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  1. Labedoyere

    Understanding Clans ?

    The impression i get that me not playing at night isnt doing the clan any good and just thought that is the deal breaker for me.
  2. Labedoyere

    Understanding Clans ?

    I know that i could join one.....I am just trying to figure out about what is expected of one in the clan. Are most battles at night ? A avg of how many battles one play a week when in a clan ....Questions of that nature
  3. Labedoyere

    Understanding Clans ?

    Hello Even though i do not think i am good enough to be a part of clans i do a invite from time to time. But i dont really know what all goes into being in a clan. 1. I have seen posts that point to clan burnout. Is there a set number of battles one must play on a given day or during the week. 2. I am retired and live on left coast and usually play off and on during the day and not really on the puter at night. But im thinking thats is another reason that i should not be in clans because most of the battles are going on at night since most people still have to work. I just get the idea that one has to spend a lot of time with it and considering all the time one already has to spend moving up through the tiers and all the different side battles involved in the game.
  4. Labedoyere

    New red arrow ?

    Good Point....Thanks might have checked something by mistake.
  5. Labedoyere

    New red arrow ?

  6. Labedoyere

    New red arrow ?

    Whats with the new red arrow one now sees on the screen during battle ? Thanks
  7. Labedoyere

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    Whats with the new red arrow on the screen ?
  8. Labedoyere


    Its just i was noticing how i was outgunned by whatever DD inside a cap area
  9. Labedoyere


    Everyone talks about the guns of this ship but the guns are at 19 and every other DD at tier 9 in the game is a lot stronger than 19. Whats their to brag about as far as the guns go ?
  10. Labedoyere

    How to change to a different pay pal account ?

    Thanks for the feedback....I only see the different options to pay and pay pal is one of them. At this point i click on Pay Pal and it is not going through. I do not and have net seen the screen where it says remember pay pal details.
  11. I cannot find a place on this site where i can change my pay pal account info . How do you sign on to a new pay pal account from the one that is set up on here ? Thanks
  12. Labedoyere

    I might be done with USN DD...

    Thanks for the feedback....I have noticed that quite a few people whose vids i have seen do not use a crosshair when firing their guns. I wish i could get that type of feel for it but i havent really tried to earn it yet to get the feeling for it.
  13. Labedoyere

    UI Scale ?

    ok....Thank You
  14. Labedoyere

    UI Scale ?

    ok.....I do not know a whole lot about the guts of computers.....What is UI Scale and what does it do ? I changed that setting and i did notice that everything got bigger in the game.....Other than that i have no idea. Thanks