a RU CV? The reason you can mount 2 flags on the other ships is because you completed these in a campaign collection. I dunno which one as I currently have the game installed and I'm waiting for my email bribe to go back to wows. However, I suspect it wouldn't be too difficult for you to scroll back through your completed campaigns collections until you find one with a RU theme and look at the rewards. If I'm wrong, and there was a reward for a CV with 2 flags, I will re-install just so I can apologize in-game. Regards, Try For the Motherland
  9. Laser_Beam

    Alaska and Georgia missing ASW

    You have it all wrong. Don't approach WOWS thinking you (generic) are here to shoot at every ship...... ...You (generic) are here so every ship can shoot at you (also generic).
  10. Laser_Beam

    Alaska and Georgia missing ASW

    Why should every ship get ASW? guns are anti-whatever they're pointing at.
  11. Laser_Beam

    Alaska and Georgia missing ASW

    Players have been complaining about the lack of AA on the Ark B for years. WG has done NOTHING to fix this at a tier where CVs can run in pairs. At least the Alaska and the Georgie can shoot at the sub, even without ASW. My point is WG clearly doesn't give a crap about balance. As long as one ship on your team has ASW, then you're golden. If no one has ASW, hope your sub goes counter-sub. It is a team (ROFL) game apparently.
  12. Laser_Beam

    I need some good battle advice (CV related)

    Interesting. If the link works Miyogi says "best way to avoid punch - no be there". Thanks for your POV. Youtube: Karate Kid 2 - Drum Technique
  13. Funny, but Lada while Ru, Lada is actually owned by a Fr group. So is the Lada a tool for the Fr to take over the world? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lada
  14. Laser_Beam

    I need some good battle advice (CV related)

    Miyagi (not Miagi) And it's the best defense. If you're going to quote someone. Get the name and the quote correct. Otherwise, it's just embarrassing. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087538/ https://www.skydivemag.com/new/best-defense-no-be-there/