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  1. andarragh21

    Possible Flandre Bug

    In the same boat. Hopefully the devs take notice.
  2. andarragh21

    More signals means crappy battle results?

    I decided to load up on flags this morning and went out and had this game (one of my best). I doubt the flags had much to do with it, but you never know.
  3. andarragh21

    Asymmetric battle first impression

    I've enjoyed it so far too. My main criticism is that the MM algorithm could use a little work. I had one battle with the high tier made literally entirely of BBs. It predictably didn't go well against a DD heavy low tier team. That could use to be ironed out.
  4. andarragh21

    COLORADO armor belt thickness is wrong?

    According to Conway's Battleships, the armor stayed at 343 mm all the way through the 1920 South Dakota class because the Navy felt they couldn't manufacture steel thicker than that with consistent quality at the time.
  5. Given the timing and announcers, I'm willing to bet its some type of USN line split. WG also seems to be going Full Line -> Split -> Full line, etc., of late.
  6. I may have found a temporary work around, although it's still pretty inconsistent. If you go up to the top right corner where the escape icon normally is, you can move around until it brings up the information for the escape icon ("click to exit" or something like that). If you *right* click it seems to bring up the gui at least some of the time.
  7. Has anyone else had problems getting the dockyard gui to load? I've been able to get the dockyard itself to load, but never the interface no matter how long I wait. it just seems to get stuck like this.
  8. andarragh21

    Salem or Thunderer

    Have both. Thunderer is a brute. I had a game a while back of 315K damage (I have never gotten anywhere near that in anything else). She's also different from the Tech tree line in that her AP is properly fused to penetrate. Salem is a gimmicky Des Moines, which is probably actually worse than her sister.
  9. New client works for me. Thanks for such a quick response.
  10. Never mind. Got it sorted, I think. Just didn't install right.
  11. After today's update to the WGC, I have not been able to get it to open. Is anyone else having this problem?
  12. I think I have a workaround (same thing happened to me). Go to your documents folder and double click the WoWs alias folder. If you switch to column view in the finder window, you can scroll back a few folders until you find a "World of Warships 3.1.2" folder (file path is something like ~/User/Library/Application Support/World of Warships/World of Warships 3.1.2, where Library is normally invisible). Inside that is the new Wargaming Game Center app/new wrapper. I played through that and it seems a fair bit improved.
  13. Am I missing something with this? When I go to download it in any of the locations, including your links, the only thing that downloads is the old 2.0.29 WoWs Launcher wrapper. Is that the new one, or is something not linking right for me?
  14. iOS is not MacOS. The main reason more companies don't do mac native games is the graphics part is that Apple has held fast to its own, proprietary graphics drivers that are completely different from the DirectX ones Windows uses. I'm not saying it can't be done (Blizzard has always done it), but most games will be published for Windows only and eventually be brought to Mac by a specialist publisher like Aspyr or Feral Interactive. Otherwise, because of those fundamental programing differences, the original publisher would have to have two entirely separate development teams, one for Mac and one for Windows. Using a WINE wrapper, WG can bypass the need for a Mac dedicated team, but are reliant on CodeWeavers to keep up with changes to their client. There's plenty of blame to go around on these problems. The best we can do is keep providing feedback, now that WG is paying attention.
  15. The problem is that so much has changed in the last few months, let alone 2 years, that finding the actual culprit(s) would be basically impossible. The main problems are going to be the shift to DirectX11 and having been running a 64bit client on a 32bit wrapper. The real problems with these are on CodeWeavers' end with the wrapper not having been kept up to date in those two years. They're just now getting around to finally working on updating it.