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  1. A simple question on purchasing a ship: Do the Clan discount, 10% on ships, added to the monthly special offer from WG? I mean if I buy a German cruiser T6 this days offered for German Strike with 30% discount from WG, is the Clan discount added to it? That will mean a 40% discount total? Txs for your answers
  2. HI, I know there are some answers already around but I've not found a clear and simple one. Example: If I take the Capt from a Chapaiev to a Moskva Tier X rented for Clan Battles: - Can I reset the skills for using him with Moskva? Yes - When Moskva will end its renting period, can I move the Capt back to Chapaiev with the new skills set up? - If not, for what I understood the Capt will be automatically put in Reserve with his skills as in Moskva, but then from Reserve to my Chapaiev what happens? Do I need to retrain him? Or it's free as for Premium ships go and come back? Thank you for your clarification!
  3. Just asking to get ready for it. txs!
  4. how many battles to? I played 10 battles but had so many duplicates, still need 10 to finish Think the special cammo in the Second Part
  5. The Color Scheme Cammo are great! Finally a matte alternative to those shiny (except on jp ships) standard cammos! Like it! The US one you get in the US Cruiser Containers, very nice! It should be others like that tied to the nation flag! The Spotted ribbon works, but couldn't test it so much. Not driving DD or CV here... Got it one time only.
  6. One question regarding the Collection US Cruisers: Is it going to run through the PT Second part too, or will be reset for the Second one? I mean, if I don't finish it by the end of the actual period, can I finish it during the Second Part? txs!
  7. I asked in the Battle , they're coming on the PT Second part
  8. Don't know which changes you did to SOUND mixing, a part from the one you mention here, but I'm really HAPPY with this! Finally I can better mix the sounds, I can here the voice messages clearly and not mixed with a lot of noises, fx sounds, I can really decide to keep lower the guns or higher the Ambient. In other words: it seems that you can really mix the music, voices, sound fx in the way you like! Or, as in my case, depending on which output you use, before using earphones was really a pain for the loudness of the explosions, shells hitting, fires and so on! Thanks! I look forward for the Second part to test the new US crunchers! And to see the Cammos made by Azur Lane for the Collection
  9. Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    Did you find out?
  10. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Crashed after exiting a Battle and right after the Client WorldOfWarships-2018-05-01_00-18-04.dmp
  11. Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    I want my money back... I mean, what's going on? While playing on the first French BB Tier 3 Turenne, the turret stopped responding, didn't turn anymore any direction, ridiculous! Tried X, Ctrl X, X again no way they were back in stop position all looking towards the back of the ship.... If they were all front I could turn the ship and try to battle... at very least.. Very upset, very very upset. Spent Cammos, flag for nothing. Here is screenshot, all zoomed in I could see the peal in the nose of the captain but no fun at all!
  12. Sorry Aslain, I wasn't able to download this version #6 with the Region Changer back, where can I download it? I'm using the latest 7.0.2 #4 but there is no Region Changer, just an option in the installer to change the Region, that means that every time I need to re install the mods... or use the other utility of a week ago. Any hope to get to the good old days, drop down menu? Thank you! Red
  13. Hi there, does anybody run the PT 0.6.8 on a Mac? I've played all the PTs until today without any big problems, but today after downloading all those Gigs, when I press start the app crash and close automatically. First time in almost a year. I was able to play all the PT until 0.6.7... what happen to 0.6.8? Any suggestion? Thank you! Update 7/7 Tried deleting all files, re downloaded 16 Gigs, changed the client, no luck at all! But it works in bootcamp...of course
  14. Ok, I see that WG and Mac is mainly a US love and hate story. I came from europe and Gates did a great job in the last 40 years buying all governments, enterprises, public administrations to use pcs... so in the old bad europe WG obviously don't care about macs. And if you write something on a forum complaining of Mac issues, you'll find some players that address you as isheep... The things with the new wrapper aren't that difficult, but they way Codeweaver built the new wrapper make any change or fixing more difficult and mainly is up to them, under WG request, to fix or make that bloody 2.0 wrapper any better. The 2.0.x allow us to access Inventory and Clan, but on the other hand it misses one of my preferite recent options: own music and own gun sounds... So I miss the good old one that was easier to manage for an average mac user. Anyway, I've ran into many of the problems you mentioned, and the only real solution is to delete every bit of information related to WOWS wrapper. You can find here all the folders and files you MUST delete before a fresh install. And you have to! https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/tips/world-of-warships/how-to-wipe-and-reset-world-of-warships Just forget one and you risk to run in troubles again. I also had a long email conversation with Codeweavers developers regarding a PT version of the wrapper that, as for pc, can install another copy of wows for Public Tests on the same user dir. Before was very easy, now with 2.0 is impossible unless they do a special wrapper for it. So finally they told me that we should ask for it to WG, because they couldn't/wouldn't send me the solution or the wrapper. So what should I say. Keep calm and breath deeply before get upset, just think about them in europe: if there, in US, is not that easy, in eu is much worst! Or as and old way to say adapted: if Washington is crying, London isn't laughing!... Take care.