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  1. Octavian_of_Roma

    Uneven Battles Between Tiers

    It happens, you deal with it or you dont. WG just wont change the tier spread in MM. Real life comparison. My freshman year in high school, I played AAU basketball. My team was composed of the HS freshmen team. We got matched up against Coby Karl (George karls, NBA coach's kid). It was was a bunch of freshman playing against senior D1 college prospects. We got rolled. Team just alley ooped on us all day. Yah its dumb, MM in real life sucks too.
  2. Octavian_of_Roma

    Which side to choose?

    I had no idea who was going to win when I chose. I havent flip flopped in any of these team events. BUT I completely understand players that do it, because they want to maximize whatever is rewarded. The last one I barely paid any attention to, Ill most likely do the same with this one. Pick a team, and just forget about it lol. EDIT: The best part of the event was people posting shark and eagle pictures. That was the highlight for me. Yah, itll happen.
  3. Octavian_of_Roma

    Which side to choose?

    Im an American, chose Sharks and never changed team. You wanker :P
  4. Octavian_of_Roma

    People are so angry now :(

    Hey man, who you calling people. Im a panda!
  5. Octavian_of_Roma


    Post the damage distribution page, like I and vader mentioned. We can guess, you targeted mostly BBs. Then read what I linked from the Wikia here, in the last few posts. Itll make more sense then. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy
  6. Octavian_of_Roma


    actually you are right munky. I am dumb.
  7. Octavian_of_Roma

    Which side to choose?

    You can change teams. Just choose whichever your heart desires.
  8. Octavian_of_Roma

    Super long waiting time

    It's been 5 minutes since Ive been playing since 2017. I cant tell you what low tier queue times are like though, I never really play in those tiers.
  9. Octavian_of_Roma


    Show us the damage distribution tab. The 3rd tab. 947XP in a loss is pretty usual. Less than 500XP is questionable to what you were doing (unless the whole team just collapses). what I said here relates to base XP
  10. Octavian_of_Roma

    losing interest

    Id be curious to view the game replays when you do.
  11. Octavian_of_Roma

    losing interest

    Any evidence you can provide?
  12. Octavian_of_Roma

    How closely related to WR is the First Blood achievement?

    Do you keep track of what the ship type is that is being killed in the first blood?
  13. Octavian_of_Roma

    Team Honor or Team Glory?

    Never realized you were from the other side of the pond Ultimate.
  14. Octavian_of_Roma

    How to Control your Win Rate

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy Earning Credits and Experience After a battle, each player receives base credits and experience according to his contribution to the battle.[6] Note: Special rules apply for ships participating in Clan Battles. Factors affecting the base amounts are listed below. [7] N.b. that while these factors are used to calculate both XP and Credits, how they are used is not identical between the two. Rewards scale with the tier of your ship. For XP, a two-fold difference is possible between Tiers I and X for the same actions. For credits, the difference may be even greater. Damage is rewarded by the percentage of the target ship's hit points removed, not the amount of raw damage done. Thus, 10,000 damage done to a destroyer is worth more than 10,000 damage done to a battleship. Frags (enemy kills) award the equivalent of 15% of the target's hit points in damage. Sinking enemy ships is important and awarded accordingly. The damage award scales depending on the tier disparity between ships. More is earned for damaging a higher tiered than a lower tiered ship. Total rewards do not scale linearly. As an example, destroying one cruiser earns one whole pie. Destroying two cruisers brings one whole pie plus a second pie with a bite taken out of it. For destroying three cruisers, two whole pies are the reward. Shooting down Aircraft also provides rewards. Shooting down 40 aircraft rewards roughly the same amount as removing 100% of the hit points of a similarly tiered ship.[8] Tanking and potential damage is rewarded. Potential damage includes the maximum damage of all shells, bombs, or torpedoes that hit the ship or pass within 500m. Detection - detecting a ship that has not been seen for at least 90 seconds[9] rewards: CV receives 0.75% of XP/Credits for full HP damage to the spotted ship. BB receives 1.50% of XP/Credits for full HP damage to the spotted ship. DD receives 2.00% of XP/Credits for full HP damage to the spotted ship. CR receives 3.25% of XP/Credits for full HP damage to the spotted ship. The detection of aircraft and torpedoes also generates a small reward. Spotting - detecting a ship that is then damaged by your allies[9] (that could not otherwise see the target) gives the following: BB receives approximately 10% of the reward for full HP damage to the spotted ship. CV receives approximately 20% of the reward for full HP damage to the spotted ship. CR receives approximately 30% of the reward for full HP damage to the spotted ship. DD receives approximately 40% of the reward for full HP damage to the spotted ship. The spotter must be detecting the target at the moment the shells hit. The reward is divided by the number of spotters. Damage-over-time (fire, flood) is not rewarded. The more Base Capture and Base Defense points you earn, the better. XP is not awarded for damage to shore installations. Diversity of activity is rewarded. For instance, a BB that camps at the back doing one task - shooting at long range - will earn less than the BB that accrues the same damage while shooting and also defending a capture point. Achievements add hefty bonuses to the reward. Finally, the base rewards increase greatly for the winning team. To these base amounts, modifiers are applied to calculate the final reward amounts (see The Calculations for details). The post-battle report states the final, modified results on the 'Personal Score' tab, states the base XP on the 'Team Score' tab, summarizes the elements that affected the base rewards on the 'Details' tab, and breaks down the calculation of modified results on the 'Credits and XP' tab. Friendly fire (dealing direct damage to allies, accidental or otherwise) decreases the amount of credits and experience earned, imposing a fine on the total amount. This will never cause the reward to go below zero, though. The Calculations Main article: Economics See the Economics article for how Ship Experience, Credits, Commander XP, and Free XP are earned from a battle.
  15. Octavian_of_Roma

    .0.8.3 Patch - your reactions?

    Looking forward to the RU BBs. The rest is interesting to others Im sure, but inconsequential to me.