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  1. Deviathan

    Hindenburg in current state and meta

    Hindy was a good ship even with the nerfs, it just stopped being the clear favorite for ranged DPM cruiser after the nerfs. The hilarious part to me is it's now stronger with the buffs than it was when they originally deemed it too strong pre-nerf. The current base reload is what it used to have with the reload mod if I'm remembering correctly.
  2. Deviathan

    Lunar New Year event.

    I wouldn't say they're crap (maybe the Martel clone more-so than the Izumo clone), but they're pretty uninteresting. Baijie actually looks really solid, but I also like the Izumo and guns-forward BB in general so YMMV. The knock is it's just a copy of an existing free ship with better guns, so the guns are its only real selling point. In general, I think they've just gotten really lazy with their premium development.
  3. I don't believe MM or the mechanics are rigged to favor one team, but I also don't think there's any good reason for detonations to exist so I feel your pain on that front.
  4. Deviathan


    I've always been curious why WG needs us to provide replays. I used to play EVE, and CCP would investigate the game logs for things like this. I'm not sure if WG logs player activity to that level or not though.
  5. Deviathan


    While in theory I agree that this would be nice, I have also seen a fair amount of regular players whose actions would lead you to believe they're bots until you see them respond in chat. It would probably lead to abuse and a fair amount of people who aren't actually bots getting reported, and WG would have to spend the time wading through who is legit and who isn't.
  6. Deviathan

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    The time taken to accelerate to full power forward for cruisers is 40 seconds/20 seconds to full reverse if starting from being at a full stop. That time for battleships is 60 seconds/30 seconds. Henri? 80 seconds/60 seconds now.
  7. Deviathan

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    While I agree that the Henri needed some kind of nerf, this was pretty heavy-handed. There was no attempt at nuancing it, they just took a hammer to it.
  8. Deviathan

    "The king is dead. Long live the King"

    Henri now takes 33% longer to accelerate to maximum speed than battleships. You're basically forced to use the engine module to get it back to normal for a cruiser, or just never stop moving forward under any circumstances. I'm glad to see Wargaming's excellent balancing team at work again.
  9. Deviathan

    French DD changes and builds

    https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PFSD110&modules=11111&upgrades=142232&commander=PCW001&skills=7521281&ar=100&consumables=111 This was the build I was running, which I suspect is a very similar build to what you're running. I could get away with 8.6km conceal and 13.5km range since it doesn't eat full AP pens, but where I ran into problems was DD who knew how to use the detection range difference and stayed close enough to their support who were willing to shoot me, which is why I switched out of it in Ranked (have yet to play Kleber in Randoms because I've been focusing on regrinds) and forgot to switch back when respecs were still free. Honestly, 13.5km range felt like enough, so we'll see how it feels with the extra detect range. Will just have to see if it does more than make a difference in how I approach the early game.
  10. Deviathan

    French DD changes and builds

    MBRB makes it really easy to burst down a DD, or beat up a broadsiding cruiser with AP. People do fall into the trap of thinking they can pubstomp other DDs under any circumstance, and then they get overly aggressive and get smacked, but that doesn't say anything about the ships themselves. I think the line is quite good if you know what you're doing with them.
  11. Deviathan

    French DD changes and builds

    I will probably end up spec'ing the Kleber into an AFT build with engine mod/steering gears combo instead of any form of concealment, kinda like old Khaba. I already dabbled with the build, minus AFT, in Ranked. It was pretty comfortable to play, but I ultimately scrapped it for an ambush build. I'm waiting to see if they do end up making the change for certain before I rebuild my captain and ship mods.
  12. Deviathan

    I dare say I found my favorite line...

    I didn't really start to enjoy them until I hit the Brindisi, but Amalfi was where they started to feel more comfortable for me. There were times in the lower tier ships that I really found myself missing having the damage over time from HE, or the consistent damage to bow-on ships. It's gravy if you can work onto a flank, but it's frustrating if you're stuck trying to deal with bow-in ships with SAP.
  13. Deviathan

    Best/Worse time to play

    Daytime in working hours (ie, 8 am - 5 pm EST) has always been the worst in my opinion. A close 2nd is after 11 pm EST. Games get really weird.
  14. Deviathan

    Georgia Build Recommendation

    I wouldn't call turning the potential for 2 superstructure fires burning into 1 burnable area placebo. I've done the same to be quite honest, even on the GK (although I still have an IFHE secondary captain skilled for that GK that I just keep in the Tirpitz and use a standard BB captain on the GK). The only ships I kept secondary build are the Tirpitz and Mass just because you can kinda get away with it at T8. While secondary might be fun for 1 game, there's probably 3 games that aren't as fun because you are eating too much damage and can't really afford to get into range to be able to use them, and your tradeoff is inconsistent guns. What's fun for me is being able to expect consistent performances more so than getting to see my secondaries firing off, so I didn't really feel like it was worth it otherwise.
  15. Deviathan

    Gifted ships block account?

    Probably comes down to each bank's philosophy to some degree. Someone stole my card info once and charged about $150 worth of stuff on it, and Bank of America actually had an investigation and everything open. BoA will see hell freeze over before they let a nickel walk away without trying to stop it.