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  1. Rollingonit

    The music thread

  2. Rollingonit

    Do you enjoy your Premium Ships or Tech Tree ships?

    I play them both about equally now adays. The premiums I play because I like them, and I dont use premium service so they are my credit generators.
  3. Rollingonit

    Who have you seen in game

    Ran into alot of people over the past week. GGs @Ensign_Cthulhu, @CaliburxZero and @Old_Baldy_One got to see me kill a cleveland in the first 45 seconds of game. @CriMiNaL__ and @Final8ty with another clan member in a div. A few others I cant remember or spell names. GGs fellas.
  4. Rollingonit

    King of the Sea: Take my energy!

    The worcester after the Seattle is a excellent boat. If you can learn to play CLs, that boat has alot of tools to achieve the 2k base.
  5. Rollingonit

    King of the Sea: Take my energy!

    I dont really know for certain, you just have to play particularly well (edit: you also want to win, the basic win bonus counts towards base xp; Im not sure if you would of won that game you would of been close. But I forget the exact bonus). It's made more difficult for t10 since you dont get the XP bonus for doing dmg to higher tier ships. CVs in general I rarely see score above 2k base xp. Maybe once in every 50-100 games do I see one. I can show you all sorts of base 2k games in non CVs.
  6. Rollingonit

    King of the Sea: Take my energy!

    Base XP doesnt include premium. Your actual base XP is that 1358XP in the standard/non premium section. edit: base xp is also displayed on the team score section.
  7. Rollingonit

    Coop battle just now

    lol, ok nice rambling.
  8. Rollingonit

    T8 Itialin is there an XP modifier built in?

    Maybe tier differences. Doing other little stuff too. Example of a recent game I had, I was quite surprised by DMG done vs XP. But it was tier difference + capping.
  9. Rollingonit

    T8 Itialin is there an XP modifier built in?

    Just in general, dmg is more rewarding for the percentage of dmg you do to a ship (Im pretty sure you know this jags). Killing those DDs (also doing a good percentage of dmg to it) really elevates XP gains. You just must be doing good dmg to DDs and spreading some dmg around. I dont think the T8 has any xp modifier. At least not what I could glean from my experience with it.
  10. Rollingonit

    Coop battle just now

    Why would you expect teamwork in T3/T4. It's loaded with new players who are just learning the game.
  11. Rollingonit

    How do you citadel Pensacolas and Clevelands?

    In a cruiser above T6/T7 that shouldnt really happen. Unless you're not locked on target. Though yes, some RNG has to bless you for citadels.
  12. My thoughts: You could see this coming from a mile away. That is all.
  13. Rollingonit

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    Yes. It seems to be some trade off, previous EA events we had the random drops outta boxes. This setup seems to guarantee everyone at least the minimum for the T5? ship. So it's pray to RNG for anything, or pray to RNG to higher in EA. This system seems better, but people are gonna complain about anything. edit: but then again, I barely pay attention to these events anymore; so maybe Im completely wrong how it's setup
  14. Rollingonit

    First T10 Ship

    Conqueror. Just wanted to burn everything down. Still play it occasionally, still consider it some what cheese, but still fun.