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  1. AA should be able to shoot down planes. Furthermore CV’s shouldn’t be able to “reload” planes. Make it happen WG.
  2. LastSamurai714

    sooo why is worchester not hated as much as smolensk and colbert?

    Smoke, ROF and fire chance.
  3. Or introduce balloons...
  4. LastSamurai714

    Incentive to balance CVs

    But I thought the interaction between CV’s and DD’s was ok...
  5. LastSamurai714

    AA fire through the islands

    AA doesn’t fire through islands and if it did AA overall isn’t a massive threat to planes anyway.
  6. Cake with no icing is still cake...
  7. LastSamurai714

    Anyone else blocked on Twitter?

    What’s Twitter?
  8. LastSamurai714

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    I get citadeled in Smol from all angles...turn broadside hoping for these overpens everyone whines about...get citadeled. Smol is overrated.
  9. LastSamurai714

    What Happen to Smolensk

    Exactly. The thing is so toxic it’s not even fun to play. Counterproductive if you ask me.
  10. LastSamurai714

    The Smolensk fan club - We didn't Start the fires!

    I don’t see what all the hype is about...I hate it. It’s like a mino...but worse.
  11. LastSamurai714

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    The game isn’t fun anymore. That’s why people leave. Love the game...hate what the game has become.
  12. LastSamurai714

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    The other day I got detonated in my fist Smolensk game...immediately after got a super container with 100 detonation flags...coincidence?
  13. LastSamurai714

    AA rating?

    Useless numbers... CV’s are fine even though a ship with 90+ AA rating can’t defend itself.
  14. LastSamurai714

    An Idea To Help Destroyers

    It’s only a bad idea if you’re a BB CA/CL. I think it would fit nicely with the new BB anti torpedo module.