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  1. Debate: Which is the best T4 BB?

    Nikolai, no competition.
  2. So about the Announcement for Ranked...

    Yay! No Belfast follies! Gas Can, Richie Rich and Roma will def see some action, probably Asashio (not good), and GZ. More salt for the Salt God!
  3. Asashio Poll

    One thing everyone complains about is the timidity of back-bench BBs. Why release a ship that encourages such gameplay and punishes BBs leading the team in a push? I truly hope WG does not do this.
  4. About Jean-Jacques Honore for CA or BB

    I use him in Alsace and Gascogne.
  5. 48% in Yamato, 62% in Musashi. No idea why, but no complaints here.
  6. How's the US Cruiser Split Grind Going?

    I have 54730 xp on Omaha, 181324 xp on Cleveland, I own all the current line through DesMoines, and have 102+ Million Credits and 758K + Free XP to round out the corners. I am pretty well set and very much looking forward to the split!
  7. I don't give a damn about Seagal, no axe to grind. I've seen what happens to game companies that fail to fix stuff like this. I like WoWs and don't really care to see that happen to them. Funny, but it seems like the negative reactions to my pointing out such a small thing would indicate people are still sore over the end of the arrangement. While I miss the dancing cook, I still have the surrender table on the deck of my Mizzou, which is cool .
  8. Arpeggio guys are not likely to sue WG.
  9. Two videos on the MEDIA tab of the NA website are still up, one is "Where is my Missouri?" and the other is "Strategize and Strike." It is necessary to scroll down several times to find them, but they are there. I have not checked the EU, China or RU sites, so they may also be there. Considering that the contract with Seagal has concluded, those videos might best be taken down soon.
  10. I want to report a player

    *Checks the date* *sighs* Moves along...
  11. I want to report a player

    Someone in a match with me started a political discussion around thier dissatisfaction with Finland's activities as regarding the EU, and a lot of back and forth ensued. I observed in chat that the OP's mom was a Finland. If I was out of line, I apologize, as I think of Finland as actually a sovereign state, rather than someone's rather large (by square kilometers), mother.
  12. Idle thoughts over coffee...

    Right now the general level of play at Tier 6 is superior to that at Tier 10. Where Tier 6 players at least try to group up and kill ships, a lot of high tier players just phone it in, if that.
  13. Guns reload sound

    yeah the bell is garbage
  14. PSA: Last Chance Gaston

    I am 19 wins, 1 loss in the Gascogne. I like that boat.