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  1. Yeah, and mission 5, week 2: 150K damage survive and win. How is that done? I don't need another day of premium time, but wow that's a hard slog. What would folk recommend as a strategy to beat that one. I have tried PvE but there does not seem to be enough hit points to go around.
  2. Just asking for TBTB to keep an eye on the issue, is all.
  3. Tactically, I was taking the cap. I needed smoke because of enemy aircraft spotting for cruisers, etc.
  4. Hi There. Just wondering whether the whole procedure is still being reviewed. I just got pinked for 11 games. Situation? I get into the central cap zone on Mountain range and drop smoke, fired at enemy DD on other side who also drops smoke. I set up to torp the smoke and no one seem there, widen the sheaf and let fly. A friendly DD drives out of the smoke between me and the enemy, catches a fish and bleeds out. I don't think it was intentional, but it was not tactically smart. I might be crazy, and I'm certainly not the best captain afloat, but I am unhappy with the penalty, as I followed what I thought was the best course of action as a standard tactic. I'll serve out the games, but between this and at least one occasion of someone intentionally steering into my spread thinking that it is funny, this system sours me on what is generally a decent game.
  5. JJ Abrams wuz here
  6. No, If you were at fault, I would have found you. I have special skills* *(special skills not applicable to playing well at world of warships :) )
  7. I used HSF Graf Spee. Torps Fire and Guns. One strategy might be to take a Warspite, go for a kill woth guns and run up the damage to 50K or so and ram a BB near full health.
  8. I don't need a the 'ship in a box thing' though that would be cool, mind. I will be able to use the credits when I sell the module, unless I grind the Baltimore, which I am close to getting. I like the NO a lot and the Missou could use it, as the radar mod as is allows for one salvo only, if my teammates miss the enemy appearing. I am not sure of the reason for not making it available to all radar ships. The discussion is an interesting one tho. Thanks for all the comments and for digging out the info. which I could not find over a few hours' search.
  9. Ah, so game balance, maybe?
  10. It's cool, but not something I can use. I did say my opinion is not a big deal.
  11. It's kind of dumb to put something like that in a supercontainer, which has such a narrow usage. I know that they probably made the module bfore the Mizzou was made, but stuff like this is kind of unprofessional. in my less than important opinion.
  12. It does not install on either of the two I have that have radar
  13. Same goes for the Langley. I have had a difficult time with the overhead interface.
  14. I was tempted to use the Kaga, but I didn't want to subject my team to my still developing skillset.
  15. So can I have a list of ships this will work on, please. I can advise that it will not work on New Orleans or on Missouri. If this is a glitch, please fix. if not, tell me what ships I have to grind. I would have thought the Missouri, being Tier IX, would qualify. I'd rather not sell a cool thing like that for only 625K. Has anyone here got one installed on one of their ships? Forgive me for the new topic, but I have never got a response from the ticket I filed weeks ago.