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  1. This was basically my feelings on it, and I think Sub's points gloss over WG's own role in this whole thing, and it's being clipped down into a "don't nerf my OP premium" blurb and being respun into a "community doesn't want ship balance if it affects their premiums" issue. I didn't disagree at all that the GC was too strong, and had they tried to introduce more minor, incremental nerfs and re-evaluated over time instead of trying a full-sail tier change, I think that might have been more widely accepted. I think what bothered *most* about it is that WG knowingly released it as it was (and buffed it a time or two after) and now want to moan about "game balance" while opening the door for bait and switch with premiums, because it has since had its "strong" status exploited to encourage people to return to playing and/or spend in the hopes of obtaining it. On top of that, there's a lot of middling/powercrept premiums, so if you start doing heavy modifications to the good ones, then people are going to start raising much more fuss about buffing the underperformers.
  2. Even something as simple as messing with your engine throttle can be enough to throw off a DD's torps, especially if they're not super at prediction and just follow the white line. Add some course-adjustment, and you can deal with probably a solid majority of DD players without needing anything special like hydro. Where it gets tough is when you're getting cross-torps from multiple DDs, but that's usually either a failing on your own position, or on your team's position, not that those DDs are OP.
  3. Deviathan

    Stealth Nerf to 6th sense?

    The replay shows you being detected in your smoke, complete with the pop-up of "Detected!" and everything.
  4. You become the torpedo
  5. Deviathan

    Why the brew-ha-ha over the GC

    In general I agree that it is too strong at T5. Where I personally have an issue with it is I think it sets a bad precedent for premiums going forward, especially ones where WG had fair warning from testers and CCs that it was going to be extremely strong and possibly OP and still chose to sell it anyway (see: Belfast), and since have used its status as encouragement to buy Santa crates in the hopes of getting it. They weren't ignorant to what they were putting out. It's fair to be trying to maintain the overall health of the game and say "you know what, we shouldn't have dropped it in that condition so we're going to pull the original from the market and sell a modified, uptiered version instead", but they weren't worried about it then, so it's a little late to me to justify that line of reasoning for wholesale moving. I would much rather them sell a modified, uptiered B version than to modify the existing premium that currently sits on folks' accounts.
  6. The role is still to tank, be a deterrent and provide burst damage, but tanking on sheer endurance ability alone isn't going to take you very far, so you have to combine your HP and armor with mobility and understanding the flow of the battle and when it is/isn't worth it. It's much harder to do at high tiers when the damage output is much higher so you can't really afford to just plop yourself down somewhere and be Island Yamato/Montana/etc. The French and UK BB in particular have a difficult time being a primary tank because they can get focused down relatively quickly if they get out of position. You have to pick your points to roll in with your balls out because you can and will be eaten if you position poorly or get isolated and permaspotted and can't get out. As a T10 cruiser, the easiest battleships to deal with are the ones that will just sit there and let me farm them instead of being squirrely and forcing me to adjust to what they're doing.
  7. I will agree with you here that it's not mandatory, but you initially drew the equivalency of taking it with the intention of not planning to tank or perform the roles BB are best at other than burst damage. That is on the playstyle of the player themselves. If they are one of those battleships that hangs out waaaay in the back avoiding getting any of their paint scratched until it's too late to matter, whether they took CE or not probably would have had no bearing on that.
  8. Sometimes in the course of a game, you do actually need to ask someone to do something, or point out an imminent situation to them.
  9. I'd add a corollary to this of make sure you are actually aware of the roles and capabilities of different ships before asking people to use them a certain way. It's always fun getting raged at because you're not doing DD things in a Khaba, or having people be confused that you're not switching to HE in your Minotaur.
  10. Where else do you suggest those 4 points go? My cookie cutter BB build is PT-EM-AR-BOS-SI-FP-CE. With as many games in T10 battleships as you have games in battleships (which only extends up to T7), I'm telling you right now that your assessment is incorrect.
  11. Used correctly, the concealment is about getting into proper positioning (or, alternatively, getting out of a bad position), not about "farming damage with low DPM weapons."
  12. Spec'ing your battleship for concealment and doing those other things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive events.
  13. Most players would, which is why it's not an option. At that point, you might as well remove the ship class, and no other ship class gets the option to avoid the others (otherwise I'm sure there are lots of BB players out there who would opt-in to no-DD games) so it wouldn't be a fair shake to the people that are playing CV.
  14. My thought was kind of an offshoot of this, but my guess is that most of these "shamed" players are forgotten pretty quickly afterward, and I'd be extremely surprised if anyone went to the trouble of harassing them for it, ingame or otherwise. If that was the case, then yeah, I'd have a problem with it.
  15. Deviathan

    Just saw something i've never seen

    If you saw them make it to him and then vanish, you were too close when you dropped and they didn't have time to arm.