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  1. Purg473

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    I read through the update notes and didn't see it, I guess I'll re-read through it again, Thanks for clarifying, I was starting to wonder if something had been messed up by the update lol.
  2. Purg473

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    Has anyone had a problem with the Naval Battles tab being gone since this update went live? I don't even have the option to look in port now to enable them at all.
  3. Purg473

    0.10.0 update

    and now they're switching ones that were for FXP in for doubloons, so you get to do the extra added mental math of is it cheaper to convert FXP for doubloons or just spend the doubloons outright, or just buy it in the shop for like 75 bucks....which if memory serves right with Alaska it actually was cheaper if you paid cash for it rather than converting, so you almost got penalized if you spent FXP lol
  4. Purg473

    Another battle mode idea

    It could be, especially if you give everyone the chance to opt in to the battle mode..essentially, conventional randoms and randoms (with) a fleet commander, with some kind of distinction between them, maybe a bonus to elite commander xp in the new battle mode or something similar?
  5. Purg473

    Another battle mode idea

    I understand the idea, and in a perfect world sure...but being completely blunt, it looks like what happens when someone gets sunk 5 minutes into the game and spends the other 15 minutes telling everyone what they're doing wrong, and insulting their neighbors cat. That and...to be honest, there are more than enough people that will for lack of a better turn bull up and refuse to listen, so then matches will be decided not by skill, or even luck, but just by which team has less hard heads than the other.
  6. Purg473

    0.10.0 update

    Yeah, it feels like theyre doing the same with the FXP system at the same time..remember when you could get T9 premiums for 750k FXP? Pepperidge farms remembers..
  7. Purg473

    0.10.0 update

    Well, on the flipside, now we can salvage half our 19s and pay doubloons to convert it to elite commander xp to make our other half of 19s into 21s, just to get the same skills back we already had since theyre bumping a few from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 points...wait..what?
  8. I think they've forgotten scenarios even exist...can we avoid reminding them they are so they don't turn them off altogether? lol
  9. I hear ya...I remember the card game years...or if you really hate yourself..how about a game of monopoly/Risk? As someone that has Mosk and Stalin both...it handles like someone took a Moskva and hooked a 53 foot trailer behind it...slower to take off, rudders about the same and a knot slower..altogether, the only thing it really has going for it is the extra long defensive AA charge, and the guns...that little strip of belt armor up front actually covers less than Moskva's does relatively speaking, so you can tank a hair better in Mosk, especially with not having the longer burn times. Plymouth looks fun, I got Flint just before it went away for Steel (wasn't sure how long it was going to be gone, if I'd known it would be back this soon I woulda waited and got it for coal, or, in light of these commander skill changes, not at all)
  10. Purg473


    Firstly...welcome back from deployment. Yeah, you get the Oklahoma from completing the campaign (I forget what it's called to be honest, its the newest one..I think its the Always Courageous one?) Doublecheck in your collections that that's the right collection before you do this, but assuming it is, they sell the containers on the armory for coal, and you can just buy containers for pieces to finish the collection until you get enough to finish it with duplicates.
  11. I can see what you mean to a point with this, the anti fire builds can almost negate the longer build cost, but at what cost? By the time you take fire proof, basics of survivability, and superintendent (though it can be argued SI is a gimme on any cruiser for the extra radar etc) you've already tied up 10 points of a 19 point commander. You can negate the fires, at the cost of devoting over half of a 19 point commander solely to outlasting the flames. If you go for high alert, jack of all trades, or both, it becomes even moreso. Not to mention, between Haks AP DB's and MVR's AP DB's, the purely bow camping meta has been wrecked beyond repair in any CV game, and if I had to guess, if I play 10 games tomorrow I'll find a CV in 8 of those, and of those 8 I'll be facing something with AP DB's probably 7 of those 8 times, 6 if I'm lucky. Super-cruisers are strong, but their weaknesses are bad enough that you have to demote over half, possibly up to 2/3rds of your commander skill points just to getting back on an even playing field with the other cruisers, so I would claim, in my view atleast, that it evens itself out. When you build a ship as it is, you can do 1 of 3 things. Build it offensively, build it defensively, or try to split the difference. It seems to me all this rework is doing is eliminating the choice from the matter, for all it purports to give us more options. Want to build purely for offense? Sure, you can throw all your skill points at increasing your damage while you roast marshmellows and hot dogs on the flames. Want to build defensively to last longer? Tough luck, here, have some extra damage that you wont survive long enough to utilize anyways. Want to split the difference and do a little of both? Marginally less disappointed than the ones that wanted to build to last longer, atleast now when you can't build for survivability its only half a let down. I understand they're strong, very strong, but by the same theory they have enemies no other cruisers at their tier have to deal with. Stalingrad, for all its Stalinium shells and armor, is up a certain creek without a rowing implement if it gets caught broadside by a Salem or DM (and in the island maps which are so plentiful, that can happen if you're not very very careful..and it can happen sometimes even then) It also turns like a tractor-trailer, and doesn't have hydro so it's a torp sponge unless you take that 3 line skill that gives you longer torpedo detection, which I can't remember the name of right now. Which if you combine that 3 line with basics of survivability, superintendent, and fireproof you've got 10 points there. If you do concealment expert so you don't get outspotted by a Kurfurst, you've used up all of your skill points, and all for the sake of trying to negate your disadvantages. I'm not meaning to come across as arguing with you on this. It's always pleasant to get into a discussion showing differing points of view without either side getting into a knock down drag out fight with one side of the other cursing the opposing viewholders family to a slow death (believe it or not I have actually seen that in this game..it brings out the worst in us sometimes)
  12. Purg473

    Have steel, considering Stalingrad?

    Honestly, I would wait and see what the commander rework looks like in another month, and hope they cancel it. If it rolls through as it stands now, its going to be an unmitigated barbeque. I've got Stalingrad myself...the guns are great, get caught broadside and you can get one shotted, no hydro, turns like a Peterbilt with no power steering, the AA is good and its fairly fast. But fire is not your friend. I've never regretted getting Stalingrad myself...right up until they announced the commander rework and now Im starting to wonder.
  13. Well, you asked for feedback...after playing the public test and seeing the rework as it stands right now..some initial observations. Who thought this was a good idea? Ok, now that that's out of the way, to be more specific. 1.) Super-cruisers are getting shafted. On one hand you have secondary build Super-cruisers such as Siegfried, and to some extent Agir. Siegfreid was 47k of Research Bureau points. Unless I completely forgot how to do math, that requires resetting either 4, or 5 T10 lines to get. Agir was 1m FXP. With the Research Bureau option, you'd probably burn through close to 5m FXP plus the credits to buy each ship in the line, play it once for the points, then sell it at a loss, all the way up the line. I'm one of the ones lucky enough to have Missouri...with that credit printing option available, that cost in credits STILL hurts. And now neither of these ships can do the main thing they were marketed as being able to do. Not to mention, all Super-cruisers just got hit over the head with a nerf bat like Negans...we can't take fire builds now, so the longevity is gone. Yes, I know we have the option for increasing our damage output....by a minimal amount. If you want to increase diversity in choices, shouldn't you actually GIVE us a choice in the first place? Alaska was 1m FXP, Agir was 1m FXP, Siegfried was Research points, which probably means we either dumped out probably a grand or more worth of FXP, or we hate the game from grinding those lines again even more. Stalingrad was Steel, PR was...yeah do we really want to bring that one up? Yoshi was coal, and Azuma is FXP. Do you notice what all of those ships have in common? They are all either Steel, Coal, or Ludicrous amounts of FXP. I'm looking at my port and seeing ships I paid good money for, and hard earned resources, that I have no desire to play anymore after this rework hits. Oh, I almost forgot the poor souls that bought Alaska B for cash outright. Are we going to be offered refunds on ships that are no longer what they were marketed as, like we were back when Kutuzov, Belfast, and Perth went away? 2.) Secondary main BB's. If this had happened last year pre Research Bureau it would be bad enough, as it is, this is almost comical. We now have an entire premium line of US BB's sold on the basis of their secondaries (Mass, Mass B, Georgia, and Ohio) that were either Research Bureau, coal ships, or cash outright. Manual secondaries is being neutered to the point I can't see a point to this. The French BB's had good secondaries, same with the Germans...the German BB line was purposefully neutered in every other aspect with the gong of "It's a secondary ship, build for secondaries" being the main point behind it. 3.) Small caliber cruisers. Let's see, Atlanta is getting its built in range back so no point rehashing that one....so congratulations, out of like 6 ships...you got one right. Smolensk (coal ship) is losing a range advantage with literally no redeeming factors at all. Colbert is losing range, for a little better acceleration (It already accelerates and maneuvers well enough I doubt we'll notice that, but oh well) Flint (Ah yes, the Steel Atlanta with 2 less turrets and no radar in exchange for torpedoes. It doesnt get the baked in range advantage, because it has smoke....which is great until you remember how often T7 gets uptiered, and 10.8km mains mean you have to be within 11KM of who you want to hit before you can even fire. Considering the amount of 12km radar starting at T8, with 2 different Russian cruiser lines, this is almost comical. A Steel Atlanta, that got pulled (making some people panic buy them not knowing if this was gonna turn out to be like Missouri when it got pulled and will never come back again realistically) only to come out for coal and in Santa crates. I hope everyone that got one enjoys them for the next month or so while they still have a point. (Edited to Add) And I just realized...Austin is replacing Somers in 10.0, just in time for the rework where it won't get the advantage of AFT. So, now we're going to be paying Steel for a super Atlanta that is going to be missing out on probably 2 or 3km of range without AFT at T10 as well? TL;DR Normally I hate asking about refunds or compensation because it makes me sound like I'm wanting something back after having played it for awhile. But looking at my port and seeing secondary build ships, Purpose bought secondary build ships, Flint, Atlanta...and 3 or 4 Super-cruisers, and knowing here in a month they are going to be completely worthless to me... Regarding this rework....can we not, and say we did? Y'all can post a news write up about the big update to commander skills, take the game offline for 4 or 5 hours on a Monday like usual, post up prompts, and just leave it the way it is now, and we can go about enjoying what seems like the one part of the game that actually works right. As I saw someone mention on a different thread, this may very well be the one thing that Didn't need to be fixed. As bad as all that sounds...that's me trying to be optimistic. I enjoyed CV's prior to that rework...wasn't good in them, but I enjoyed them. Since then I have 3 T10 CV's that don't even come out unless we need them for clan battles...and this looks worse than the CV rework at its worst stage did.
  14. Purg473

    Rear turret control

    It would be nice, for that matter I'd love to be able to select firing order on turrets individually. I can't see the point behind firing 2 turrets with a 30 second reload into a mountain, just so the last 2 turrets sticking out from cover will fire. As has been mentioned, make it optional so those that dont want the hassle dont have to deal with it. It can even be a variation of the hitting shift and X to lock your turrets one direction.
  15. Purg473

    Game Update

    Mine did the same thing. I'm really hoping it just downloaded the update in advance and it means the new update will be out wednesday, but I don't know for sure.