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  1. Well...I know at least one person this collab is targeted at...
  2. Dec3pticon

    [ALL] ModStation

    It's not just Regen Assistant, that's just the only one I was running that was a problem. I had to go through one by one and see which ones worked. For me it was only 1 out of 6 mods I ran that was a problem, and that one was Regen Assistant. Mods that worked (for me): Crosshairs: Nomogram Classic Combat UI: Detection Timer, Running Lights, Navigator (Big) Port: Extended Mini Carousel
  3. Dec3pticon

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    I had the same problem. For me the culprit was uninstalling Regen Assistant that I'd installed through the ModStation.
  4. Dec3pticon

    [ALL] ModStation

    Regen assistant on 0.9.5 Modstation causes the game to hang at loading screen prior to authentication/login. Tested it by systematically uninstalling the handful of mods I have and once regen assistant was uninstalled, game loaded in. Re-installed all mods I had installed except regen assistant, game loads in. Re-installed Regen Assistant (again), game hangs at loading screen. Uninstalled Regen Assistant (again) leaving other mods installed (again), game loads in fine.
  5. Dec3pticon

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    The game isn't shutting down properly. I've seen others in this thread mention it too, but when I go to exit, the game will eventually close after a bit, but WGC still thinks the game is running and won't allow me to re-load it. Only fix so far is to restart the PC.
  6. Dec3pticon

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    That's a big reason I don't play any of my low tier ships (T4 and below), they don't even count towards daily mission chains. There's literally zero motivation other than just for the lolz to play them. I've got several low tier ships I wouldn't mind playing on a semi-regular basis (Konig Albert, Ishizuchi, Tachibana, Vampire, etc) but doing so doesn't get me anywhere for anything mission-wise. As there's always missions going on now between daily missions and events, there's just no motivation for me to take any of them out because it's just wasted time.
  7. Dec3pticon

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Flamu, I'd imagine, has a split opinion on it. From a personal perspective, I can see him liking it as it'll give him something new to do. But he's always seemed to be concerned with balance (see yesterday's Slava vid), and I just can't imagine he doesn't see the massive problem this system would cause, balance-wise. Me personally, this NTC is an awful idea as currently constructed (and that's understating it). Re-grinding lines, while not something I'm interested in, I can see there being an interest for. However, introducing permanent buffs to ships as a reward for re-grinding lines? That's beyond stupid. It will damage the game's balance beyond repair, and will do nothing to motivate new players to stick around. As I've seen many others mention, a far better compromise would be to offer cosmetic things (perma-camo, markings, horns, fireworks, etc), maybe an economic flag (not signal) similar to the military month/CC flags, and/or steel or coal or something as rewards for re-grinding. If you're going to introduce a system like this Wargaming, please do as most everyone else has done with their PvP games and make it cosmetic and not buff based in nature. I really hope this NTC thing gets walked back. I have had no intention of leaving the game, despite numerous head-scratching decisions the devs have made, but this one...this is a game changer. The issues with carriers will look adorable and quaint in comparison to what the NTC would do to the overall game experience. If NTC hits as it is currently constructed I'll likely stick around until I see my first T1 upgraded ship, then reluctantly move on to something else. I can't see anything but disaster coming from this.