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  1. how many battles to? I played 10 battles but had so many duplicates, still need 10 to finish Think the special cammo in the Second Part
  2. The Color Scheme Cammo are great! Finally a matte alternative to those shiny (except on jp ships) standard cammos! Like it! The US one you get in the US Cruiser Containers, very nice! It should be others like that tied to the nation flag! The Spotted ribbon works, but couldn't test it so much. Not driving DD or CV here... Got it one time only.
  3. One question regarding the Collection US Cruisers: Is it going to run through the PT Second part too, or will be reset for the Second one? I mean, if I don't finish it by the end of the actual period, can I finish it during the Second Part? txs!
  4. I asked in the Battle , they're coming on the PT Second part
  5. Don't know which changes you did to SOUND mixing, a part from the one you mention here, but I'm really HAPPY with this! Finally I can better mix the sounds, I can here the voice messages clearly and not mixed with a lot of noises, fx sounds, I can really decide to keep lower the guns or higher the Ambient. In other words: it seems that you can really mix the music, voices, sound fx in the way you like! Or, as in my case, depending on which output you use, before using earphones was really a pain for the loudness of the explosions, shells hitting, fires and so on! Thanks! I look forward for the Second part to test the new US crunchers! And to see the Cammos made by Azur Lane for the Collection
  6. Hi Aessaya and thanks! But as in the screen shot I'm posting here (shot from the mac side of my hackintosh that shows better the file system than win7...) in that folder I can't see any folder, a part from file mod.xml. And I'm talking about D:Games/w...warships/res/banks not the res_mods/banks (as you can see in the pict contains your voice mod). So where are the banks of local languages or other sounds? Can't fin them in my PC!! But they should be somewhere in those 37,5 GB !!! Hope you can help me, can't find other suggestions goggling it. Red
  7. And send the Replay file too! It's helpful with the screen shots of the warning msg that you can't connect.
  8. OK, so what about the second part of my proposal: WG reset as in Training, the Victim's battles so they have not lost anything, at least?
  9. Txs! I didn't know there were compensations! But why take them away, just because you torp me so I can have 4 signals more and you 4 less? Or, I just have too many xp on this ship, I already spent the ones for next Tier, so I can torp you as you need some thousands XP to rich next Tier... Ah, ah, ah... amazing! But the problem remains, sorry. Even in real life there is people that simulate accidents to get insurance refund... So what, they shut down insurance contracts? Ah, ah, ah....They'll put in account and keep signing contracts! No?! Some sly players will do with friends, but we are not talking of valuable money for WG: you can't transfer doubloons, Premium time or ships or captains...! Come on! Signals, cammo, consumables if they go from a player to another, at the end someone has to buy them to keep exchanging? No?! But assuming the problem is exchange, ok, just apply only the second part of my proposal: WG gives back to the Victims the Signals, Consumables, Cammo as after a battle in the Training room. It's fair as it's their business after all. If you broke your feet because broken stairs in the underground, it's the underground that refund you. Then if a service company should have fixed it already and they didn't, they will charge them. That's the way it goes everywhere.
  10. Sorry guys and WG, but the new system is not going to bring us anywhere. It's not a solution! The real problem of Unsporting Behavior are Team killers (I'm not interested in afk sorry), are the ones that from some miles spam torps not watching where alleys are going to. Very few times you read in the Chat their sorry for damaging you.... Quite rare unfortunately. So even if they don't usually do, they are guilty also of not expressing sorry. Unsporting behavior. That's it. But the very bad problem is Serial Team Killers. The ones that keep doing that and, has happened to me yesterday, may be are already pink, so they spam torps or fire for fun against alleys, or because they're angry or just a little psycho... BUT: - Who really does care of a color anymore? Newbies? May be. - Is it a big problem play a battle with a piggy color or play a couple of Co op? Don't think so, it didn't look so before it doesn't after the new system on 0.7.4! - Do you really think that a Serial team killer is going to change his behavior because "orange is the new red ;-)"? - Do you really think that torps spammers are going to change their behavior because some colors? No, no, no, don't think so, don't think so... - Have you ever seen a judge that condemn you to go around all dressed pink or orange? Don't think so... THE REAL PROBLEM is.... F I R S T R E F U N D the V I C T I M S of Unsporting behaviors!! With 0.7.4 they had a great chance to change the way you read the problem, the right way to see this problem: The Victim side FIRST, not the Guilty side as they've done since now... Usually in real life if you damage somebody you're condemned to refund him. Then may be, depends on how much and if you keep doing it, you get also some days in jail. So WG has chosen to forget Victims COMPLETELY. It's very sad. But they can adjust it next patch! Right WG?! Because if you playing on a ship where you invested in Cammos, Consumables, Signals, Premium and your VALUABLE time (!) and things are going even nice: making damages and getting ribbons and all of a sudden a team mate sink you, you lost your investment. May be it was the right time you were accomplishing that campaign task, or Mission, but then you're dead because some Serial T Killer didn't like you, or some occasional T Killer torped in your direction while in a Close Quarter with another ship.... yes, it is: I've been most of the time a victim while playing Close Quarter with an enemy. SO HERE THE SOLUTION: - First the Team killer has to refund the victim, the damaged player, with his resources of coins, Xps, Free Xps, consumables, cammos and Signals!! - Second WG, that does care of the victims, give you back your investment as in the Training Room (so it give you back consumables, cammo, signals). It's a way to say " sorry for what happened in our game, we care for you" -Then if WG still want, can color him or send him to jail/Co op for a while. But this is not as important as refunding! It's the only system that can work and overall it take in consideration FIRST the Victim than the Killer! P.S. This should be valid for Team Killers and Serial team killers only. Nothing to do with afk or disconnected clients during a battle.
  11. Txs Aessaya, but in my .../res/banks/ I can see only one file, no folders as "voice/" And the other thing is, where can I find a compatible wows_unpacker? As the one I found is for 0.6.x and gave me an error of compatibility with 0.7.4 Thank you!
  12. Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    Did you find out?
  13. Hi and txs for your point of view! I've tried to boost in Audacity and as you're saying they're almost as loud as possible. Tried with + 5db, distortions here and there, depending on that particular speech. It looks that +2/3 db it works nice mostly for everything, but I need to put it back in the mods folder to see how they works mixed with the rest. Haven't done yet! So then I said to myself: the problem is that sound fx are too loud and there is no mixing slider for those in the Settings. So why not lower them instead than higher the voices? So I'm asking you guys that have modding experience: where and how I can extract the explosion, guns, shells that hit the ships, and so on sound fx, in order to batch lower them in Audacity and reload in the proper bank? I've tried to load the banks with Sound Mod Creator latest, but couldn't find the proper bank for those sounds.. B) Do you know also where and how to extract a localized voice as I can see only the english one? Thnak you!
  14. Thanks! I'll give it a try, I saw there a trial version or period to test it!
  15. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Crashed after exiting a Battle and right after the Client WorldOfWarships-2018-05-01_00-18-04.dmp