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  1. gearing modified hull ?

    Well..I have one modified hull available. Says a unique upgrade available. Not sure why.....But it is there to access if i want
  2. gearing modified hull ?

    Good... bad ? What are your thoughts ?
  3. dd guns v dd guns

    Thank You Lert....Most of the situations i am talking about it broadsides...Thanks for the help
  4. dd guns v dd guns

    Whenever i find myself fighting against another dd and her guns i keep getting my butt kicked! I know that the best thing for me to fire is he but where is the best spot to air at.....For some reason i dont think it would be at the waterline but that is a guess. Is there a best spot to air at on a dd ? thanks
  5. My reason is that i am from Phila and i have to go on the Eagles side !
  6. Legendary Upgrades ?

    ok.....Thanks guys
  7. Legendary Upgrades ?

    Where and how does one acquire these ? Thanks
  8. Concealment ?

    ENO.... My problem was without camo it was 6.1 and when i put camo on it changes to 5.9 Now....Without the camo i am fine if i keep the distance of at least 6.1 from the reds and when i put on the camo the distance change to 5.9 which is a little closer to the reds....I just thought that with the camo i have a wee bit more distance before i can be seen
  9. Concealment ?

    Thanks for the info....But i still dont understand why i am more visible with the camouflage than i am without it. 5.9 with and 6.1 without
  10. Concealment ?

    Hello.....I have been having a dug moment when it comes to this. I just got a dd whose Detect ability range by sea was 6.1 Up to this point i thought if i did not fire my guns they would not be able to see me unless i got closer than that. I put on a camo and it changed to 5.9 .....Now they way i have been thinking up till now means to me that because of the camo i put on they can now see me at 5.9 as opposed to 6.1. It isnt much but with all the radar...every bit helps....How am i looking at this issue wrong? Thank You
  11. Thinking about my Z-52 captain...

    What does AR stand for in the options for the Captain ?
  12. Alabama or Massachusetts??

    The Mass is a lot of fun but.....It couldnt hit a barn next to it with those guns!
  13. Ooops....I have the Cleveland up to the Des Moines and sold the Omaha because i did not think i needed it for the split ?!?!?! I guess i better go back and but it again
  14. Changing a target in a DD for torps

    Once i have zoomed onto a target and pushed the f3 and i see the firing solution.....But if i wanted to check out some other targets in the area do i have to start the process over but first zooming onto the next ship? Thanks
  15. Pink - How you doin so far?

    I do not have the replay or a screen shot...I just went in and did my time so to speak . ;)