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  1. LancerUlysses

    Directive No. 2 — Age Old Traditions

    All of them with torps seem useful, I imagine Fiji would be great, and Mino terrific.
  2. LancerUlysses

    Directive No. 2 — Age Old Traditions

    I find most of the british cruisers to be quite useful for this
  3. Captains, let's keep the stat-shaming and personal attacks out of the discussion.
  4. Sadly, my campaign for Joe Yamamoto got mired in red tape. So put me down for Raizo Tanaka
  5. Pending LWM's obviously much more sound appraisal, let me offer this. I find London has consistent HE damage and useful torpedoes for its tier, definitely outclasses Aoba for gunnery. The smoke is quite good, with better duration than Leander, for example, but the range is a little underwhelming, and will cause heartache as you face T8 ships in matches. The plating is 16mm, with a largish and vulnerable citadel, which the heal somewhat mitigates, but don't treat this is an open water flamethrower, the DPM is less than stellar. The best use of the ship I have seen is to block an advance by lighter cruisers and DDs into a threatened flank. In that role it can be a surprising nuisance.
  6. LancerUlysses

    Premium Shop: Heavy Cruiser London

    Not a bad idea there. I don't make the marketing calls though. Looks like lots of opportunities to get tokens this time around though.
  7. LancerUlysses

    Premium Shop: Heavy Cruiser London

    I can confirm, only 10 tokens available per day, total.
  8. I don't sell ships anymore, looking forward to the new line.
  9. LancerUlysses

    No balance in sight

    Alright, nothing but personal attack violations for the last couple of pages. I think the conversation here is done.
  10. LancerUlysses

    How much longer?

    I'm pretty certain that a thread that is questioning or criticizing WG is just fine without the personal attacks, however silly. Carry on without them, if you please.
  11. LancerUlysses

    Jingles.. what are you saying?

    I have got a few "that's a paddlin'' remarks.
  12. LancerUlysses

    What place do the new British CAs have in co-op?

    Devonshire in Killer Whale is a beast.
  13. LancerUlysses

    How to Encourage Playerbase Growth and Retention

    Plenty of room here for differences of opinion. No room at all for stat-shaming or other personal attacks. If you can't counter your opponent's argument without attacking them personally or bringing up their in-game record, then step back from the keyboard and do something else for a while. Carry on.
  14. LancerUlysses

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    Let's cut out the personal attacks here. There are lots of ways to bring facts to bear against another poster's argument. Name-calling isn't one of those.
  15. LancerUlysses

    Anyone reach 350 or more ships yet?

    341 I got into the game too late for the ARP ships, the Iwaki and Arkansas, and I have not managed to get Kami R or three of the Steel ships.