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  1. You could also look at getting involved in Clan Battles...we're probably looking at another season when ranked ends..depending how you do, you can net a few thousand of steel there as well, if not more.
  2. In all seriousness...no, I haven't noticed a difference, it's been this bad for a long time...lol. It's part of why I look forward to clan battles so much every time, it gives me a month and a half or so of not having to deal with randoms.
  3. Purg473

    Which BB line for a Warspite/DD captain?

    I've never played Warspite myself, but from what I've heard, she's got very accurate mains with decent secondaries...if you go up the German line, you have good secondaries, at the partial expense of mains (contrary to what some say, you CAN get hits in a GK from 25k+...)...the British line doesn't really have all that good of secondaries...and truth be told, you don't want to be close enough in it to use them anyways. French have good secondaries with fewer main guns @ 10, but they're very accurate, US has accurate mains at range, and the secondaries can be good, but only to 9.1km with flags and all, and the reload doesn't get better till the Montana...Yam..I dunno, the mains are accurate but you won't want to get close I think..it's the only T10 BB I don't have, so I can't say honestly... You might try the Brit line since you already have the Warspite for a commander..although you might enjoy the German line too.
  4. I'd say just do away with saving a star altogether...the team either wins or everyone on it loses a star...it's idiotic to watch 3 minutes into a battle people that have already given up on actually winning and are just trying to farm damage to save their stars.
  5. I don't think anyone was what you'd call happy with it on this server..well, a handful were, but ah well... At this point, CB's is mainily a respite from the salt of randoms and a chance to actually run together as a clan, so there's that... Plus, after seeing someone mention we may see CV's in the testing, I have to admit I'm genuinely curious how that will play into it all...AA is a different game when you have 7, or 8, or 9 that are on voice comms and used to working together...and seeing how effective the AA blob is in randoms, it would probly be moreso in clan.
  6. Purg473

    Thoughts on CV rework

    Not meaning to argue semantics, but at this point you can't actually lock on to a target...it just tells you where your round is going to go, and you have to line it up with the ship...you even have to factor in lead times in your head etc...
  7. Purg473

    Fun Day Sunday HATE Clan Hosting

    At the risk of stirring up a complete s-storm, are y'all planning on the same 7x7 format the other rounds have been? Reason I ask was had heard rumors they were looking to experiment with the cross testing, and wondered if that was going to be incorporated?
  8. Purg473

    CVs but for me

    find a clan mate that is running them and div up with 'em.
  9. In the spirit of half of this entire thread... "Lieutenant Lake, you're almost out of uniform"...
  10. True enough...then there's McHales Navy, as someone mentioned on the other thread about movies.
  11. The Ship was BEFORE the cake and boobs in that one...the same order as in Battleship...well, technically in Battleship it was boobs and a chicken burrito.
  12. I think it was here a few weeks back, the dev blog mentioned another round of cross server testing coming up...has there been anything else said on this?
  13. I still enjoy Down Periscope every chance I get to see it
  14. Purg473

    Thoughts on CV rework

    1. That's the way it used to be prior to the rework...you couldn't launch any planes for about 30s after the game started. 2. I don't actually see how they could make it work as far as locking on to a target, without people complaining about it making it even more OP...(it's not OP at this point, but that hasn't stopped the complaints)