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  1. Have you considered submitting a support ticket instead of raging on the forum?
  2. Better start drinking water tonight, or you're gonna be even thirstier in the morning to go along with the headache.
  3. There's a lot of options, just all scenario-dependent on what's going on with the teams' positioning, team compositions and the caps. In general, if there's a lot of radar hanging around the area you're fighting in, staying alive and getting to where you can spot the enemy is the biggest help, along with being able to screen between me and the enemy if there's an enemy DD lurking around somewhere (close enough to us to be supported if you get spotted or spot something else, not so close to them that you'll get blapped if you do get spotted). There will be games where you're keeping things spotted but your team apparently isn't shooting any of it, but if you want the radars dead then a good way to get rid of them is to bait them into coming after you and opening themselves up, or playing in that range between detection and radar range so you're spotting them for your team to shoot. If there's not a lot of radars or they're not in an effective position on the map to counter you, then it's pretty straightforward, go nuts on caps and enemy DDs, smoke up and shoot stuff, torp it, whatever. I'm much better at American DD than German DD because it took me forever to stop trying to force being able to use my hydro offensively, but I use them very similarly to each other. Dominate caps, dominate enemy DDs, act as a screen for my guys so they feel safe enough to keep backing me up, then make life difficult when the enemy can no longer really get eyes on me.
  4. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    You play well and stack flags and camos for bonuses. If you've got a good combination of those things, a solid performance in a win can net you 10-15k FXP.
  5. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    I could be wrong, but the trend I see with steel ships is they're going to be ones that would typically have been rewarded as CB or Ranked rewards ships. That makes them attainable by the general populace without having to reach rank 1 or play on a Typhoon team, but encourages them to still get involved in Ranked and CB.
  6. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    I would imagine it'll be FXP and coal both, not only do they want to generate revenue from people paying to convert FXP, but there's also people like me with 2 mill FXP floating around that they need to find a way to bleed off because it accumulates faster than they can remove it from me and ends up keeping me from being one of those potential FXP converters (and to be honest, I'm not particularly interested in the JB at T9, so that's a probable-FXP ship I was going to skip). I would think an event would be pretty damn painful and more difficult than either Halsey or Yamamoto ever thought about being.
  7. Ok guys question

    I actually outdueled a Minotaur once with the Akizuki because the dude was broadsiding me and I was nose into him and just kept citadeling him. It was down to 2 on 1 and that kill ended the game. Between the Aki and Indy, my money is on the Aki depending on the player skill and HP involved.
  8. I was talking about the type 1, 2 and 5 which are a few thousand silver each, not the special camos with other bonuses.
  9. why am i so bad at this ship

    Over-aggressive and/or not too great at positioning with it is my guess.
  10. I've started buying back tree ships I enjoyed and/or want to improve my performance in, so my current grind is captains for them instead of ships (only IJN torp DD line left to do, no CVs until I see what they're doing with the rework). Gotta use the perma or special camos as much as I can :')
  11. It's a process, but if you can get that survival rate to 40-50%, your WR should start sitting between 50 and 60% and you'll see an increase in your other stats too (damage, kills etc. are easier to inflate when you're staying alive longer). If your survival rate starts getting up into that territory but your WR isn't staying ~10% higher than your survival rate, then that's a sign you've probably begun playing too passively. From day to day you may not see exactly this happen, but over a few hundred matches you should start to see a trend. The problem I used to have was being way overaggressive (especially when I was learning to DD) and I've had to learn to play a balanced game and know when I needed to get aggressive.
  12. Yeah I'll often use special camos on premiums, especially the ones that only get +50% XP bonus to their perma camo, I just mean the Type 1, 2 and 5. I've seen several premium T8 battleships rolling around in them lately and honestly it confuses me more than if they don't even have any camo.
  13. Something I've seen a decent amount of lately that completely blows my mind is premium ships using basic camos instead of their premium camos. Obviously it's too complex for me to understand.
  14. If they're decent players, more than likely they just forgot it (I've sailed a naked Tirpitz before because I forgot to enable automated resupply). If they're not very good (and it's usually pretty obvious based on what they do from the get-go), it's probably because they can't afford to play at those tiers otherwise and that's a measure in trying to avoid losing so much money.
  15. Statistically, they shouldn't have much difference other than rounding and the rate at which they both pull API data. I like Warships Today better personally, but it's gotten too unreliable on how often it actually works, and WoWS Numbers is nice and clean in information presentation. The way they rate you is slightly different as well so that's going to vary from site to site, what you take most seriously and how you use the information in changing your play is up to you. Also just something to point out, but if you can work on that survival %, that will make quite a difference in your results.