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  1. bronx182

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    Update download takes about 15 minutes to reach 92% then quits. This has happened three times. Not running any mods.
  2. bronx182

    Change to Steam account.

    Once you open a Steam account, your current WOWS account cannot migrate to it, i.e. you will essentially be starting over with a new account. This is per an answer to a ticket I submitted in reference to playing on Steam.
  3. bronx182

    Nvidia GeForce Now

    I've only had to wait a few times over the hundreds of times I've logged in, and it was a very short wait. Paying users get priority.
  4. bronx182

    Nvidia GeForce Now

    GeForce Now is a streaming service from Nvidia that lets you play games on their machines. I've used it for about six months in Beta test and have been very satisfied. It gives me a constant 75 fps on the highest graphic settings with a ping of about 35. It is now open to all users. If I understand correctly, you can join for free which gives you one hour sessions (you can quit and log in again), or have unlimited play for $ 4.99/month with the first three months free. One caveat. The WOWS client does not update automatically when a patch comes down. You need to contact Nvidia customer support to alert them to update. They are very responsive, but it can take a day or two. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now/#product-matrix
  5. Thank you. It should be phrased, "raises the question." "Begs the question" means that an argument depends on a logical fallacy or circular reasoning. An example would be the argument, "Crates are valuable because they're worth buying." Nothing in that argument demonstrates that they are of value or are worthwhile.
  6. Got that, but not sure how to do a division of 1.
  7. bronx182

    Nvidia GeForce

  8. bronx182

    Nvidia GeForce

    As I understand it, with Nvidia GeForce I am basically playing on their rig -- somewhere in the cloud -- which is streamed to my computer. I do not have the game client on my computer. (My computer gave me something like 15-20 fps when I was running the client, with GeForce I get 75 fps on the highest settings.) I'm guessing Nvidia does not update the client through the Wargaming Center. I've been through past client updates without this problelm.
  9. I play through Nvidia GeForce beta. Currently, I can't log in because Nvidia has not updated the client on their server. (Apparently, it doesn't update automatically.) I've been in touch with Nvidia customer support, but if anyone else using GeForce is getting this message, think about contacting them as well as it may speed things along, Thanks.
  10. bronx182

    Hardware question

    Not tech-savvy, so would appreciate input. Would a desktop with the following specs run WOWS at acceptable fps (say, 35 plus fps at medium settings): AMD A6 PRO-7400B Processor 3.5GHz Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 8GB RA 500GB Hard Drive AMD Radeon R5 Graphics DVDRW Drive 10/100/1000 Network