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  1. Octavian_of_Roma

    something is different, mechanics not the same

    Put your mouse on the "hits" flag on the first page of the endgame results. I think it shows the breakdown.
  2. Octavian_of_Roma

    Campaigns for sale and what I would like to see from them

    It's not really innovative. Alot of these changes/additions to the game recently are common in the MMORPG realm. Lots of lootboxes, adding currencies (when an exisiting currency is devalued), and paid campaigns. That said I dont really have any opinion on this campaign until its live and I know all details.
  3. Octavian_of_Roma

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    Lower tier ships get an XP bonus when they damage and sink higher tier ships. But still if a bottom tier is topping the scoreboard in wins, he/she has some above avg idea of what they are doing to perform.
  4. Octavian_of_Roma

    When Buddha and Hercules walked together...

    Do you also watch the Kings and Generals youtube channel? Neat and interesting stuff, none the less.
  5. Octavian_of_Roma

    Chance or Coincidence?

    I save alot of those flags for 100%/200% xp bonus times. Last time I used a few was this weekend on my Hipper. It did place me in a t10 match. I finished with 2.7k base XP top score as the lone tier 8. Maybe MM said prove it, and I was like. Sure.
  6. Octavian_of_Roma

    Wildcard Wednesday

    CVs. Because of the skill variance between players, and the impact they can have on the match.
  7. lol, I play mainly in the same tier bracket as you. T8-T10. I suppose playing my t8 cruisers is pretty manly in tier 10 games. Thanks!
  8. Maybe, but my I win more than you. So maybe you should be border and island humping.
  9. Should of been in your opening post. Would help others. Instead of fishing for a particular response.
  10. No, he's looking for a specific answer. He likes the ones where the specific answer arises.
  11. lol, ok. So no real advice to be found from you. This has been productive.
  12. You are asking us, but know how... but wont tell us... odd indeed.
  13. Yah right... he complains about BB mains complaing about things like torps and fire. Then comes up with a thread like this, with no real advice. I wonder....
  14. They are all legit reasons posted by Naval.
  15. You should reread the 2nd post in the thread you created. It gave you several possibilities, with the one you were specifically looking for as the last line.