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  1. LancerUlysses

    Public Test / Test Server ... Issues

    The duration of the PTS availability can vary, depending on the needs of the testing group. Weekend availability is traditional.
  2. LancerUlysses

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    This is a fine debate without the personal attacks. Keep it civil, M'kay?
  3. LancerUlysses

    Ocean Map

    (nods in Anakin)
  4. LancerUlysses

    You have got to be kidding WG!

    This is a change to what is being offered in exchange for community tokens in the armory. If you don't have the Szarza camo and wish to get it, you have until the patch hits. Afterward, you can get the Stars and Stripes camo for USS Texas, instead. It is not a change to which camo you can put on your ship. It is also not going to affect anything for folk who already own the Szarza camo for their Blyskawica
  5. LancerUlysses

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    540 at last count. I have got only two superships, so missing the other 6. and am missing three research bureau, four steel ships, Iwaki A and Arkansas B besides. So the maximum number of ships anyone can have right now is 555, assuming they got both the Alpha and Beta ships.
  6. LancerUlysses

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Another one in Annapolis. Liking it! 6 kills, 28 citadels.
  7. LancerUlysses

    Who have you seen in game

    @AdmiralThunder , in a swift win. Always a pleasure!
  8. LancerUlysses

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My third best co-op match ever. 1250 base. I was never a fan of super ships, but this was a fun outing for sure!
  9. LancerUlysses

    Game not logging in

    Nope 9 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern
  10. LancerUlysses

    Can WG End the Russian Bias

    We have had a lot of discussions about 'Russian Bias" on the Forum in the past, but none that quite sucks the IQ away by reading it as this one. I think we can all find better discussions out there. Happy patch day.
  11. LancerUlysses

    What was your first Computer?

    I had a Sinclair-something-or-other, then a Commodore 128, then an Amiga 500.
  12. LancerUlysses

    Cracking down on reckless players!

    At least :Apostolis: is trying to do better, whereas that :Sterneck: dude, I mean WTH?
  13. LancerUlysses

    HUH? (mission)

    I stand corrected. More coffee required!
  14. LancerUlysses

    HUH? (mission)

    Hmmm. I guess it is to entice folk to get a supership. my best guess anyhoo...
  15. LancerUlysses

    year break.. quitting after 4 games again.

    Yeah I think posting from the perspective of bitterness isn't the most constructive thing a player can do. Having said that, we all get frustrated with bad results in the game, especially if it meets our expectations of others that we play with. As you post here, keep it civil and constructive. The OP doesn't deserve to be dumped on.