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  1. Octavian_of_Roma

    Is there ANY Way to get around this?

  2. Octavian_of_Roma

    Can the Ocean map just get removed already,?

    Yah, it's one of the most clear differences you'll encounter. This map and the opinion ingame vs forum. I dont mind it, as an occasional change up though. It mostly devolves into something similar to what you posted. Or it just becomes a stagnant bow tanking match.
  3. Just try to improve. Live and learn. It seems to be what you are trying to do. A increase in WR% may come once you really understand what may be needed each individual game for the win, sometimes it's massive dmg, sometimes it's protecting, or aggressively pushing an enemy's cap. (edit: sometimes it is just not gonna happen) Like I said, you are improving in your individual stats. Hopefully you are picking up random things you may have missed. I didnt know there was a torp lead indicator for my first 2k games. Each game I was playing with torps, I was trying to do the Pythagoras's theorem in my head; you learn as you go. I treat my stats, similarly how I treated my times in track and field. Just measurements for self improvement..
  4. Octavian_of_Roma

    How many players are usually on?

    It's in the menu UI now. Just hit ESC, it still shows the online pop.
  5. Your past 21 days survival rate and dmg. As far as I can tell, you are improving across all individual stats. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1034543527,Rgtx1121/
  6. You arent really one of them. Usually they have less than 10% survival rates and no where near 50K damage avgs.
  7. Players who drive straight and die within 1 minute of the match starting. I usually face palm.
  8. Octavian_of_Roma

    adapt, poor advice

    Most things in life you either git gud or adapt. It's just a general life lesson. You can still enjoy things, you dont "git gud" or "adapt" to. And there some things neither of these apply. It isnt something to really get worked up about.
  9. If anything at all, afks; even afks arent something to get triggered about. So I go, "Oh no, o well. game on".
  10. Octavian_of_Roma

    win or lose is 90% determined by MM

    This is [edited], I demand a refund.
  11. Octavian_of_Roma

    win or lose is 90% determined by MM

    How much did you pay for yours? Because I often enough tell people to not buy lockboxes and not buy premium, I got an additional fee charge of 99.99 stanely nickels. But it was worth it to maintain a 60%-70% WR.
  12. Weird thread, goes from OP "Influx of experienced players make game go by too fast, not enjoyable.". To, "PVP players bad, they hide behind rocks.". Im not sure how PVP players hiding behind rocks is making coop games go faster.
  13. Octavian_of_Roma

    MM proposal: Tier IV+ ONLY for Tier IV CVs

    I dont think this solves anything. Probably just creates more problems, like the one Brushwolf mentioned.
  14. Octavian_of_Roma

    Being bottom tier in a T8 means....

    4 RU vs 2 RU, obvious victory for your team. Buff Kremlin!
  15. Octavian_of_Roma

    When Miracles Happen...

    Am I reading this right? So at one point in this game's history, you could turn pink for shooting an enemy too early in the game?