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  1. LastSamurai714

    Any chance premium CVs will be put up for coal?

    Riiiiiight...because this is what the game needs. More premium CV’s. *vomit*
  2. LastSamurai714

    How to Kill a Game....

    So by this logic we’ve asked them to fix CV’s far more frequently and... ”Go F yourselves” is what we’ve gotten from WG. 😂
  3. LastSamurai714

    Carriers Nerfed?

    F CV’s before 10.0 and after.
  4. LastSamurai714

    Biggest disappointments of rework

    Useless skills that were developed to encourage “diversity” in builds...but they suck so everyone takes the same skills thereby nullifying the entire point of the rework. Net gain...zero.
  5. LastSamurai714


    I’ve had ok games in it, but the fact of the matter is...it’s not on par with its peers. Guns...awful pen and wonky dispersion. Reload...flat out worse. Armor...average at best and lesser than the tech tree counterpart. Gimmick...none. AA...none. Performance...bottom 1/3 in every stat. So what are we doing here? Why did I grind and buy this turd?
  6. LastSamurai714


    It’s not even equal to its peers though...so every other ship that’s better moves up the creep ladder a little more...do they not? In a way...it is power creep. By making new inferior ships.
  7. LastSamurai714


    I ground it out. Then spent dubs for the last few...total waste of time and money.
  8. LastSamurai714


    Is WG serious with this turd? We have ships like Missouri, Jean Bart, Musashi, Georgia, Pommern...then the Hizen. It’s no where near the same class as the aforementioned ships. It’s awful and it’s shining feature, the guns are some of the wonkiest guns I’ve used so far. The Izumo is better on so many levels. Sooooo what gives? Why the nerfs? It wasn’t that good to begin with. It’s near the bottom of almost every category on wows numbers... I guess I only have myself to blame for buying the poor product.
  9. LastSamurai714

    Why Big for Hizen??

    After 10 games or so let me sum up the Hizen in two words... Disappointing. Forgettable. This ship does nothing well. It has no silver lining...no gimmick. Nada. Vanilla boring junk. DO NOT waste your time and doubloons.
  10. LastSamurai714

    Nerf Smol??

    I have tanked 5 million damage in a Smolensk...also been deleted in the first minute after being plane spotted. Feast or famine.
  11. Oh I thought we were talking about the 5% damage +30% burn time or something but that’s BB’s eh?
  12. Exactly. Nothing else to spend points on other than a skill that gives a negligible bonus for a significant penalty.
  13. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
  14. Make no mistake...behind the scenes, WG feels this change will benefit them monetarily. This is not for us, they just have to find a way to feed it to us.