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  1. Seeing as how this topic has taken a turn for the political, in violation of the Forum rules, it will be discontinued. However, I will not be issuing warnings or suspensions for violations in the thread. Do not post on political topics in the public Forum, as this is a place for discussion of the game.
  2. LancerUlysses

    Popeye in the Armory!

    I did end up getting the big bundle. Frankly, I am surprised it took this long to arrange such an obvious cross promotion. :)
  3. LancerUlysses

    Why Have Public Forums (Fora)?

    The Forum exists so I can sport the greatest Prince Vultan avatar ever made.
  4. LancerUlysses

    Your PoS Unsporting Conduct....

    The correct way to deal with issues like this is to file a support ticket, not to pass it around the water cooler here on the Forum. This discussion is closed.
  5. How can you tell if a player is cheating using mods.  I'm within 5km, and their ship disappears and my torpedoes go right through where he was.  H doesn't show up for a couple of min.  I took a screen shot of the player.  He was in a further location when he reappeared.  

    1. Cooper_013


      you realize that ships move right?....... right?

  6. LancerUlysses

    PSA: Godzilla vs Kong Co-Op Incompatibility

    As both a WoWs volunteer and a co-op player, I really appreciate this discussion. I also appreciate that folk have chosen to dial down their differences a bit over the course of the discussion, because we all want the same things. I applaud the suggestions both by @AdmiralThunderand others in the past about introducing co-op specific achievements, like the four-goal haul that we had for the Great Eight missions and there is room for others, such as my favorite suggestion: "Grand Admiral": achieve 1000 base XP in a PVE match. (apologies for my faulty memory as to which forumite first suggested this one!). My salute to all my PVE brothers and sisters!
  7. LancerUlysses

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    In the filter above the carousel you can select the 'clock' icon towards the end, which will highlight any rental or otherwise temporary ships. Count those and subtract any from the 263 and you will have the exact number that you own. Hope that helps, as external links are pretty bad at reading your account.
  8. LancerUlysses

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Best Ohio in co-op so far.
  9. LancerUlysses

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Ship #557: Austin!
  10. LancerUlysses

    Forum Game - Word Association

  11. I vote for them to stay, as I make a killing on xp and credits by killing the ships they miss. But YMMV
  12. LancerUlysses

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    Top Tip: When exploring the reasons for toxic behavior on the forum, be less toxic. Steady on.
  13. LancerUlysses

    I didn't like the Port

    I like Fjords, clear and showcases the ships nicely. I like Dragon for the music occasionally.
  14. LancerUlysses

    Selling the new camos

    This is weird, and I will check on it, thanks!
  15. Captains, If you encounter players who are griefing, or otherwise behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner, please report them, and file a ticket with support, including the relevant replay. It's not going to help to open a discussion here about it.