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  1. French BB XP

    Thanks for the info!
  2. French BB XP

    I wanted to see if anyone knew the answer about a French BB question: For those of us that have gotten one or more of the pre-release French BBs, what happens to the XP they have accrued? when 0.7.2 comes out, will it count towards the next ship in the line, or will it be like a premium that you would have to convert with doubloons? Don't think I have seen any info put out there on this, so just wanted to check and see if anyone had any info. Thanks in advance guys!
  3. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    I've logged in 3 times today and haven't had anything like that happen. The only suggestions I can give are to make sure all of your info at the log in screen is absolutely correct and, barring that, you could always try restarting your computer. it sounds stupid, but it does sometimes help. If all else fails, you may want to contact WG and make sure nothing is wrong with your account. Best of Luck.
  4. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    I have actually had pretty good success playing at all tiers (I play Tier 10 regularly), but I have noticed some issues. I will preface this by saying that I have a first gen Touch Bar MacBook Pro, with 16 GB of RAM and 4 GB of VRAM. However those numbers should be pretty much useless, as, the last time I checked, the wrapper was using the WindowsXP framework. That can't support more than 3GB and 1GB, respectively. I am able to play with most settings on the pre-0.7.2 minimums, except for the water visuals (that is on medium). My main problem is that there seems to be a memory leak somewhere in the rendering, as I have to logout every few matches. This becomes especially true with higher tiers (7+), my guess is this being due to a combination of larger maps and ships with an increasing number of elements and larger sizes. I do at least get a "tell" when I am going to crash going into the next match: if I bring up the armor overlay in port near my games-in-a-row limit, it will fail to display the armor diagram on the ship. I am putting this out there for a couple reasons. First: take heart Mac users, it is possible to get high tier play to work. It's not going to look as good as the PC people, but with some time and experimentation, I think a lot of people can get it to work. My second reason is just to give WG and Codeweavers some ideas of where to look for progress. I am not going to try to tell anyone there how to do their jobs, but in my own life I found that having outside eyes always helps. I think we all would like Mac and PC to be on equal footing, and I hope this helps us get there someday.
  5. Schanhorst....2nd opinion pls.

    Part of the question is what kind of captain you have on the ship, and where you are going with it. If you are training for cruisers or have a captain that is less than 10 points, you might want to stick with the aiming mod. The Scharnhorst can (somewhat) play like a big cruiser then. But if you are looking for a BB captain or want to practice what German BBs at higher tiers are like, you should go with secondary mod 2, and get at least a 10 point captain, or preferably a 14 point one, With advanced fire training and manual secondaries. That is the method I personally prefer, because of the volume of fire and range the secondaries can put out, but I know other people have gone the large cruiser route. Best advice I can give is to experiment and see what works for YOU, not someone else.
  6. Please Learn to play German BB's

    As someone who plays regularly as a German BB, I have to say that I completely agree. The main problem is that, right now, playing that way is the biggest Catch-22 in the game. If I play the way I want to, I almost uniformly get no support, because BBs an CAs are so passive above T6, while everyone else calls you an idiot for trying to push forward. If I play the way everyone else does, my value to the team is literally only as something else to shoot at (a lot). It is honestly the most frustrating thing in the game, but those rare games where it works out are completely worth the aggravation of trying and failing. Just wish more people thought like this.
  7. Let's see if anyone else seems to be having this issue: I seem to be having crashes specifically while playing as a Colorado. Having played a number of battles since the 0.6.6 update, the games as a Colorado are totally unplayable because of crashes, while I can play multiple consecutive games with other ships without a crash. Edit: As a side note, I have both restarted my computer and run the installation check in the launcher, so neither of those would seem to be an issue.
  8. Newport

    Tried playing it on the mac client and got to the main attack. As soon as that popped up, it was just insta-crash, even when I tried logging back in. Couldn't even make it far enough in to exit to port after I died. Not really any lag problems though.