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  1. Deviathan

    Converting coal to steel

    You can convert steel to coal, but not coal to steel. It's a bit ironic it works in that direction since coal is used in the process of making steel.
  2. This was in the Kronshtadt from about a week ago. I think this is the only shot I had saved of the results, and I only took it to show one of my clanmates what I've been using to rack up so much FXP. It might not be the most I've earned in one game, but it's up there for me.
  3. Deviathan

    Operation Dynamo XP

    Plane kills will net you big XP. Have you been using the Sims?
  4. Deviathan

    My Night of Co-op

    My favorite is when the bots launch their smoke while going at full speed and never slow down to stop in it, they just keep on rolling. Just pressing T for stats I guess.
  5. Deviathan


    It's a mystery to this point, WG has been mum about everything aside from it being tested and tweaks being made through the testing process.
  6. Deviathan

    If subs are introdduced - what will you do?

    There's a very low chance I'd quit over subs, but as for the rest of the poll questions, it's hard to have a formed opinion about something we know so little about yet.
  7. Deviathan

    Any T9 tech-tree ships worth keeping?

    A lot of them are worth keeping and T9 ships in general are really solid, but I think they just get overshadowed by their T10 counterparts. The ones I've kept are Udaloi, Chung Mu, Fletcher, Yugumo, Z46, Kitakaze, Roon, and debating on rebuying the Alsace and the Izumo since its buffs (I don't have captains for either at the moment which is what's holding me back). I'd have kept the Buffalo but decided to drop it in favor of the upcoming Alaska (and retool the 19 pt captain I had in it for the Alaska), and I'd probably still have the Iowa if I didn't own the Missouri. The one I wouldn't keep under any circumstances barring a buff is the FDG. e: the only thing that's stopped me from buying permacamos for some of them is WG's tendency to release a T9 premium that fills the role or performs better in general than the tree counterpart while also nerfing the tree counterpart to justify it
  8. Deviathan

    Forced to play Co Op: OMG!

    I would say not, since TK status doesn't leave you just because you log off for a few days either, it's tied to the number of battles. Maybe you should just yolo instead of loading into a battle and leaving it? Even though it's coop, that's pretty crappy of you.
  9. Those mental gymnastics are really working your upper body, good job!
  10. Really, you're going to argue technicalities and be pedantic now? I guess it's easier than rolling back and admitting you didn't actually read what I wrote and just responded to what you thought I wrote, because you apparently thought I said a Montana got detonated(?). I chunked the Z with a single salvo volley from 15km for 18k damage because I judged the turn he was making properly and got godly RNG for multiple full pens, right as a Cleveland volley landed on him to finish off what HP he had left. He essentially got instakilled.
  11. Gonna have to clean those glasses off, I said nothing about detonations. I hit a Z52 for 18k with my Montana from 15km and then a Cleveland volley landed almost immediately after mine to finish the sliver of health he had left.
  12. I basically did this to a Z52 from 15km with a Montana, chunked him for 18k of his health and a Cleveland volley finished him at the same time so he pretty much got 1-shotted. It was disgusting.
  13. Deviathan

    Three-point Thursday - Cruisers

    PT and AR are universal on pretty much all my builds, not just cruisers (aside from the IJN torp line). I've really been liking Expert Loader on heavy cruisers, and EM has been pretty common although I do sacrifice it sometimes if I can't afford another 2 point skill to get the build I want.
  14. Deviathan

    10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    This reminds me of those DDs that will fall on their sword to secure a cap in the early game, and then when they die say "welp I did my job." No, what you just did was make life harder, because we only temporarily have that cap now and are playing down a ship now unless we were lucky enough to punish one of their ships in the process. It's just as much a battle of trying to keep your teammates from making bad trades as it is killing the other team.