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  1. LancerUlysses

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Arsenal is really super slow and doesn't allow me to buy anything with Italian tokens. Most everything else, including the news windows, seems to be fine.
  2. LancerUlysses

    Who have you seen in game

    One of my first games in the Ohio, my teammate was @HazeGrayUnderwayin a Yueyang, who helped to turn a defeat into a win. Fantastic job!
  3. So I have a desire to pickup the Thunderer, when I can get enough Coal together. I have still got the most recent 25% Ship Coupon, which says it is good for a discount on Coal, Steel, Credits and Doubloons. So far so good. But then it says "applies only to ships from the Premium Ships category." Thunderer is in the "Ships" category Everything from the "Premium Ships" category is something I already own. I have used coupons towards Coal and Steel ships before, why this change? Or is this some kind of mistake?
  4. LancerUlysses

    Who have you seen in game

    Well, @AdmiralThunder , if the original announcement holds true, Ohio should be available to Co-op players, (with a lot of flags and camos of course), rather than being locked behind Steel. And of course, I have spotted @AdmiralThunder and @Lert in recent matches.
  5. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    True enough, but one poster has 307, so I am beaten. :)
  6. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    I would add, BTW, that Up until this last Fall, I had cut my fleet down to a little over a hundred, pretty much kept all the BBs, all the USN ships, etc. I did have a lot of Premium ships, and I acquired most of those around Christmas of 2017. I got a lot of the fat Halloween boxes of that year, (the ones that gave you loads of doubloons for duplicate Halloween camos!), seeing that the return of doubloons per dollar spent on boxes was a big discount overall. When they started selling the cheap ships on the tech tree, I had over 70K dubs saved up and bought all the cheap ones. That left the ones I really wanted like Gremy and Nikolai, plus a few like Tirpitz and Atago that were more costly. When I got ships out of the Xmas boxes, that meant that I would not get Emden or Tachibana or Albany, but rather each ship that came from a box was likely one f the ones I really wanted. So I ended up buying relatively few boxes and almost maxed out my premiums that first year. I wanted the Stalingrad pretty bad and saw my chance with the Snowflake thing, and gradually bought back all the old ships I sold when I ground past them, just snagging the coal or steel and moving up, until I was down to the CVs, at which I suck pretty bad (I tend to stay t Co-op with those, nowadays), bit the bullet and ended up with just enough to grab Stali. since then, given that I own my own business and don't spend money on booze, drugs or ladies, picking up the free and premium ships along the way, it is easy to keep up. It never really mattered how many ships I had, although I am a collector, there is no way I can have every one of them. It was fun to look back on how I got here. I do like playing and learning a new thing or two and the journey has been really cool, with the added bonus of the great people I can say I have sailed with.
  7. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Nah, port is manageable. I got into the game in May of 2017, so all the ARP ships, the Arky B and Iwaki A, as well as two of the three Kamikaze sisters (I got Kami from a stream giveaway, IIRC), were already gone by that point. My first premium was Diana, followed by Texas, as I took a buddy's invite into the game, the third was Bismarck, which I won, believe it or not, in the Hunt for Bismarck thing. I ground to the Iowa first, as I love the USN BB line (which was probably why I started playing), and when I saw that I could get the Missouri for free, basically ground my way to the Montana while racking up the FXP to get her. Did not spend a dime on my favorite ship in the game. My first 8 months in the game I basically ground win rate into the landfill, trying to figure out tactics and angles, but have managed to get to solid mediocre now. I think I have something like 70 wins under 50% after, well you can see I have played a lot. Now I am no great shakes, but at least my teams can count me as a steady player, with an eye on the minimap.
  8. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Thanks. I started this partly to look back on a couple of fun years of this game, considering all the changes in recent months and looking forward to what is to come.
  9. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

  10. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    It's the Privateer emblem.
  11. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Cool, Monty and Yammie were my first T10s, still top of the line
  12. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    I saw you once in your Salem, very effective and skillful.
  13. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Suit yourself. I understand you have a few ships though. Any you particularly enjoy?
  14. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Well, I have the Kutuzov and Belfast, Flint and Stali, but I feel more affinity with Missouri. Interestingly, I liked the New York, along with all the USN BBs. I wasn't really good with them until much later, but each has its good points.
  15. LancerUlysses

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Yep, BBs were the first type I had to collect.