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  1. Youve been outta the loop for at least a decade then. Welcome to 2020.
  2. Rollingonit

    whats your opinion

    Higher Tiers. BB - Georgia, Cruiser - Venezia, DD - N/A Mid Tiers. BB - Arizona, Cruiser - De Grasse, DD - Lenningrad
  3. Rollingonit

    Team is too scared to fight

    Stop yoloing, if you die within 2 minutes of the game starting you just cant get help. Ships only move so fast.
  4. Rollingonit

    T10 battles, I'm on the wrong teams

    It's a good opportunity for XP though.
  5. Rollingonit

    Dmitri Donskoi

    Ooo nice nice, thanks for the heads up. Time to play some Don and Shchors.
  6. Rollingonit

    Please do not adjust co-op starting points

    This may not be true. There is only a finite amount of those objectives available each game, and you are competing with other players for completion of those objectives. If games are short enough, just packing in faster games; potentially can be quicker. But either way, fine with the change. Co-opers deserve a bone every now and then.
  7. Rollingonit

    Dmitri Donskoi

    Is this confirmed how the split will work?
  8. Rollingonit

    Donskoi Build?

    You may not want to spec your capt for IFHE, if you plan to move the same one to the Moskva. You can always respec, but if you just plan to grind through the Don and maybe never play it again; might save you some capt xp/doubloons.
  9. Rollingonit

    King of the Sea Lessons...

    Positioning and patience (then knowing how to capitalize on these aspects) are foundations for all competitive play in most non arena shooters.
  10. Rollingonit

    WoWs - Legends & cross play?

    No, crossplay is only console to console. Playstation and Xbox
  11. Rollingonit

    Dmitri Donskoi

    The Don isnt really a brawler. edit: also Im pretty sure it's torps are 8km
  12. Rollingonit

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    The guys stats are public, you can see what he is doing wrong. He admitted it in the other thread. edit: Read further in thread, I see you saw his stats. Good advice for him Tai.
  13. Rollingonit

    coop only way to win a game

    Based off the forums, I dont think the patent is working even if it is implemented. lol
  14. Rollingonit

    Weekend Spree 27-29/3/20

    Average overall week. But inconsistent performance. Getting comfortable with all the TXs Ive unlocked over the past year. I love the Venezia!
  15. Rollingonit

    Most Planes shot down?

    Random = 54 (edit: in the Vlad T8 BB) Coop = Probably not many (edit: 15 in the T5? DD Jervis) Most CV players either dont bother me in-game or give up after 3-4 minutes and go after a diff target, so I dont get many opportunities for high plane kills.