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  1. It's nice to get complimented for a game well played, even if ultimately all it does when it accumulates is give me more rage/thumbs up buttons myself. It seems like I get reported on a more regular basis than I get complimented though, even though I've got +46 at the moment. It's a running joke with the dudes I normally div with that I don't have to say anything in game chat or play poorly to get a report or two out of it. :|
  2. I sell as I work up the lines, then I come back and re-buy ships I enjoyed when I have credits and have finished the grind to the T10. It's nice to have a variety at every tier.
  3. credits

    You did pretty awful if you lost credits with premium account + premium ship. That's pretty impressive to be honest. The rest of your issue seems to be a lack of understanding of spotting mechanics. I get not liking a game mechanic, but you at least have to learn how to work with it.
  4. Ctrl+click on the ship you want them to focus on with the manual secondaries skill and they do the rest.
  5. What's your average damage?

    Just under 75k overall all-time, avg tier of 7.7. Per class, - DD: 52k; 7.1 (I haven't been playing DD for that long so only got one line past 8 so far) - CL/CA: 71k; 7.8 - BB: 87k; 8.0
  6. He must be used to those Takaos who just drive broadside everywhere so they can torp more easily
  7. Mid-day weekday teams have been and always will be some special kind of torture.
  8. If I find myself stressing what I consider to be too hard over a video game, then I'm done for the night, and maybe for a few days if it's getting to be a common thing. I tend to just play through losing streaks so that doesn't normally make me quit. Past midnight EST and the matches start to get weird in a way I can't really explain other than "bad" so I normally try to stop before then.
  9. ideas for last 3 pts on yamamoto

    And to illustrate why for the OP, I'll do a very professional drawing of what makes it valuable. It's not the reduction in enemy fire chance that makes it valuable, it's the merging of the 2 red potential fire areas of the ship superstructure into 1 area, so you go from 4 fires that can potentially be burning into 3, and often just the 1 because people will forget to walk their HE across your deck.
  10. ideas for last 3 pts on yamamoto

    Why survivability expert? When I see any battleship with SE on, I automatically assume I don't have to take you seriously as it doesn't even get you 1 full battleship AP pen's worth of extra HP. You're better off respec'ing those 3 points + 1 of your leftovers into fire prevention. If you find yourself needing to keep PM for your guns then I'd dump the leftover point into dual catapult fighters or expert loader, but I end up running BoS and only doing PT at tier 1.
  11. I need some advice

    Some of it depends on what you're good at and feel comfortable in. There are rough ships that work well for me, and ones that are objectively good that I've just never clicked with for whatever reason.
  12. Losing Streaks..Screw You WG

    I have a 36% WR over 14 battles while averaging 50k in the Yorck, and a 41% WR in the Martel over 22 battles while averaging 76.5k. It's not that hard to have a low WR while performing well over a small sample of games, ex. being at 50% WR with 10 battles and then you lose one and suddenly you're looking at 45% WR. If I put more battles in on both ships then the winrates would probably move back to or over 50%.
  13. It Ain't Over Till It's Over

    Confirming Wombat is the Tom Brady of WoWS
  14. I've been getting wins but they generally haven't been satisfying at all. Basically just herding baddies into a corner and it turns into a turkey shoot where the game ends early or with low damage because the whole enemy team went to one area and huddled together, didn't bother getting any caps or weren't able to kill any of your own ships. I don't enjoy battles that aren't even a fight, regardless of whether it's a win or loss. It's been like this an abnormally high percentage of battles for me for the past week or so.
  15. It's like I am cursed

    If I'm having tough luck, I try to switch to something that I can exert more control over a match with (usually a DD). Outside of that, maybe look for some bros to play with, but the past week or so has been truly spectacular, so don't take it *too* hard. Also at a glance, your survival rate is very low which tells me you are probably being a bit overaggressive or positioning poorly and not reading the flow of the battle when it's time to pull back. Your numbers are really solid for the amount of time that you're alive, but if you are able to stay alive and in the game longer, you might be able to swing some of those losses to wins.