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  1. Deviathan

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    Alternatively, get better stats so that people running MMM giving you inordinate amounts of focus during matches, because that's also fun.
  2. Deviathan

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    Well, that's unfortunate. I live in Charlotte and was looking at maybe driving down for one of the days.
  3. Deviathan

    No Pi Day camo sale?

    Well, it's not technically Pi Day
  4. Deviathan

    Whale your way through the new techtree

    I get that they're trying to find new ways to monetize the game, but it seems to me like Wargaming is creating a self-inflicted wound by letting people shortcut so much "content" which they end up trying to fix by cranking out lines at an even faster rate to keep people with something to do; then they repeat the cycle by letting people shortcut most of it. Sure, you can do it with FXP regularly, but you still have to play to build up that FXP, and possibly buy doubloons to convert with, or flags/camos in the process. I can't help thinking it's bad for the long-term health of the game.
  5. Honestly, I feel like new players starting with German BB learn bad habits from them. You need to learn that doing certain things in a battleship will get you dunked on, and German BB keep you from getting punished for making fundamental mistakes like you would in a US or IJN battleship, like showing a broadside or just not caring about having to angle.
  6. I like to suggest USN DD, IJN cruisers, and USN battleships as introductions to each ship class. They're all pretty run-of-the-mill play for each shiptype without being overly complicated or requiring nuance to play, and good for picking up the basics of playing each class.
  7. Deviathan

    The top exp earner of na :kappa:

    Wouldn't be much to watch other than a guy sailing around shooting disconnected ships.
  8. I hope the people who do want CV in CB is enough to sustain the participation WG is looking for, because it's already pretty dismal and I suspect quite a few of us who HAVE been playing CB will decide to forego season 9. At least for my part, I do not intend to play. My issues are these: 1) CVs remove the chess match of stealth gameplay and positioning by being able to cover any area on the map at any time and forcing teams to clump to overlap AA. 2) Unless something changes in the possible comp, CB are heavily CA/CL and DD, which are already the most vulnerable shiptypes to CV in my view. 3) Well-played CV are strong in Randoms, and that power scales up with the smaller team size and the whittling down of AA as the game goes. This is why it was a bad choice for Ranked as well as CB.
  9. Deviathan

    Traffic Light Aim Assist

    I have used it before, but dropped it because it could be misleading. What I personally do is pay attention to the distance between me and the ship I'm shooting (when my target is bow-in and I don't have angles to check other ways), check the smokestacks, or use my torpedo indicator to see what they're doing.
  10. Deviathan

    Did I play that badly?

    I assume most randoms have no idea what they're doing, and I generally ignore them. If I recognize the player or the clan as being good players, then I'll try to be more of a team player with them, otherwise I just do my own thing. Yeah, you need to support your team, but knowing where to be and what to be doing is probably 90% of that.
  11. Deviathan

    Did I play that badly?

    Just make it a habit of constantly looking at that minimap. I don't know if it was just the replay or if it's part of your settings, but have the Alternative Interface Mode (Full) enabled, and make the minimap larger/adjust the transparency if making it larger makes it difficult for you to see what's going on/enable ship types and last known location. I get it though, everyone gets tunnel visioned once in a while, you just need to develop that awareness of where you should be and what you should be doing depending on what's happening on the map.
  12. Deviathan

    Did I play that badly?

    You were doing okay up to a point. The choice to push down the east side of those islands at the stage of the game that you did was the mistake. At around the 12 minute mark of the game, you needed to be rotating back because your west flank had fallen. You pushing toward 2 ships that were kiting away and going down that side when you did was bad for two reasons: 1) your damage to them isn't going to be as significant since you're having to chase them and wasn't an effective use of your shots, and 2) you basically just isolated yourself from the rest of the map and took the threat of your guns away from the enemy team making the push on the other side.
  13. Deviathan

    AP rockets, eh?

    Over/under on this being what gets the AP rockets?
  14. Deviathan

    ST, armor-piercing rockets

    This is a garbage hot take. Nobody's worried about how it will affect DD, it's the effect on cruisers, who already eat a ton of damage from bombers and HE rockets.
  15. Deviathan

    ST, armor-piercing rockets

    You guys are about a month early on the April Fool's jokes. I have a hard time believing anyone who plays this game also thinks this is a good idea.