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  1. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    I can confirm, no free camo with these.
  2. BTW I did get all four in the first 20. The other stuff from the boxes was well worth the cost.
  3. I got the T6 from box #2, T8 was #20. So yeah, Possible but not likely.
  4. Royal Navy Crates Drop

    My first 20 had all the DDs also, but there is a lot of great stuff in the crates anyway.
  5. I like the art and the concept for the Halloween mode, but I do not have an interest in subs for the game. Besides, WG could not seem to manage the CV class very well, so why compound the issue?
  6. September 19th, folks, it's here again, me lads and Lasses!
  7. Once you have a couple of them, 19 points is just a number. My cat (no, really), commander is at 19 points.
  8. When I got each of those captains, I calculated how much elite commander XP I would require to rise them to 19 upon acquiring them, saved it up over the course of the campaign, and pumped them to 19 on day one. But to each their own, eh?
  9. Pirate Hunter Flag

    I will fly the flag proudly alongside the Bork and Bones, at least on USN and IJN vessels!
  10. Anniversary Goodies

    I was hoping to get some steel, but zilch after 14 SCs today. :(
  11. I am pretty happy, I get a bunch of 10 point captains and I understand Russian perfectly. And by the way, not getting past Do Svidaniya, is good, it means you haven't said goodbye yet. ;)
  12. I'm getting it regardless. But thanks for the analysis!
  13. Coal question? Salem or wait?

    BTW, I don't run radar on Salem. but rather the 5km hydro. It is much more useful in close. DDs can't escape. Even caught a mino or two with that one.