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  1. After I used DesMo to complete the thing, I got several matches with 16K plus in my Clemson. Low/mid-tier DDs and Cleveland seem to work well, but you need to do 80K plus in them. Divisioning up helps a lot too.
  2. At first it was not possible to put my name on the thing. got that fixed.
  3. Get Mizzou first, all else will follow.
  4. Given all that, I did manage to learn how to do something I have never done before, using tools I can barely understand to make something that put me on the floor laughing. So why the heck not?
  5. Don't sell him, grind the Missouri anyway, do it all!
  6. I use him on any premium, even Mikasa!
  7. I could think of only one place to put an animation of Bearzor . Aaaaand, done! This was done on a free software suite (that a numbskull lubber such as meself could figure out), called Videopad.
  8. I have installed and uninstalled four 'free' video editors, one of which almost compromised my computer. I have not a clue how to edit video, so this will be an uphill slog for me.
  9. Deadline?
  10. Not everyone likes the same things. Some of the clan only play co-op and joined the clan because they have friends in the ranks. We've got folk who are very competitive but who are still working up the tiers. You know I don't think I have ever seen you post anything constructive or positive about anyone. Find a better class of catnip, maybe you'll enjoy life more.
  11. Go Miz. Nelson is fine, but Miz will help you get there much more swiftly than you realize, using Papa Papa and Ouroboros flags.
  12. Er. You have a point. Might be the exact reason why CV play is problematic. Mindset. The other players on the red team are reduced to prey or areas near which planes go to die. The players on the green team are witless sheep to be herded, or at best a screen to keep evil red DDs away from torp range. The game itself promotes this view by segregating the CV players into an RTS module into which the FPS gunnery game is plugged. I frankly stopped playing my CVs because I didn't like being in that position.
  13. Potatoes have eyes. Some players see nothing.
  14. I still ride mine from time to time, fun ship, best gun sound in the game (I think better than Yammie)
  15. It's the most fun this game offers in a BB. It's the only ship in which I don't really care what is on the red team.