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  1. Changing a target in a DD for torps

    Once i have zoomed onto a target and pushed the f3 and i see the firing solution.....But if i wanted to check out some other targets in the area do i have to start the process over but first zooming onto the next ship? Thanks
  2. Pink - How you doin so far?

    I do not have the replay or a screen shot...I just went in and did my time so to speak . ;)
  3. Pink - How you doin so far?

    After i got the two game warning.....The next game someone on my side sank me and when the battle was over and i went to my home screen that is when i found out i had to do 10 game sin coop...I was confused because i was sunk....I didnt hit anyone in that game.
  4. Asashio.....Modded or Boosted

    Thanks...SO the boost pkg does not have the mods that is part of the other pkg and has to be purchased ? I dont know much about the terms/slang on these ships....Just trying to figure out the difference between the pkgs.
  5. Asashio.....Modded or Boosted

    The ship has twp different ways to buy is..The modded part confuses me because i thought that when you buy a prem ship it comes outfitted. And the other one you get some flags and a boot mission....So...If you buy the boosted pkg one then has to spend to outfit the ship? What is the boot mission ?
  6. Thanks for all the help guys....One thing i have thought about that after letting you torps go on one side can one turn the boat around and shoot from the other side as well......I would think that i could do one side then the other side but i get the impression that after letting one side go and even though i would turn to the other side i would still have to wait for them to reload....
  7. Thanks....Guess at this point pretty much use the guns and do try that much to use the torps
  8. Hello I am new to trying to play destroyers and darn....Its almost like they do not want you to use the torps.....With a Detect range of 7 and the torp range is 4.4. I guess to live lomng enough to let the torps go one has to ask the enemy capt if you can stop over for lunch to get close enough to use the torps. ;)
  9. One line and a half of destroyers...

    thanks for the feedback
  10. I am working on the Fubuki at the moment and i just checked out the tree again and i noticed that there is a partial line of more destroyers....What gives and what is the different between the two ? Thanks
  11. Elite Commander XP ?

    ok.....I was wondering it i could put a large chunk towards the point now and the rest in the future. But it doesnt look like to can add elite here and there.....Its either the whole amount of elite and if not it will then go to the free xp....thanks
  12. Elite Commander XP ?

    A new question about the same type of transaction For a cap training i have the total is 189000 and so far he has earned 15,966..So that leave a balance of 173,034 till his next point I have 108,866 Elite Commander XP at the moment The way i am seeing it is that i cannot just put the Elite pts towards a new point at this time and for me to pull it off i would have to use some of my free xp points. Do i always have to have the full amount of ELite Points for me to help the capt along and just add more to his total later or am i forced to use the free ex points to make up the difference ?
  13. Elite Commander XP ?

    ok guys....Thank you ever so much for the feedback
  14. Elite Commander XP ?

    But.....those extra points cannot go to another ship from another country.... Right ?
  15. Elite Commander XP ?

    Hello I now have my 1st 19 point captain and i see that i have some elite commander xp....I see some test in the lower left of the screen telling me this...But i cannot see what i can do with it. What do i do to give this to another captain or convert it to whatever i can do with it. Thanks