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  1. Redvenge

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    Description: Exiting from Halloween Battle, sometimes hangs for a while once you press Esc to go back to the port. Today just crashed instead. As in the Pict monitor_20180929_015148532.log
  2. A simple question on purchasing a ship: Do the Clan discount, 10% on ships, added to the monthly special offer from WG? I mean if I buy a German cruiser T6 this days offered for German Strike with 30% discount from WG, is the Clan discount added to it? That will mean a 40% discount total? Txs for your answers
  3. HI, I know there are some answers already around but I've not found a clear and simple one. Example: If I take the Capt from a Chapaiev to a Moskva Tier X rented for Clan Battles: - Can I reset the skills for using him with Moskva? Yes - When Moskva will end its renting period, can I move the Capt back to Chapaiev with the new skills set up? - If not, for what I understood the Capt will be automatically put in Reserve with his skills as in Moskva, but then from Reserve to my Chapaiev what happens? Do I need to retrain him? Or it's free as for Premium ships go and come back? Thank you for your clarification!