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  1. Laser_Beam

    0.9.9 Update

    Update 99 OMG! I can't stop thing about 99
  2. Laser_Beam

    Transformers event good job wows

    I completed all 10 missions. I got some captain XP, no cams, no captains. I figure those are in the 'other' boxes in the prem/armoury store.
  3. So your whole argument for a buff is the grass is greener on the other side. Try adding some facts. Amour thickness can be measure. Turret turn speed can be measured. By not adding simple facts, your suggestion reads like a RU biased rant rather than an informed suggestion. As you posted in Game discussion, rather than suggestions, I suppose you meant this as a rant, so have the and as the post deserves both of these.
  4. OMG - That's humourous!!!! Ty for the story
  5. Laser_Beam

    Back to Basics: CV 101

    Make video on how to play the most hated class/type of ship More people will get better at playing CVs. Suddenly everyone will appreciate the time and effort it takes to aim rockets and deal damage (across the whole map with no counter), the community will be happy and will complain about torpedos again. GJ!!! Love your videos!!!
  6. Newsflash CVs are already in game
  7. Laser_Beam

    Mass -- Was this my fastest Krak ever?

    I dunno, was it?
  8. Laser_Beam

    what does it mean

  9. Laser_Beam

    Fun fact - Oerlikon AA

    Something to watch when in port.....
  10. Laser_Beam

    Attack AC sight becomes invisible

    FT;FY If you're going to force CVs on us make AA useable.
  11. Laser_Beam

    Alexander Nevsky or Petropavlovsk?

    Why use FXP to unlock ships when playing the game does the same thing?
  12. Laser_Beam

    Dev blog Halloween impressions

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/79 Sounds complicated. Can I shoot at Rasputin instead?
  13. Laser_Beam

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    I see the problem here You really are a 1 trick pony. Looking at the above you play USN DDs and I assume you pop smoke and start shooting. Yes - this will get you killed and radar will also be the bane of your life. Try French and/or Ru DDs (Khaba) lines to balance your play style along with some of the radar ships (Cleveland line or chappy line). edit Lol - I got a 'meh' for giving helpful advice. Welcome to the forums.
  14. Laser_Beam

    Carrier up-tier must stop

    maybe people would listen to you more if you use 'Please' and 'Thank you'.