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  1. Purg473

    upgrade ships to next tier

    in b4 someone suggests using this to upgrade Missouri to T10 so we can have a radar BB in Clan Battles..
  2. When I ground QE I sold and bought the ship back 13 times in total...6 of those times just in one weekend...you wont see me try to defend it lol.
  3. Purg473

    Yueyang? .....tumbleweeds

    That's a negative Ghost Rider.
  4. Purg473

    At what tier should you have a 19pt captain

    It depends on how you grind up the line Someone who starts grinding a tree and takes the same commander up the entire tree, will get a 19 faster than someone who starts the same tree but starts over with a new captain on each ship, keeping their old one with the ship it was assigned to...(my hats off to people who do this though, I'm getting a headache just imagining it) The earliest you can get it is best...once you get your first, stick with it and grind elite xp, rather than grinding another one up the same way. Take advantage of clan battles if you have the opportunity, same with ranked. As someone else mentioned, the space battles/savage battles/Halloween etc are all good too for that reason.
  5. Purg473

    About The NTC Reward Ships

    I think there was something said about "seasons" where you could do the grind during..not sure past that.
  6. Purg473

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    It's probably the same thing that happened to me when I was looking at it, my curser hadn't registered changing from the groz or one of the other T10 perm camos so it was showing that like it overlapped as part of it.
  7. Purg473

    Battleships now inaccurate at closer ranges??

    I always figured it was due to being able to slot aiming systems, whereas the USN line can't tighten up it's dispersion until T9.
  8. Purg473

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    Heck, I know some who when they were starting out would have paid that just to not have to grind the Omaha out, lol.
  9. I've got SH5: Battle of the Atlantic working on 10, so it's possible.
  10. I must not have seen it, thanks.
  11. and when you switch to torpedoes "Photon torpedoes. FIRE" activate engine boost "Punch it" ohhhhh if Only we could get a "Will to Victory" style activation "I'm giving her all she's got Captain"
  12. Just a note for those that haven't seen it already... Apparently, we can't select CV's for CB this session after all, so I guess after the announcement last week there would be CV's in it, that was changed without notice, or did I miss the notice?
  13. Ah ok, I normally just knock out the 300s and call it a day so was my first time getting up in the multiples personally. Figured I'd ask rather than keep wondering.
  14. Purg473

    Hoist the colors! Save the game!

    They haven't reversed course yet...they cut the impact back some, but it's still bad enough. Almost enough to make you think they rolled out the holy ---- level the night before so they can give us this version and say "See, it could be worse"...
  15. Has anyone noticed with this set of Naval Battles the stars not counting like they're listed? IE, 175 ribbons counts for 4 stars, yet if you get it, you still only get 1 star? Purg.