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  1. RU_Chanderlin

    Ranked Battles....gone? For good?

    I hope we won't have classic ranked rewards in this experimental t9 season.
  2. RU_Chanderlin

    Musashi MEGA Buff

    Have you forgotten about Stalingrad?
  3. RU_Chanderlin

    well I just shattered my damage record

    Congrats P.S. I wonder why you got only 2642 base exp
  4. RU_Chanderlin

    Upcoming ship lines

    Originally, that information came from one of CIS Community Contributors without any proofs. That list of content in each upcoming update is not accurate, though some of predictions became true. However, there were more indirect messages about them, which are deleted now. I'd really like to get at least two or three here, but I can't find anything :/ No problem, tovarishch :)
  5. RU_Chanderlin

    Upcoming ship lines

    RN CVs were in WoWs devblog, but I’m almost sure Russian BBs’ll be announced during Wargaming Fest (15th of December, Moscow, Russia). The main reason for me to think so is datamined shells. Moreover, there were multiple hints during 2017 and 2018.
  6. RU_Chanderlin

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    As a turkey, I really need some luck during this event, thank you :D
  7. Remember, some turkeys are not an easy target :D
  8. RU_Chanderlin

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    Cheaters are very uncommon in our game. I really doubt there's a program which still exists, giving its user unfair advantage, and can't be detected by Wargaming.
  9. RU_Chanderlin

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    I guess you should ping another user :D
  10. RU_Chanderlin

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    Feels a bit sad, because I'm almost sure it's impossible to become a Turkey with my level of NA activity :D
  11. RU_Chanderlin

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    I still can say that non-official stats is not a thing we can judge any ship by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I wonder if I made any grammar mistakes in this sentence) I think I may consider even my non-reroll CIS acc in top 5-10%. Let's look at my DM as example. I have ~60% WR in it, I have both bad and good battles. Annihilating for me is to have 70%+ solo WR and to have some kind of insane results in every single battle.
  12. RU_Chanderlin

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    Firstly, that thing is organized by frags/battle. Secondly, if game wasn't balanced arout top 50%, top 10% and around top 5% of players at all, we'd have unicum players who annihilate everyone they meet.
  13. RU_Chanderlin

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    But there's no USN DD which performance is poor...
  14. Atlanta is a unique ship, I find no way to compare her with anything else, because it's too hard for me, even though I have her. Talking about possible t7 version of Mogami, being limited in +1/+2 battles because you have not enough HE penetration is just awful, and it can't be compensated with insane DPM and ability to use islands like Atlanta. In addition, AFAIK current MM doesn't work well and amount of +0 battles for t7 is a thing that devs want to fix, as well as amount of +2 battles for t8.
  15. No, it wouldn’t. You still face a lot of 27+ mm armor at t7, t8, t9. Way too much to avoid IFHE.