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  1. Deviathan

    A refutation to Crysantos on clan battles feedback.

    Welp, I guess I have to make good on my promise to not play anymore CB seasons that include CV. I knew what it would be like going into the season and I had initially said I wouldn't play, but I gave it a shot anyway and it was everything I thought it would be. I really hate to do that to my clan as I've been one of the regular cruiser players in recent seasons, but I'm not going to contribute to Wargaming's interpretation of their spreadsheet that says "people still participating = CV good."
  2. What I'm mostly trying to make a point of is that the homogenizing of the meta isn't because the Venezia in particular is OP, but the inclusion of CV amplifies what it's strong at into orbit. A DD has islands to contend with, can only cover one area of the map, and it has positional radar traps and other destroyers to cope with. They also can't get eyes on entire-map positioning and ship distribution within the first minute of the game. With CV's in CB, you're A) hard countering DD and B) doing the classical part of the DD's role without having to choose to trade off HP and (cruiser) guns, or contend with the same problems that DDs normally have to contend with.
  3. In my view, the homogenizing of the meta into some combination of Stalins + Venezias is completely centered around the inclusion of CV and their negation of spotting/concealment tactics and, to a lesser degree, strength of positioning. Venezia is strong, but there is a reason that they've only been a small piece of some team lineups in past seasons instead of the main feature like they were this season, and I don't think it's because clans are just now figuring out what it's capable of.
  4. Deviathan

    Carriers so cool in clan battles guys!

    Our guys played a mess-around game to end the night and ran into a BB-based team. It wasn't even close to competitive. Ever since it was announced that CV would take part, we voiced our concerns that it would be this way, now hopefully WG will get the "data" that tells them what the players already knew.
  5. Deviathan

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    I've played maybe 6 games on Tanks, so maybe I'm not drawing the best equivalency with that. My thought was something like having the world map with various port cities/coastline territories/shipping lanes or something that we are able to fight other clans for, that would provide bonuses to the clan of some sort. I played Eve-O for a lot of years and always like the sovreignty-style method of "owning" space. I would think it would be a little more immersive to be able to carve out your little area of territory to own instead of just seeing where you stand on a ratings chart.
  6. Deviathan

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    @Hapa_Fodder has there been any thought to giving us a WoT-style map of control to battle over instead of just ratings?
  7. Deviathan

    Congrats to 07 and whatta Match!!

    Great job to o7, it was a pleasure watching you guys pull off some incredible plays. I was happy to see both them and FIM do well on the international stage.
  8. Deviathan

    Alaska or Kronstadt?

    Kron is like a Stalin with drunk gunners that needs to be mobile and angled instead of trying to bow-tank (which is the biggest trouble I see people get into with the Kron), you primarily use your AP and your main target is broadsiding cruisers and battleships. Kron is completely capable of citadeling battleships at range. My opinion, the Kron can take on BB a bit better than the Alaska, but the Alaska is more consistent against other cruisers because of the improved AP pen angles and the dispersion reliably cooperating; I've had games where I'm nailing everything I shoot with the Kron, and games where I almost can't hit anything I'm not right on top of. Alaska also gets a nod for tankiness between the bow armor (Kron's bow is overmatched by 380+mm guns), deck armor (Alaska's 36mm deck is a big help because it can't get overmatched by BB AP) and how low the citadel is. Visually they're about the same size, but somehow the Kron feels like a bigger target.
  9. Deviathan

    Mainz is out!

    I've basically stopped buying premiums lower than T8, and even T8 itself is questionable for me since I have so many ships and spend so little time below T9 anymore. WG doesn't exactly encourage me to anyway since so much of the game is geared toward T10.
  10. Deviathan

    na.wows-numbers.com Down?

    I can navigate to the main page, but I can't go to view myself.
  11. Deviathan

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    Alternatively, get better stats so that people running MMM giving you inordinate amounts of focus during matches, because that's also fun.
  12. Deviathan

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    Well, that's unfortunate. I live in Charlotte and was looking at maybe driving down for one of the days.
  13. Deviathan

    No Pi Day camo sale?

    Well, it's not technically Pi Day
  14. Deviathan

    Whale your way through the new techtree

    I get that they're trying to find new ways to monetize the game, but it seems to me like Wargaming is creating a self-inflicted wound by letting people shortcut so much "content" which they end up trying to fix by cranking out lines at an even faster rate to keep people with something to do; then they repeat the cycle by letting people shortcut most of it. Sure, you can do it with FXP regularly, but you still have to play to build up that FXP, and possibly buy doubloons to convert with, or flags/camos in the process. I can't help thinking it's bad for the long-term health of the game.
  15. Honestly, I feel like new players starting with German BB learn bad habits from them. You need to learn that doing certain things in a battleship will get you dunked on, and German BB keep you from getting punished for making fundamental mistakes like you would in a US or IJN battleship, like showing a broadside or just not caring about having to angle.