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  1. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    I think I saw @Lert aboard this fine ship the other day. Looks like fun!
  2. USS Maine

    More like tier 1. Something equivalent to the Mikasa might be BB-18 Connecticut, which was the flagship of the Great White Fleet.
  3. A Hundred Battles

    Incidentally, I love the HMCS Haida, and while you will hear a lot from players about how bad the radar meta, etc. is, you will not hear such complaints from me. I just consider it as part of the environment I need to overcome.
  4. A Hundred Battles

    Welp, back up to 101. Last match, double uptiered in my Haida on north side of Warrior's Path, I get over into A and start capping behind a convenient island. Some guy starts cussing me out for hiding behind an island, meanwhile, I try dueling a Yugumo while intermittenlly spotted by three radar ships. I end up taking the cap and mostly killing the yugu and torping a Cleveland before getting focused to death by 5 other ships. Our team loses because, while up on points and caps, but down one ship, our Fletcher torps our Prinz Eugen from behind. i am second on the team with 1047 base xp, and my tormentor in chat? Bottom of team on 204 base xp. Yessir I am done for the night, lol
  5. A Hundred Battles

    Last week, I got my deficit (the number of losses below 50%), to under 100. Currently sitting at 98, or 2607 wins in random vs 2705 losses. I am hoping to whittle that down to zero over the course of the next few weeks. I mostly play solo, but for the occasional div and I play everything but CVs. For all of that, I do have a few proud moments to look back on. I have earned every free XP ship, I have got 9 tier 10 tech tree ships, and completed every campaign that has been available since May of 2017, including Yamamoto and Halsey. I was honored to have been a part of the very last Corgi fleet to have set sail. My goal has rarely been based on stats, but rather trying to at least be a factor for my team in any particular match. That said, I am looking forward to eliminating my overall losing record. May all of you have the best of luck and enjoyment from this very interesting game!
  6. I seek to load in with the Dream team, wind up on the Meme team. Oh, yeah, I play BBs, Cruisers and DDs aggressively.
  7. Now it says technical issues found
  8. Yeah, no victory screen, either going to port or dumped from server
  9. Baltimore

    Actually, WG recently added the capability to put the correct flag on each of the Pan-Asian and Commonwealth ships. Go to the Exterior Tab and then the Flags section and at the bottom of that section, for any ship of those lines, there is a choice between the generic flag and the actual national flag.
  10. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Also, @LittleWhiteMouse , do you think this would make a good camo for a future offering for this boat? It's a Haida war canoe.
  11. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Hey! Nice game @LittleWhiteMouse. If you could, please remind Admiral Jingles that the option does exist for this flag on the Haida:
  12. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Thank you for helping to get this ship made, Pigeon. o7
  13. The Coo of Boom Flag

    Not sure if it is worthy of the Cob flag, but I have a suggestion for a special indigenous peoples' HMCS Haida camo. This is a Haida war canoe.