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  1. HSF Containers

    I did all ten missions in the Yamato already, the challenge has not renewed. The other challenges show the progress I had from Yesterday, so they are not renewable.
  2. HSF Containers

    That is correct.
  3. HSF Containers

    Total, they are not recurring challenges
  4. HSF Containers

    So you know, it took me 22 missions to get all the collection.
  5. If you are burning down due to long range duels, another tactic is to not stay at the edge of the map sniping, nor to push out in front of your allies, so they can share in the HE suck.
  6. HSF Containers

    Yes, 20 each for the Spee and Harekaze, 10 each for the Mushy and Yammie
  7. I have over 5000 battles. my stats may not be great, but I play mostly BBs and Zao is definitely not a problem, HE is not broken. BBs have to position themselves and maneuver and use concealment like any other type of ship. If a cruiser is giving you grief there are definitely tactics to address that.
  8. in answer to OP: Stop firing, reposition after concealment kicks in. If he closes to 13km, blap him to port with your efficient 406mm deathstar cannons. Cruisers cannot outduel BBs while within the BB's effective mid-range.
  9. Duke of York vs Arctic Camos

    This is what I did Also.
  10. Selfish DDs

    A good DD driver gets out the knives. I thank WG for making the Kidd, because this:
  11. Yamato

    I have the perma camo, the boost to commander XP is very noticeable. I am grinding to quickly level the French BB captains I will need.
  12. Yamato

    I'm actually really happy with it. The thing is, at T10, I do not need a bonus to XP that is locked in the ship, but a bonus to my 19pt captain for Elite Commander XP is very nice indeed!
  13. Yamato

    Um, yeah. :)
  14. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Routinely: Giulio Cesare, Konig Albert, NIkolai I.