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  1. Worse yet...A 30% cv player with a 600 WTR in the ranger vs a 75% Saipan seal clubber. Saipan and Kaga should only face another Saipan or Kaga. I saw a Midway player the other day who had a 36% in it win rate and over 1600 Games in it...dude...just move on. Yes he was on my team lol.
  2. How should I play the Gneisenau?

    It's a catch 22. Until you can make that move...most of the BB's you face are better than you at range. The Gneis strong point is so situational that until you have that right situation or moment in time... 1. You're badly outgunned at ranges beyond 10k. 2. While you may learn when to push...assuming you will have any support or that the team will follow you will get you focused and killed. F'd if you do...F'd if you don't. 1v1 or 1v2 it's fantastic, but then again any ship played to its strength is in that situation.
  3. Why Do Players Ignore Caps?

    Scrub plague. Very common disease that infects WG products lol.
  4. Free For All Game Mode - Suggestion

    You mean all BB or DD mode? We already have that.
  5. Should vanilla players get compensated?

    So talk about recticle mods...advantage or not?
  6. Should vanilla players get compensated?

    Mods are lame. Play the real game.
  7. How should I play the Gneisenau?

    Remember "brawling" alone...something you will do often because teams are afraid...gets you killed. Brawl...but don't brawl too early.
  8. How should I play the Gneisenau?

    Some people love that ship..I hated it. 6 wonky guns just don't cut it. Good luck.
  9. Fixing the Asashio

    Give I give it Akizuki guns and 5.2 conceal. Fixt!
  10. It's not the score, it's the team

    Happens to me all the time. 150k+ 4-6 kill losses and 50k 1 kill wins. Frustrating!
  11. What is the best T9 CA

    I've only played three... Neptune, Baltimore and Ibuki. I can't say I really had a ton of fun in any of them. My stats are the best for Neptune, but she had a rough learning curve.
  12. Map PSA: Okinawa

    Seeing the heat maps would be very cool. A rework of this map would be nice. It worked wonders for tears of the desert.
  13. Map PSA: Okinawa

    An unopposed Mino at A gets some juicy broadsides at B and can lob over that island all day. That said...I effing hate this map more than any other for that reason. Teams can't help themselves. They are drawn to A like a moth to a flame.
  14. Minotaur for both. Done.
  15. Gearing

    Gearing is Ok at best but...it feels lacking. Nightmare guns inside of 8km but with slow speed and dumpy handling...watch out for torps. Torpedoes are ok, but slow to reload so use them wisely. AA is good. Remember slow speed and dumpy handling. Use you Def AA wisely as well. Its fat. You will take massive damage from AP salvos. I've been hit 100%-0% by a Missouri with no detonation just all AP damage at 12km. You do not have the maneuverability to push caps when there are radar cruisers. DO NOT be first in line when radar lights you up. See above comment. Speed: Fletcher > Gearing Maneuverability: Fletcher > Gearing Size: Fletcher > Gearing Torps: Fletcher > Gearing (based on reload time) AA: Fletcher < Gearing Guns: Fletcher < Gearing Detection: Fletcher > Gearing Overall Survivability: Fletcher > Gearing Overall Damage potential: Fletcher = Gearing Overall Fun Factor: Fletcher > Gearing I do well in the Gearing, but have more subjective "fun" in the Fletcher.