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  1. LastSamurai714

    The neutering of subs has started

    Yeah I agree. Post nerf…I’ve been struggling to do much. 20-30k damage games at tier 8 are boring.
  2. LastSamurai714

    Stack Divs over and over

    I guess you can tell I never Div up eh…lol.
  3. LastSamurai714

    Stack Divs over and over

    I didn’t even know it was made after the battle started. That pic was right at the start so they must’ve been quick with it. How can you tell?
  4. LastSamurai714

    Stack Divs over and over

    That said…how do you think this game I just had went? You guessed it. No amount of situational awareness or F keys helped. So fwiw…move on to the next round. “Don’t like it…Div up” is what they say. Both Divs on one side and none on the other should not be a thing. But hey…one side had fun.
  5. LastSamurai714

    Stack Divs over and over

    I am a lone wolf…almost every game I have played except single digits has been solo. Triple divs and multiple divs are rough on solo players. You will get out maneuvered badly. They play in divisions for the advantage…it’s just something you have to deal with. Sometimes you can see the loss coming before the match even starts…just accept it and move on to the next round.
  6. LastSamurai714

    Georgia vs Pommern

    I have both and Georgia is way better in my opinion. Georgia has much more flexibility to get in and out of positions. With the Pomeranian…eh you are kinda at the mercy of who spawns around you. Good team…good game. Bad team…you’re going to die quickly.
  7. LastSamurai714

    K. Albert

    K. Albert is so fun! Super derpy though…I played a round in it the other day.
  8. LastSamurai714

    Who have you seen in game

    Played alongside @Notser and watched him have a 7 kill game in Derflinger today. Cheers!
  9. LastSamurai714

    WG LIMIT the number of DD's and SUBS in a game

    Idk who at WG actually played these turds…but they are not fun to play or play against. Boring. Really missed the mark here.
  10. LastSamurai714

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    I don’t have a screenshot of the post battle on my phone, but…from wows numbers.
  11. LastSamurai714

    Kearsarge: Tomorrow (Coal and Doubloons)

    Just played a game with two CV’s and two Kearsage per side…come on WG. It was awful and boring
  12. LastSamurai714

    I think my Harekaze is cursed.

    Mine is cursed too. Love the ship but can’t seem to win in it.
  13. Double ping you inside smoke while undetected and those torps will home until damn near impact. Try to get close enough to press G and you will be spotted and ravaged by the enemy team. Subs are stupid broken.
  14. You will get killed by the enemy team chasing subs. Run and hope your teams anti sub planes can get him. From what I’ve experienced this is the it the only option. Trying to use CL and DD depth charges = death.
  15. LastSamurai714

    Dusted off the King Albert!

    I forgot just how derpy the guns on this thing were, but hey…it was fun.