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  1. Labedoyere

    Deputy Commander Question

    Can you have more than 5 ?
  2. Labedoyere

    Deputy Commander Question

    A clan can have unlimited Deputy Commander? Once in a while we will not have a deputy commander around to set up things for clan battle and the people in the clan say that wow only allows 3 deputy commanders per clan. So...What is the rule...you can more than 3 deputy commanders that are allowed to set up clan battle or the who clan can only have 3 total?
  3. Can you gift someone with them not knowing who sent it to them ?
  4. Labedoyere

    PSA...Haragumo teams in Clan Battles

    How does one watch the link that was in the 1st msg ?
  5. Labedoyere

    PSA: Black Friday Crates (7.11)

    Already have the ships....Dont see a reason to buy a container.
  6. Labedoyere

    Adjust the mini map ?

    That worked ! Thanks so much J30 !
  7. Labedoyere

    Adjust the mini map ?

    Somehow my mini map got really small and i cannot figure out how to adjust the size of it. Someone said to hold the control key and then click on the round wheel in the upper right hand corner and for a short time you will see a option on the left Adjust minimap next to a mouse. Turning the wheel on my mouse just makes the main map zoom in and out. Help...Missing something here.
  8. Labedoyere

    Understanding Clans ?

    The impression i get that me not playing at night isnt doing the clan any good and just thought that is the deal breaker for me.
  9. Labedoyere

    Understanding Clans ?

    I know that i could join one.....I am just trying to figure out about what is expected of one in the clan. Are most battles at night ? A avg of how many battles one play a week when in a clan ....Questions of that nature
  10. Labedoyere

    Understanding Clans ?

    Hello Even though i do not think i am good enough to be a part of clans i do a invite from time to time. But i dont really know what all goes into being in a clan. 1. I have seen posts that point to clan burnout. Is there a set number of battles one must play on a given day or during the week. 2. I am retired and live on left coast and usually play off and on during the day and not really on the puter at night. But im thinking thats is another reason that i should not be in clans because most of the battles are going on at night since most people still have to work. I just get the idea that one has to spend a lot of time with it and considering all the time one already has to spend moving up through the tiers and all the different side battles involved in the game.
  11. Labedoyere

    New red arrow ?

    Good Point....Thanks might have checked something by mistake.
  12. Labedoyere

    New red arrow ?

    Whats with the new red arrow one now sees on the screen during battle ? Thanks
  13. Labedoyere

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    Whats with the new red arrow on the screen ?
  14. Labedoyere


    Its just i was noticing how i was outgunned by whatever DD inside a cap area