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  1. Frustrating loss...

    Not saying I don't make mistakes but there's only a few game modes and a handful of maps. Missing shots maybe showing too much side...those things happen. Complete inability to even get into some sort of position and letting the red team walk all over the map is far too common. If I play my role and get into position guess what...I'm alone. I try and wrangle these chuckle heads and formulate a plan to deal with the mess...good luck with that. It's the BB's fault multiple tier X destroyers died in theee minutes. Others have posted whole teams of 30-40% players vs teams of 50-60% players...couple that with MM that loses its mind any time there is a division involved and the myriad of issues with MM overall...it makes for a less than pleasant experience. They need a cadet room where dumb monkeys can go PVP each other and do what they do. But you have to be sub 45% win rate to enter. Once you hit 46% you can PVP in the big boy room. Anyways if I do quit it will be on impulse not thought out and I will probably be more relaxed when I do.
  2. Frustrating loss...

    Changing ships and tiers hasn't helped. Its like I'm stuck with the same short bus timid players every game. Hey guys we need to move up. Hey guys we need caps. Hey "team" I can't push alone in a Yorck move up. Chat ban levels of frustration. This is after I took two days off completely. I just keep clicking "Battle on" thinking there is an end to these teams...there isn't. Maybe I shouldn't wait until I'm 15k battles in to quit like I did with WOTB. Just end it now lol. All these F'ing teams we are losing to are getting coherent players so I know they are in the queue.
  3. Frustrating loss...

    Last 58 games I am 40%.
  4. Frustrating loss...

    I am 1 and 4 in the last hour. No F'ing clue what has been going on the last 48 hours but I'm about to sell and delete lol
  5. melting teams

    Today has been tremendously bad. The worst teams I have seen in months.
  6. Yamato Woes

    Not as of today.
  7. Yamato Woes

    So 4 tier 8's vs no tier 8's in a tier 10 match isn't game breaking?

    Have you gone from tier 8 to tier 9? What happens? Roon vs Hipper? Roon. NO or Baltimore? Baltimore. Edinburgh vs Neptune? Neptune. Benson or Fletcher? Fletcher. See a theme? Moron. To call it crying is foolish. Anyone who has any clue knows. So tell us all about how you can do it and you're ok with it. [edited].
  9. Yamato Woes

    As always. Get better. Play smarter. Stop using WG as an excuse for MY mistakes lol.
  10. Yamato Woes

    I swear to fking god I'm about to delete this game and just walk away like I did with WOTB after 16k games. WG will never get it right.
  11. Yamato Woes

    Or 200k damage 4 kill losses while the other 11 ships account for 1. Lol!
  12. Yamato Woes

    Good point. Not saying that I sail off alone in Yammy...more that a team keeping DD's off of you and letting your guns do work isn't something random teams excel at. Sticking with the Yamato and using him as a shield while he citadels EVERYONE and keeping planes and DD's away....naaaaaaahhhhh...we are going to cap D because you're not the boss of us. That is what makes Yamato not fun. You need other players and that is as big of a weakness as any in this game. Maybe I should learn CV's :)
  13. Yamato Woes

    Nothing wrong with the ship. So why the woes? She does not excel alone. The WoWS random battle player base does not excel at fighting as a team. One would assume by tier 10 people would have at least some idea that a Yamato can lock down whole sides of the map. Nope. "F tactics I do what I want." "Why shouldn't four of us go to D" Not to say I've got it all figured out but....wow. No I don't division. No I probably won't division. 99.9% of my 3k games are solo random battles. The Yamato is anything but a lone wolf and a disappointment for solo random battles. Great ship but...if you run alone...you may want to focus your efforts elsewhere.

    Had one today in Yamato where my team had four tier 8's....reds had no tier 8's. Nothing wrong with that MM right? Just players making excuses for their mistakes. Not playing smarter. Not having a good enough plan.