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  1. Tier X recommendation ?

    I personally have become rather partial to the Republique of late. She's pretty unconventional, but she does a lot of damage when you get her in the right situation.
  2. Questions about the German Tier X GK

    Second this. The other main question is just how close you want to fight at. That will affect the choice of gun caliber on the mains. The 420s are a little better at range, but the 406's rate of fire is more important when you're muzzle to muzzle with someone.
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    Just throwing something at the wall, but I wouldn't mind seeing some variety in PVP game modes. For example: a map and starting position layout that clearly shows an attacker and defender, i.e. an asymmetric layout with one team in a spread out search pattern versus a more concentrated break out force. Something to add a little more variety than two sides sailing line-abreast into each other with a no-mans-land in the middle.
  4. Suggestion

    In my opinion, you are spot on. I have the same problem any time I play BBs: it's not the torpedoes that will end up getting me most of the time, it's the mass amount of HE being flung in my direction. The only thing you can really do is to try to get multiple BBs to push together (good luck with that). I still try to play through it, but it is honestly the most annoying way to be done in. It's also going to get worse in the near future, with the USN CL split. Having some way of dealing specifically with fires better, I think, would definitely improve BB gameplay.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    I personally have had a fascination with DKM battleships going all the way back to second grade, so that was the first line I ever played. But, I have to say, it may have been supplanted by the new French battleships. They fit my play style to a T, and are just straight up fun to play because of fact that they fit.
  6. In terms of play style, the Monarch and KGV are going to be very similar. British BB AP is less usable than most as the fusing time on it is very short. At longer ranges, this means that you are going to have a harder time penetrating into battleship citadels, but you will be less likely to over penetrate on cruisers. Monarch is slightly more towards other battleships than the KGV on that, but still functions fairly differently than either the French or German T8s with the same gun caliber, so switching ammo types is the key to getting the most out of her guns. The most helpful change is in the concealment, as it will help you get into a range where you can realistically chose between AP and HE. TLDR: she's still pretty similar to KGV, but her guns are slightly better. Concealment really helps improve gameplay, though. The guns on Lion and Conqueror are much better, but Monarch is a good lead up in teaching you how to play British BBs at high tier. Have fun.
  7. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    So, it seems like WG may have accidentally helped isolate where some of the memory leak is for Mac users with the latest update. Normally I am able to play between 3 and 6 consecutive battles at T7+ before crashing out. However, with the space battles mode I have been able to play as many battles as I want to. The only real differences are the somewhat limited ship selection and team size, but more importantly, the mode is limited to one map. My suspicion is that the memory leak is related to the maps, which would explain why it gets worse at higher tiers. At those tiers the map sizes are much larger to accommodate the increased ranges ships have. I have no way to confirm this on my own, but hopefuly it will give WG and Codeweavers some ideas to improve the Mac client in the future, something we all would like.
  8. ANOTHER Mac problem

    I seem to recall this happening to me at some point early last year. I don't remember what I did to fix it, but you may have to delete the wrapper. As for the preferences.xml file, you will have to show hidden folders to see it. In Sierra or High Sierra you can use the shortcut (shift+cmd+. (period)) to turn hidden files on and off, otherwise there is a terminal command you can look up on google. It's in: ~user/Library/Application Support/World of Warships/Bottles/worldofwarships/drive_C/Games/World_of_Warships
  9. TierX Worcester

    Wikipedia, so don't take it as gospel. It's likely higher for the DP mounts. I was just trying to give a rough reference point.
  10. TierX Worcester

    Real life has 6x2 152 mm DP guns with 12 rpm. Basically outfitted as a Minotaur +1 turret and no torps. Main question will be does it get HE. That would be the most annoying thing possible for BBs.
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 13th, 2018

    I'm just going to throw this out there: USS Alaska. Large "cruiser-killer" design 9 (3x3) 305 millimeter guns with ~20 second reload, 230 mm belt, and 33 knot speed. She'd be comparable to the Kronstadt and Stalingrad designs the Dev blog says they are currently working on. That would unfortunately mean she would have to be a Tier 9, unless they somehow downgrade her to a tier 8 level of power. Either way, would be interesting to see how something like that would act as a cruiser instead of the Scharnhorst's tier 7 BB.
  12. French BB most in need of a buff???

    I have played both the Richelieu and the Alsace a fair bit, and I run secondary builds on both (only have manual secondaries on Alsace). Both ships feel like they work fine. Alsace is actually my best ship so far. The secondaries on both feel like they could use a bump, though. With the majority of the shells being 100 mm, it feels like they could use some IFHE-like boost to penetration against BBs. However, the French secondaries seem to have better accuracy than the german ones, so they work fairly well on cruisers. Just my two cents. Both ships are good if you use them properly and choose the right targets, though.
  13. G Cesare?

    Definitely try this. However, given the ship, I would tend to bet you are over-penning a bit. That is a common problem with low tier cruisers and their toilet-paper like armor, but if you are over-penning BBs you need to check your aim. If you hit high on the hull at mid to close range, you're hitting above the belt and AP won't arm properly.
  14. Line Split..Your first impressions?

    Huh. Hadn't seen that anywhere (in fact, I saw people complaining it SHOULD have torpedos based on the original design). If they gave it torps, it would be a very interesting ship for the USN.
  15. Line Split..Your first impressions?

    I am actually kind of intrigued by the new ships. The Buffalo looks to be a good looking ship that is similar to the Hindenburg without torpedoes. I am also interested to see what they do with the high tier CLs. If they give something like Worcester the ability to fire HE, it could be a nightmare at high tiers. I'm definitely going to wait and see before I pass judgement on it, though, because a lot can change between now and then.