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  1. Shirakamifubuki

    [ALL] RA2 Boris VoiceMod

    As my favorite game in my childhood, RA2 Yuri's Revenge gave me really deep impression, and i feels it can be a good idea to sail out with Boris by the side with his Russlish. unzip the file and put it under game root file/res_mods/(game version number)/banks/Mods,and choose it from your ingame setting RA2_Boris0.8.8.0.rar
  2. Shirakamifubuki

    Yamato's and G.K's citadel problem

    Yep, I understand, for GK I think is just OK right know, it's actually not very easy to shoot the cit from those 128 guns, and when you really play in game, the GK players won't let their secondary armament do nothing that means those 128 mm guns will turn to some different angles... But for Yamato... this is really stupid...
  3. Shirakamifubuki

    Yamato's and G.K's citadel problem

    Yamato is even worse, when you her at back above the 155 mm guns, is very easy to shoot the citadel. here are some screenshots: And you can also damage the engine by shooting here: I do not know those are bugs or not, just waiting WG's replies
  4. I do not have HIV yet, so I just used Moscow to do this experiment, I was surprised by those results. You guys can see from my screenshots, if you shoot at G.K's secondary armament (128 mm guns) you have a chance to hit the citadel at front and easier at back (for me) You can even damage the engine by shoot at the 128 guns