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  1. The Baywatch Fleet [JUGGZ] The lifeguards are officially on duty Who we are JUGGZ is currently composed of a small core group of solid players who became friends in other games and ended up playing Warships together. Why do we play? Simply, because we enjoy the game and we are constantly looking to improve our abilities as a clan and as individual players. While we are very competitive with the goal of winning every match, ultimately the goal is to have fun and we are not a high stress bunch. Sense of humor is pretty important with us and it makes those rough losing stretches where your team just melts too fast to carry much easier to cope with. We are currently the most active in US primetime, especially in the east coast timezone. Initially we were just a group of buddies that ran divisions together, but we've decided that we want to evolve as a clan and start exploring more of the competitive scene that the game has to offer. Membership requirements Be a decent person to play with. I can't stress enough how much the ability to joke and have a sense of humor is valued. If you've got a perpetual chip on your shoulder and feel the need to be difficult to get along with when the games aren't going your way, we're probably not for you. Be as active as you can. Real life commitments come first and we have no activity requirements, but we would prefer that you try to be as social as you can with the group while you're ingame and active. Desire to win, and interest in learning and improving your own gameplay abilities is a must. The atmosphere with us is pretty relaxed, but we all play to win and perform as well as possible in the process. Playing for fun and playing to win are not mutually exclusive things. ~1000 battles played (subject to review on an individual basis) 54% WR (subject to review on an individual basis; other things like WTR, average damage and ships played will be considered, as well as how much solo play you've had and recent performance vs longterm performance) Working headset & mic w/ Teamspeak 3 How to join? If you're interested, your points of contact are: @Deviathan (ingame & forum) @wor_enot (ingame & forum) Good luck and may RNGesus be with you.
  2. BoS or superintendent

    Alright so I'll give a rundown of what works for me and my reasons for why I build the way I do. My captain skills depend on the line and sometimes the ship in the line. Long post ahead I guess. German BB I use a hybrid tank/concealment build and buff the main guns on all except the Tirpitz and Bismarck. Secondary brawl builds are extremely fun but if you're trying to be efficient, the meta for T9/10 does not fit well with the spotted from the moon manual secondary/full-brawl build as you'll just suffer heavy damage from HE spam, and below T7 the manual secondary skill is a waste of points. There is a reason the Bis and Tirpitz don't uptier as well as the NC and Amagi, and it's not just because of the gun caliber. As a line, the guns are inaccurate and you don't get a lot of them until T10, so you're encouraged to brawl, which works fine T8 and under. Brawling at T9/10 takes finesse and patience, and there are going to be games where you never even get a chance without just YOLO'ing. This is the Tirpitz/Bis build I roll with (I use concealment mod on them instead of TA so concealment comes in at 14.3km), and it works ok with the Scharn as well but it's not really optimal for it. The build for pretty much everything else ends up being: PT AR, EM SI, BOS or Vigilance CE, FP Kurfurst comes in at a solid 13.6km detection range with this. Japanese BB, I used the same build all the way up the line, focusing on concealment, tanking and gun buffs. Having the majority of your secondaries be AP secondaries seems very meh to me so I never bothered with manual secondary builds on them, and generally you probably shouldn't be brawling with a Japanese BB if you can help it. You might be better off at T8 and below using Vigilance instead of BOS since those are maneuverable enough to potentially dodge torps (especially if you go with Steering Gears mod instead of DC2 or are bad at anticipating torp angles), but tank build Izumo and Yamato are too sluggish to actively dodge anything that's not coming from a close-to-parallel angle if they're not spotted ahead of time for you. American BB, I used the same concealment/AA build for all tiers, but T7 and below you could probably make a case for concealment/tank. They're all pretty light on their feet as far as battleships go, even if T7 and below are very slow compared to their peers, and T8+ I use like giant hate-filled cruisers (especially after the citadel lowering). I have considered switching to a tank build for T8+ instead of AA and maneuverability, but I haven't really found myself unable to tank well/avoid damage with the current build and I enjoy the playstyle of using them like big cruisers. Brit BB and certain cruisers can be really annoying to deal with so you gotta be good at positioning and using your repairs wisely. For UK BB, I used the same concealment/tank build all the way up. You eat HE and BB AP pen damage pretty easily if you're not careful about how you position (which will most certainly be flung at you because everyone hates getting lit on fire every single salvo), so I felt like that was the way to go. You can be liberal in your use of the HE but don't completely ignore the AP, you can paddle broadsides even if your short-fuse AP only really citadels cruisers (have to be at pretty close range to do it on battleships).
  3. A well-played Kidd can dominate the DD game. I played 6 matches in Ranked with it last night and won 5 of them (saved my star on the loss). I had more trouble from Chappy radar than I did Lo Yang hydro, but I also may not have been encountering the best LY players.
  4. If they remove it then it imposes a sense of urgency on the people that don't have it and they either get people to spend money for doubloons to convert XP for the MO, or burn off some of the doubloons they got from Christmas boxes doing the same thing. Otherwise people will just leisurely stroll along and get them at their own pace instead of spending time (or money) and burning the glut of camos and special flags to hurry and get it. I see no reason to remove any of the FXP ships from the tree other than that.
  5. I like the tank + concealment build, and I try to hang between 12 and 15km in a spot that I can project force without being extremely vulnerable. Don't hang so far back in the back that ships closer to the caps don't really have to respect your presence, but don't yolo in either. I'm pretty good at anticipating torps and where shells are going to come from (you need to get really good at absorbing the information from the minimap, this is more valuable than almost any captain skill you can train), and BB AP wrecks DD so the need for Directional Center, Incoming Fire and Expert Loader are pretty much nil. You could maybe lose Superintendent to grab Vigilance, or JOAT + PM/Directional Center, but I like having the extra repair available. I run the premium spotter plane on it but only really use it to shoot into smoke with or get a better view over an island when double-tapping the M button doesn't really help. e: you also need to be careful about angling to get all 3 turrets on battleships that are relatively close range and angled parallel to you (if they're angled like they're going to come across your bow you're not quite in as much danger but still be wary about showing too flat of a side). You need to be angled to invite them to shoot your belt but gotta be careful about showing your 3rd turret because if they know where to shoot then you're boned. I've murdered an angled Yamato with my Montana this way before because I don't think he realized I could citadel him in this one spot, even with him angled to me.
  6. MM change!!

    I don't mind +/-2 in and of itself, it's the distribution of the tier ranges that sucks, specifically at anything that isn't in the protected tiers or T7, T9 and T10. I've all but stopped queuing up with my T8's unless I'm grinding through a ship because I might as well just go get in a T10. I get there being times I'm going to have to play uncomfortably because I've been uptiered, but I'd expect if I played 9 games in a Tirpitz, the overall average distribution should work out to 1/3 top tier, 1/3 in T9, and 1/3 in T10. As it is now, maybe 5 of those 9 are going to be T10 games, 3 will be T9, and 1 will be a T8 game. It just becomes a slog to get continuously +2 uptiered.
  7. As someone who is perpetually credit poor because I get XP a lot faster than I get credits, I wouldn't mind having a 10 or 12 mill holiday gift~ As far as this return reward thingy goes though, I am pretty apathetic. I do find it a little bit over the top as far as the quantity of gifts, but I am not appalled that WG would dangle something in front of MIA players to return and hopefully spend their time and cash. Although maybe confirm that the players you're giving them to are actually MIA and not just predominantly-coop players so other active players that actually play randoms don't feel left out. Whoever forgot to check the coop activity kinda screwed the pooch on that one I guess.
  8. Seems to have been a stealth change, I couldn't find any mention of it in the patch notes. Already said this in another thread, but I did not realize there had been a change made until I tried to smoke up while detected in my Fletcher last night and realized I was still detected, I just thought it was a new proximity detection icon.
  9. I did not realize there had been a change made until I tried to smoke up while detected in my Fletcher last night and realized I was still detected, I just thought it was a new proximity detection icon. I'm not the biggest fan by any stretch, I liked the previous system of icons better.
  10. Most ships do ok when nobody shoots at you.
  11. It tanks other cruisers well, but yeah in general when I say "tanky" with regards to a cruiser it's usually regarding how easy it is to delete.
  12. Cleveland is one of the better T6 cruisers in my opinion, but its max range is a little worse than the Omaha. I think it's a better cruiser overall, but the shells are really floaty so it can be tricky to hit stuff that's actively maneuvering at long range. Shell velocity on the Omaha makes that a lot easier to deal with.
  13. You'll switch it up a bit with the Cleveland, it's tankier than the Omaha is but will still get wrecked broadside by battleships and you gotta be careful of brawling cruisers that have torps. Cleveland shells have a lot more arc to them so it's easier to use islands for cover and spam shells over them. I spent most of my Omaha time kiting ships with speed, but the Cleveland I became much more of an island lurker in. Use your HE liberally but don't hesitate to switch to AP on broadside stuff that's within 10 km of you.
  14. Use it around islands and as a kiting HE spammer for the most part, AP broadside targets when presented the opportunity. Constantly stay angled to everything and wiggle if they start shooting at you because a wild broadside Omaha is my favorite thing to shoot at. If you're only getting overpens on broadside cruisers, your elevation or lead on your aim is probably a bit off. You need to generally aim around deck level with HE, if you're hitting the hull of battleships with it then it's mostly just gonna shatter. Aim waterline when you AP broadside cruisers generally, aim upper belt or deck level when you AP broadside battleships. One of your best assets is your speed so if you can make ships chase you while you fire back over your shoulder at them, you can pick people apart pretty well.
  15. "Get out there and kill that DD Des Moines, that's your job!" Uhh, and get blapped by the Montana and Yamato that are directly behind that DD? No thanks.