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  1. Labedoyere

    My Turn = Neptune

    I am having issues though on learning how to use its smoke. I think it smokes for 15 seconds and i am having issues on being in the smoke when the smoke stops. And because the time of only 15 seconds it actually ends up smoking a rather small area which makes blind firing easy.
  2. Labedoyere

    AA Priority Sector

    I watched the vid...Thanks...But i seemed to have missed how one picks what side of the ship you wish to use it on at a given moment.
  3. Labedoyere

    AA Priority Sector

    Is there a vid on you tube that show how the new AA Priority Sector works ? Thanks
  4. Labedoyere

    Black Torp question

    Thank you Silver.....That turned out to be my issue....Thanks everyone for the help
  5. Labedoyere

    Black Torp question

    That did not qork eithr...I did what you said and then even wiped all the capt skills back to nothing ad filled them al out again and still at 11....
  6. Labedoyere

    Black Torp question

    I have that option ckecked and it is still 11.0
  7. Labedoyere

    Black Torp question

    Hello.. I see or saw before i got the black that the distance of her torps was 13.7 and once i bought her and set it up mu torps have a distance of 11.0.....How did i change the distance without knowing i did ?
  8. Labedoyere

    Henri reload time ?

    What i the fastest reload time on the main guns you have been able to set up ?
  9. Labedoyere

    Asashio 16 km torps ?

    Thank You guys
  10. Labedoyere

    Asashio 16 km torps ?

    I have seen somewhere that you can have 16 km torps instead of the 20 km ....Something that has to do with a Torp Acceleration option or mod.... If one can outfit this boat with 15 km torps....How do i do it. Thank You
  11. Labedoyere

    Henry IV build question

    Hello...Usually when i first put a build together i go by what Flamu says what to to do in his vids though on Henry i ran into a problem. Upgrades Slot 1 - Main Armaments Mod 1 no problem Slot2 - Engine Boost Mod 1 no problem Slot 3- AA Guns Mod 2....This is the 1st problem that i have. I have AA guns Mod 1 and not 2 in the 3rd slot...AA guns Mod 2 is listed as one of the option in my 6th slot. If i pick Mod two ion my 6th slot i will not be able to Main Battery Mod 3 in the 6th slot Slot 4 -Steering gears Mod 2...No problem Slot 5- Concealment...No problem Slot 6 - Is part of the problem with the 3rd Slot Thank You in advance for any help
  12. Labedoyere

    Campaign co-op

    Thanks for the feedback guys
  13. Labedoyere

    Campaign co-op

    I have just started trying to work through this to get Halsey.....I see from time to time where you can get though it by playing in co op but i am just starting Mission 1 Task 4 and i have to and have to earn the most XP on my team twice. Has to be done in Random battles for ships from tier 8 to 10. LOL....Not very often at all when i end up as the top xp guy.
  14. Labedoyere

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    I do not know much about graphic cards but....Its like after update 8.0 the game is pretty much telling me that my Gen Force GTX_980 is now obsolete.
  15. Labedoyere

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Anything getting better for you ? Have War Ships responded to your ticket ?