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  1. LastSamurai714

    Ranked Sprint queue and BBs

    Still not fast enough. You sail around at 12 knots and can instantly disappear by smashing T? Nope. CV still has the advantage.
  2. LastSamurai714

    Is the Shinonome worth the grind?

    CV rework killed it. When someone says “...as long as there is no CV.” That’s bad. There is almost always a CV and you will hate your life.
  3. [edited]! I duck, dodge, dive, wiggle, smoke l, use sector, run DD’s with “AA”, etc. I call [edited]. If a CV wants a DD dead it’s dead. Wether by perma spotting or killing it outright. That’s why people give up if you see them give up. Why waste their time? You dating there’s an out when it’s a fraction of the encounters is an injustice. CV’s need to have a -0 +0 MM, half the rocket damage, a realistic limit to planes and call it good. Yes...have relevant tiers that don’t face CV’s. Watch what the majority of the player base would play. Wonder why?
  4. LastSamurai714

    Who says dd play is dead

    I have good games still, but by and large...it’s awful for DD’s. Let’s not forget you are playing THE current meta DD.
  5. LastSamurai714

    Stop make new coins ever time

    And paying otherwise.
  6. LastSamurai714

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    Your experience is not ruined per se....CV’s are the experience. This is the new normal according to WG. They are dug in to their position and that’s that. Remember...just dodge!
  7. LastSamurai714

    Playing DD on a board full of 12km radars.. thoughts?

    Lineups now are all cruisers, maybe a BB or three...and almost always a CV. DD’s are dead and true to form WG doesn’t know how to do anything but make the game worse and create events that people throw money at trying to keep up with the meta. It’s manipulation at its finest. This is the most toxic environment I have seen for DD’s yet. God forbid it be tier X and the poor DD takes two rocket plane salvos in the first minute for 95% of his health. WG fails yet again. Just dodge...just learn ranges and when to push...lol gtfo. No more of my monneh.
  8. LastSamurai714

    Ranked battles, don't understand

    I have never seen as much brain dead play as I have in ranked today...I am amazed at how terrible the player base has become.
  9. LastSamurai714

    Kidd Useless now..

    Kidd is pretty lack luster now and more of a support ship. You can knife fight and help win games but don’t expect to be able to defend yourself against T10 planes or have any massive damage games. It’s been power krept just like Sims. I own one...don’t play it anymore and I’m over 60% WR in her. No longer fun.
  10. LastSamurai714

    Forgotten Ships

    I no longer play ships with terrible AA... Remember HMS Gallant...irrelevant. T-61...irrelevant. Never play Sims, Molotov or Shinonome anymore. Haven’t played Lo Yang in forever. Funny that tier 6 seems to be the black hole.
  11. I bought the Mainz a couple of days ago And have had some success in it. It almost seems like the ship is missing something. The good: GUNS GUNS GUNS! Great HE pen, decent HE alpha and outstanding AP volleys on anything broadside. The ballistics are good and the range is acceptable. The AA is decent but as with any other ship you cannot defend yourself in the long run. Against tier 10 planes...bend over. Solid HP pool. The bad: The poor handling And terrible acceleration has been my biggest complaint so far. With less armor than the Cousin CA’s you would assume it would have better handling but that’s not the case. The armor profile is bad. Combine that with the poor handling and this ship is painfully unforgiving. The firing angles are bad and you must show way too much broadside to use all the guns. Again...combine that with the poor handling and you’re going to get hurt. If you can’t use all the guns and take advantage of the DPM, you lose the only thing this ship has going for it. The torps are borderline useless. DFAA or Hydro? DFAA is useless and if you are in hydro range of anything other than a DD you’re going to get hurt. So...pick your poison...useless option or very situational option. In the end...I feel like the scale is tipped towards the ship’s shortcomings and weaknesses over the strengths. In my opinion it needs some handling and acceleration adjustments to justify spending the money on it. I don’t think it would make it OP...just give it a slight agility buff. I need more time in it but so far it’s Decent...not great.
  12. LastSamurai714

    Just tired of it...

    Exactly! I guess I’m in the right group then...
  13. LastSamurai714

    Just tired of it...

    True lol In my defense I think I have 2 or 3 div games...ever.
  14. Oh how the mighty have fallen...power krept/nerfed ships don’t get love! Play Daring...it’s the new Darling.
  15. LastSamurai714

    OK this just has to be some sort of joke right?

    Did he just say he “halved Mexico’s blood.” I can’t even.