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  1. Cossack #2 at T8. I can not disagree with the rest of the list.
  2. Rollingonit


    Flying helicopters was one of my favorite thing to do in the Battlefield series. (i know it wouldnt be anything like that) Anyways, why is WG forbidden to do it?
  3. Rollingonit

    Player Abuse & Ship XP Problems

    Seems more like a suggestion, rather than anything else. Nothing really offensive. I dont think it's great advice. If you want to learn to PVP, you welll... PVP. T4 CVs are where CVs start.
  4. Rollingonit

    Huanghe I have to say, quite a fun ship

    The server avg is like 29k dmg in the ship. It has like 27k HP. You're at least trading hit points with 30k. 60K would be pretty good. The highest avg dmg is like 81k. Not many players have, or play that ship often. It can be a fun ship, I dont think it's anything special; but workable within it's tier. edit: If you are doing a decent amount of dmg (30-40K is alright... within its tier), killing DDs, pew pewing heavies. Influencing the game to your teams advantage when you can, then yes that's great.
  5. Rollingonit

    2 in 3 hours.

    Oh, never realized that.
  6. Rollingonit

    2 in 3 hours.

    I thought solo warrior was win a game (only 1 person alive on the winning team) with at least 4 enemies still alive?
  7. Rollingonit

    2 in 3 hours.

    Nice games, grats on the solo warrriors. I think your last picture is the wrong one though.
  8. Skip to T5 if I can. I dont particularly enjoy lower tier game play, and I prefer to let the new players dip their feet in the water before they get eaten by sharks.
  9. While the discussion got caught up on the possible treatment of the healer players. I doubt WG would add them, since it seems they want shorter matches. Adding a healing ship would more than likely produce longer matches.
  10. Imagine the amount of verbal abuse those players receive. It wouldnt be pleasant.
  11. Rollingonit

    Who have you seen in game

    GGs @Crucis @Final8ty
  12. Thunder has never played CVs in randoms, unless he does it under a diff. account.
  13. Rollingonit

    over 50k random battles

    I dont think that's a bot. Just someone who just plays to play, and has a huge amount of free time (retired, disabled, kid, etc etc etc) These are the players with the most random games played with public profiles. He is #2.
  14. Rollingonit

    Abusive purple players

    1. Stop using the Match Making stat mod 2. Use the ignore/mute option in-game Nothing to worry about then.
  15. Based off TheLaLaa's info, T9s. My experience as well.