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  1. Rollingonit

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    The responses here should be interesting. Was curious to test this catchphrase for the other social experiment I have running on this forum.
  2. Rollingonit

    We lost "Odo"

    R.I.P Mr. Auberjonois
  3. I never said you did. edit actually I did, but you as in the discussion in total.
  4. Yes, you admitted along with Kiz, the discussion started talking about politics.
  5. You are talking politics, it by ToS standards isnt allowed or will be moved.
  6. It will most likely get moved to off topic section or locked, due to political discussion. But it's the weekend and the mods dont really work on the weekend. It's become very apparent this past month or 2. You can pretty much post what you want, as long as you dont go too far off the deep end. Then when monday rolls around, things get moved/locked.
  7. Rollingonit

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    @Femennenly, Just to be clear. What dev team works on captains. Does it interfere with other development? Particularly gameplay elements, like CVs, Subs, overall ship balance, ship design,.
  8. Rollingonit

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    We dont know for sure. And I said what you asked. Focus needs to be on gameplay at this time, not the frills.
  9. Rollingonit

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    Not against it. But they should focus on improving the actual gameplay. Sure different dev teams work on diff things, but focus on gameplay right now. edit: this goes for all 3 of these capt request threads.
  10. Rollingonit

    Mercy rule in Coop sucks!

    Just give it to them, theyll still earn way less than PVP.
  11. Rollingonit

    Why do games end before the timer expires?

    There are other things/"tricks" you can do to extend the game. Play in a div on voice chat. When the score gets low, allow a non div member to yolo and die, extend the game. Rinse and repeat. You could even just do this right at the start of the game. Not very team like, but extends the game and you can possibly earn more XP. Requires the sacrificial teammates to not be able to trade, but plenty of players can barely do that anyway.
  12. Rollingonit

    Hard to have fun lately

    No, I just get outside my detection range and stop firing.
  13. Rollingonit

    Hard to have fun lately

    It isnt, I do it all the time. edit: Ill concede that line of thought if you add CV spotting, but you never mentioned it in your post.
  14. Rollingonit

    Arizona to the wire!

    GG soshi. Yah the CV was also clutch on paying attention to what was going on.