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  1. Alright, I figured it out TM, you play it like a slow firing Halland. Shoot down all planes and cap. 1 outta 4 times youll win.
  2. You own the car. You dont own the pixels.
  3. Rollingonit

    The future is now!

    Yah idk about these self driving vehicles. I honestly think the highway/road infrastructure in the US needs to be upgraded for this to work. Like dedicated lanes/highways etc. Also those dedicated highways, would be designed for future upgrade for personal use self driving vehicles. I dont think humanity plans that far forward though.
  4. @tm63au I dont get the Cherbourg either. Ill need more games though to see what it can do. Havent unlocked the rest yet.
  5. Rollingonit


    It's on Disney+ now? I thought that was only on the CBS service? (I see it's on Hulu now, which I think is in the bundle with disney). Anyways, I liked the first and second season. I havent watched any of the Star Trek shows post Enterprise (except Lower Decks).
  6. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/13704-interesting-stuff-from-the-ru-forums/?page=192
  7. Rollingonit

    How About This For The Next Update?

    If that's true, I agree. My apologies @CaptainDakkar. @Ahskance tell the devs to fix that. edit: Ahskance responded. That's messed up.
  8. Rollingonit

    How About This For The Next Update?

    Sure, let's check if he'll respond. @Ahskance is what you told CaptainDakkar true? Can CVs only get XP by damage?
  9. Rollingonit

    How About This For The Next Update?

    You probably didnt know, cause what he said isnt true. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Base_Earnings CVs can still do these other things.
  10. Rollingonit

    The Karma Debate

    @Col_Nasty You got a +1 from me in a t10 game a few days ago. hehe
  11. Rollingonit

    PR Rating Tanked

    The website adjusted the algorithm. PR is a 3rd party stat. They did post a notice at one point, that they were adjusting it.
  12. Rollingonit

    USA Needs it's SuperBattleShip!

    I second this notion! On, Wisconsin!
  13. Rollingonit

    Millionpugs - the full review

  14. That doesnt make any sense based off what is presented here. Why would it stack all these 60%+ WR players on one team? Maybe *puts on tinfoil hat* MM is doing something but not what you say based off this MM picture. Having a patent doesnt mean it's being used for anything.
  15. Rollingonit

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    You're preaching to the choir. Ive said that many times on this forum.