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  1. andarragh21

    Alaska on Alaska Day?!?

    She's not done testing yet. Just got a new round of changes for supertest, so it seems unlikely that she would be ready for the 18th. You never know, but the best we can hope for at this point is SOONtm .
  2. andarragh21

    Jean Bart!

    Notser confirmed that JB will be in the next patch. No word from WG on what the method of acquisition will be yet, though. Also included in the patch will Le Terrible. He was decidedly less enthused about her, though.
  3. andarragh21

    CV Rework Feedback

    The thing about Des Moines or any other high tier CA/CL with only long range AA is that they will no longer have auto-damage AA. Long range AA is being changed to flak bursts that the CV player can avoid. The only unavoidable damage is from the close range AA, so for a lot of high tier cruisers, this could be a massive AA nerf.
  4. andarragh21

    What's the key to winning in ranked?

    100% this. Most of the times I have lost badly, it has been on a team with no plan or multiple players who won't stick with it. #1 tip: just talk to each other.
  5. andarragh21

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    This is the best piece of advice. The French line 100% can't be played in the middle of the battle line. Try getting on the flanks where people are less likely to focus fire on you. Also, IFHE can really help Alscase's 100mm secondaries.
  6. That is one thing that will carry over to the high tier germans. Their armor is mostly exposed while almost every other navy uses internal armor designs, so you can bounce shells that other ships can't.
  7. The high tier Germans also have an interesting quirk: their noses are largely armored with an extended belt that is 60mm. That means that they can't be overmatched through the nose by a Yamato or Musashi, and can withstand a large amount of hits if you are willing to go bow on and limit your own firepower.
  8. If your main complaint is squishiness, you might want to try the German BBs then. Gneis is fairly maneuverable, but after that their turning circles get quite large. However, the way their armor and HP is set up you will almost never take a catastrophic single hits the way the Japanese and US BBs sometimes can. You will take a lot of consistent damage, though. That, and the accuracy (or lack there-of) takes some getting used to. But, boy, when you get in close they do a lot of damage.
  9. Well, Gneis is definitely going to be the lowest accuracy of the lot. With only 6 barrels, she really takes some getting used to to use right. She really suffers at range, but is pretty good up close and has cruiser speed. Hipper's a good general use cruiser that's a significant upgrade on the Yorck, if you have it, in terms of gunnery. Colorado is very much like any of the other dreadnought era ships you have played (slow, a lot of direct armor), with 16 inch guns that are relatively accurate. Really, though, the unique identities of each line start to really happen from T8 and up. I personally prioritized the German BB line since I like brawling, but if you tend to favor cruisers you may end up preferring something else. It's really all about what you enjoy.
  10. andarragh21

    Come on Ranger What were you thinking?

    That's nothing. I had a Lexington keep flying planes over my AA fit Minotaur one time. Ended up with 50 plane kills. The guy just couldn't take a hint, I guess.
  11. andarragh21

    Is it worth it (special upgrade)?

    For something like a Fletcher, that doesn't rely on outright speed, you can really go either way. For something like the high tier Russian DDs, the engine boost extender does have some serious appeal, though. It's really all about how you play. I will say that it might become less useful if the CV rework gets done though, since you might prefer having defensive AA to engine boost at that point.
  12. andarragh21

    Hold on a second....Graf Scharnhorst?

    Probably because they were the first large ships Germany was allowed to build after some of the Treaty of Versailles limitations had lapsed. The funny thing is that Hitler ended up forcing the renaming of Deutschland herself to Lutzow during the war, as he wanted to get rid of the opportunity for propaganda if she sank.
  13. andarragh21

    DD Line / DDs for a total DD potato?

    It's not the the outright fire chance that is important, it's rate of fire. When you can get 200 hits in a game, you set plenty of fires. That said, German DDs are the worst of the bunch there. For setting fires go USN or Russian.
  14. andarragh21

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yep. In my german ones, I try to cap then run around like a maniac and spam torps every chance I get. You sit in smoke and fire and you are asking to get radar-ed.
  15. andarragh21

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Truthfully, I'm kind of indifferent on the whole radar thing. I actually kind of like the fact that there are less DD's (I tend to be a bit of a torpedo magnet), but it can be a little bit of a pain when I play DD's myself. I really haven't understood what all the fuss is about, though. Sure, radar makes a DD's job a bit harder, but it's not impossible if you keep on your toes and think ahead.