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  1. LancerUlysses

    On the serious side, Captain Isoroku

    He's my Harugumo skipper.
  2. LancerUlysses

    Missouri dispersion

    My Missou is putting the laughter in slaughter right ATM.
  3. LancerUlysses

    Most efficient method for credit grinding?

    ended up doing 4 coop,3 scenario and three ranked to get PEF to 4M
  4. LancerUlysses

    Most efficient method for credit grinding?

    do the scenario.
  5. LancerUlysses

    PEF 4th directive co-op going faster than forecast.

    Don't overlook the scenario, Raptor Rescue.
  6. They will probably continue as options for santa and supercrates just as the Missou is now. Missou was also given out at one of the bigger conventions.
  7. I feel that some ship in the game has to be the worst. Might as well be Leone, but Albany will be hard to undercut. :)
  8. Well at least this isn't a Stalingrad post, lawl. I am looking forward to getting the Black, not because it is OP (I find it responds to being radared/hydroed pretty much the same as other T9 DDs), but because of it being a Fletcher-class boat, and one with a solid service history behind it. Because of my play habits I will probably never get hold of the special camos for the Flint, Black or Stalinpuss, which I think ought to be the real exclusive trophies for excellent competitive play in this game, but since WG has opened the door to acquire the interesting ships (in exchange for long, brutal campaigns and missions, lol), count me as grateful.
  9. LancerUlysses

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    I'm having fun with all the mission and and campaign content.
  10. I'm not a fan of these changes, but mostly because I am impatient for Alaska's release. I have Kron and Stalinpuss, and frankly they burn just fine, IMHO.
  11. LancerUlysses

    1,000,000 FXP for Alaska?

    Alaska should be up for about a year if prior history applies. Flag and camo up and sail thee the grindey seas, me hearties!
  12. LancerUlysses

    WoWs, Can You Please Consider

    The post about Stalingrad and Azuma etc, isn't anti-clan, it is anti-elitist. There are lots of fun, decent clans out there, even among the highest rated. There are also elitist dummies telling folk they have no right to certain ships because they think they are ">". Whether you are for or against reward ships and so forth, the OP of that thread put it down with respect and a solid argument. It's a good read, and has not yet dissolved into rubbish
  13. LancerUlysses

    Friend Just Told Me This Code

    says it is invalid.
  14. Perhaps if there were a small amount that could drop in resource containers, like maybe 50 or 75, which could make accumulating large amounts quickly unlikely, but allow for everyone to make it in the long run.
  15. LancerUlysses

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    Look at it this way, some of the Stalingrads you are facing are driven by the likes of me, lol!