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  1. Didn't play on Saturday but had a nice run Sunday of 19 wins/3 losses. No especially standout games, just all solid performances minus one game where our DD didn't want to spot/screen so I got sandwiched between a Yugumo and a Shima that I couldn't see.
  2. It would be kinda nice to be able to transfer captains without penalty if the ship has a gold camo, but then that might discourage people from buying actual premiums in favor of the camos.
  3. Necroposter living up to his username. Been to the North Carolina, Wisconsin in Norfolk, and the Yorktown and Laffey in Charleston.
  4. Yes, quite
  5. Maybe not, he could have worded it better but how you responded just made me go "why even bother responding?"
  6. Well he did explain that he had secondaries in mind when he said "largely useless" instead of "completely useless"
  7. I think you should re-read what he was asking in the OP. In case you try again and still don't get it, what the OP is asking is this: Can the Belfast viably be used as a UK CL trainer since IFHE and DE are so important on it? To the OP, I'd almost say the Hood and Warspite would be better trainers than the Belfast for that.
  8. Probably the Yamato just cuz, it'll free up a 19 point Japanese captain I've got working my way up the IJN line to use elsewhere, either in another line or in another BB.
  9. I'm not trying to disprove your point, most things don't function in absolutes and most semi-sentient folks realize this. Yeah, call it on a case by case basis, but really, how often is it not the teamkiller's fault for launching ill-advised torps? Sure, 90% of cases is not all the cases, but it's far more significant than the 10%.
  10. In the OP's description, assuming it's 100% accurate, I agree with him that it wasn't on him and the DD was an idiot. However, I think said situation where someone actively tries to get killed by their team's torpedoes is a very low statistical representation of how said torpedo eating normally happens. Despite the sheer number of potatoes and the fact that there are a few griefers that run around, I don't think I've yet seen anyone just set out to get themselves teamkilled. If you launch in such a way that your teammate will get hit if they don't move or alter their course, that one is on you. I've taken just as much damage by having to show broadsides and coming to a stop to avoid taking team torps, but stuff like that doesn't show up on the after-battle report.
  11. When you launch torps in the direction that you have teammates sitting in, you're accepting responsibility for whatever happens to that torpedo. Odds are you're launching some ill-advised torps if it's at a point in the game where someone can just leisurely turn themselves and intentionally run straight into your torpedoes for whatever reason. Sure, there's exceptions, but that's exactly what it is - an exception.
  12. I've only seen a deliberate teamkill once, although I did have a battleship shoot at my cruiser for not coming to find and kill a DD in front of him that also happened to have 2 BB and a cruiser backing it up. Everything else has been dumb but unintentional.
  13. While we're at it, let's remove the damage counter so you never know how much damage you're actually doing. Fun.
  14. I will drink pretty much anything, but presented with choices I'll take a porter or stout, also a big fan of sours. I can drink IPAs but some of them are like drinking a pine tree. I drink beer far more than liquor but it's always nice to have a couple of shots of Jameson and some beers to unwind on a Friday night if I'm not going out. I'll also take a good red wine with a steak any day of the week.
  15. I compliment people on the other team for good manners when they show me broadside or generally just make it super easy to kill them. I like to think I'm brightening their day up just like they did mine.