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    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    Another negative aspect of the CV rework is the human factors is much worse on other ships. When a CV squadron is nearby the AA is loud and very distracting. It creates fatigue and makes it much more difficult to focus on other ships. In other words: 1) The AA sound is too loud and the constant explosions make it harder to focus on enemy ships. The UI is too busy. 2) The fact that CV squadrons can stay on target for a long time tends to make things like aiming and positioning more difficult. I can't speak for whether the CV rework is good for CV captains but it certainly reduces the enjoyment of the game for other ship captains. A lot of this could be mitigated by reviewing the impact of AA and long times on target on other ship captains.
  2. chuckie_the_terrible

    Add me to the list of DD mains that are done with this game.

    In other words, DDs should adapt by becoming lightweight CLs, stay with the pack and spam torps or HE from a distance. If you play a Shima it may work because the new CV meta enforces lemming behavior so long-distance torp spamming might work. But if you are playing anything else adapting probably means not playing the ship. This was clearly not thought through.