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  1. LastSamurai714

    Really Tired of CVs

    Was just in one of the dumb 7v7 matches in Harekaze...6 ships on each team didn’t matter. The better CV wins.
  2. LastSamurai714

    Really Tired of CVs

    If you are a DD main and a cv wants you dead...no matter the DD...if he’s persistent you’re dead. PERIOD.
  3. LastSamurai714

    DefAA and the Kidd

    After about 60 games with DFAA and the DFAA mod on...I took it off and switched to speed boost. No regrets.
  4. LastSamurai714

    Something is terribly wrong with Destroyer play.

    As a DD main who took a year off and just came back...the state of the DD game is a nightmare.
  5. LastSamurai714

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Ok well maybe I overreacted to learning a new ship... After 50 games I've gotten quite a bit better in the Kidd and learned that it can just about to anything except massive chunks of torp damage. I would still take Sims torps over this one set of Benson torps, but we cant have it all I guess.
  6. Spawn...get spotted by cv. Lose 3-5k health and your repair right away. Can’t out run cv...he won’t run out of planes and on a long enough timeline, if a CV focuses you and is relentless...nothing you can do about it as a DD. That goes for Sims, Kidd, Gearing, etc...even running DFAA.
  7. I took a year off and came back recently...it’s still fun and infuriating at the same time. I guess that’s why we play. CV’s are OP now, but I am a DD main. CV’s have made playing a DD that much harder if not impossible sometimes. BB play is the same. Cruiser play I would say feels diminished.
  8. LastSamurai714

    Supporting your team does not pay off

    I recently bought the USS Kidd and in randoms I couldn’t agree more. Some ships are support ships by design, but get no love for it. It makes for a less enjoyable gameplay experience.
  9. LastSamurai714

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Having played 700 games in the Sims...the USS Kidd is absolute garbage. The most disappointing experience I have had in any premium ship. If a refund was an option I would absolutely get my money back.