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  1. Asia. Asia (CN, JP, KO, SEA) all like Transformers (and anime).
  2. I dont necessarily enjoy playing with them; but the majority of the time they are mostly ignorable in my games.
  3. How often do even encounter that though? In my 12k games, Ive seen it maybe 10 times. Which isnt much of anything.
  4. Rollingonit

    Wargaming and Hasbro Collab?! WtFrick?!!

    They like to target the asian markets with these collabs. Makes sense, rising economies, people looking to consume.
  5. Rollingonit

    Atago or Alaska? What do YOU think?

    The Alaska is better tier for tier. Easier to use as well. Atago is still a great ship. If the AK is still FXP or coal (whichever) I wouldnt pay cash for it, just grind out the necessary currency.
  6. Rollingonit

    The Disconnect Between Performance and Results

    In my experience no. I do understand there are games, you just wont win; no matter what your contribution. But ive found, as long as I consistently perform well, I will consistently win more than I lose over any week/month long period.
  7. Rollingonit

    Ships you Adore.

    Ships that are not considered "OP" that I really enjoyed and performed well in. Nurnberg Irian (kind of perform alright in) Abruzzi All the ITA tech tree cruisers (minus venezia and brindisi)
  8. Rollingonit

    Teamwork... The missing ingredient.

    I was looking to give advice, but you seem resistant. Good day to you too.
  9. Rollingonit

    Teamwork... The missing ingredient.

    That's fine. You pretty much answered the question I had.
  10. Rollingonit

    Teamwork... The missing ingredient.

    Post replays of those last 4 games. im curious to see, what is actually happening.
  11. Rollingonit

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    I play it in a secondary build. -IFHE +CE It feels even more designed to be a secondary build compared to the Mass. With CE (12km), you can more easily advance and quickly get your secondaries on target. It has the Hydro and 6km torps for trying to rush other ships and DDs. The small health pool though needs to played around, and suffers in T10 matches with heavy ships and high dpm cruisers. But again with the torps/hydro sometimes let's you get away with yolo or 2 kill trading. Overall I consider it solid for it's tier, and is fun to play. I may just like secondary botes too much though.
  12. Rollingonit

    A quick guide to dealing with HE spam

    That's what Dolphin's post is about lol Good post @DolphinPrincess, this is a very useful and more in depth post of what I usually preach.
  13. Are you forcing users to log in to view the forums?

  14. Rollingonit

    Chapayev Buff Request

    Stay away from the RU CAs, those things take forever and a half to turn.