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  1. SolarDwagon

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    And PR wasn't that? Excuse you.
  2. SolarDwagon

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Well, we lost UU's for now.... guess it's going ahead. I'm hoping we were all wrong. But I doubt it.
  3. Sounds like someone got chomped by a Friesland. Next~!
  4. SolarDwagon

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Were supposed to be and well, still weren't side grades. Most of them nobody who pays attention to stats uses them, a few of them everybody does, very few of them is there any argument on whether or not they're worth it. And as to the people saying "but wait, it could be a good change!".... By the time this change happens, its set in stone absolutely. Right now, although unlikely at this point, WeeGee can go back and change their plans. Given the current track record, and the.... less than fun design of the RB, everything says that this move is going to result in a worse situation, so I'd rather give my feedback now when they can back down, rather than once they implement it. I don't think I've ever truly seen them back down on implemented features, but I have seen them (ocasionally) back down on planned features. Also, UU rebalancing and additions can happen independently of moving them to RB. And as some have said, one of the strengths of the current UU system is that it requires you to play the ship they are for. Which means by the time you get the UU, you have a better understanding of how the ship works, and therefore the value of the UU. The RB-tied system has none of this, which I predict will lead to a rise in the number of "X UU is useless" "No you just don't understand it!" arguments, where especially the latter may be correct for once. If I've never touched a ship before, how can I know that a specific upgrade will suit how I play it or not?
  5. SolarDwagon

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    I have to have some hope for this game, yeesh. I can't argue with anything you've said.
  6. SolarDwagon

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    They have the ability to sit at range and put down great dpm, while being very hard to hit, and if they come out at close range from behind an island they can kill nearly anything. Nerfing their conceal just forces them to do more of those things.
  7. SolarDwagon

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    I mean, we did manage to get NTC 1.0 scrapped so there's not 100% chance of nothing happening
  8. SolarDwagon

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    The "sidegrades" that multiple of are regarded as outright the best in slot for their ships (Yammy, Moskva, Gearing as quick examples)... Sure, sidegrades...
  9. SolarDwagon

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    Many. But take the most recent change. Kremlin "nerfs" that only buff CV's against it, doing nothing to address why people hate fighting the ship, the absolute sledgehammer taken to the french T10's that isolates them to their most annoying aspects, makes them less fun to play, while still doing little to actually address the reasons people found them unfun to fight against...
  10. So now BB's get 3.5 seconds to react instead of 3.0.... really gonna help their cause. /s Oh wait, asashio torp speed got buffed at the same time because of the new torpedo module, so you're right back where you started.... assuming you drop concealment module arguably the most important module in the entire game. For most players, the asashio is getting buffed by the update.
  11. One of the problems is that low tiers CV's are more prevalent and in greater numbers, and the Hosho exists. The Hosho is still straight OP by CV standards (much like good ol Enterprise at T8), but even 3 Hermes' will still wreck your day. Given that this is many players first experience with CV's, the assumption can be made by them that they're just going to get more powerful. Also, Op used a BB as an example... but try hitting a T3 cruiser with torps and see how much % of their HP has just disappeared with no heal.
  12. SolarDwagon

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    And they're now trying it again by stealth via the unique upgrades system.
  13. PR, the ST changes being pushed to live WITH ZERO CHANGES despite thread after thread of feedback pointing out all the reasons the choices weren't healthy for the game.... I could go on, but the point is that you keep saying you listen to feedback AND THEN DON'T. If you don't change it soon, you're going to lose even more than you already have of your playerbase.
  14. SolarDwagon

    3 things I'd like to see in 2020

    Not any more they aren't. With the way current players are horrifically bad at most ops and that rewards are dependent on stars... Randoms are better. Which is sad.
  15. SolarDwagon

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    This post needs to be like... headline.