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  1. German Premiums

    SMS Blucher Only if there is a french ship ( Grouchy ) to chase it around
  2. Setting up my new Roon ?

    Thanks for the feedback Jason
  3. Setting up my new Roon ?

    ok.....You guys know a lot more than i when it comes to know what these options mean.....(What is this double rudder actually named) ? As far as range goes.....Do i have the setup that gives me the longest range at the moment ?
  4. Setting up my new Roon ?

    Just got the Roon yesterday and i am having some issues on setting her up. Not sure why but there seems to be a few ways of going with this setup. At the moment my mods are Main Arms Mod 1 Damage control system Mod 1 Secondary Battery Mod 2 Steering Gears Mod 2 Concealment Systems Mod 1.....Questionable at the moment ? Secondary Battery Mod 3 One does not see many carriers in the higher tiers so i am not really giving much thought to that type of build. I have seen something about a double rudder option....Though not sure what it is My Cap picks at the moment...Moved my Hipper Capt to the Roon and it is at 13 points. Priority Target and Preventive Maint.....(1 pt each) High Alert and Adrenaline Rush... 2 points each for a total of 4 points Demo Expert....3 points Concealment....4 points Thoughts? If i am questioning the Concealment Systems Mod 1 at the moment the thought of that is causing me to change my capt 4 points from Concealment to Superintendent.....Though i still dont know where that double rudder fits in. Thanks in advance for your thoughts
  5. Order of Upgrades for Roon

    Is double rudder the same things as steering gears mod 3 ?
  6. Lert....I was not asking or even hinting at all that she spend any time at all adding to the information she already puts out. That would be so rude on my part......There was a link that i had bookmarked that have a list of ships that were not prems and there was a lyper texed link to the options. That is what i am looking for. A shout out to Littlewhitemouse.....I am not and would not ask for more or added data from you .
  7. I thought i saw and bookmarked a page that has a list of ships she reviewed that are not prems. If there is such a page could someone please post a link to it ? Thank You
  8. Can I shut off badges?

    I dont get it....When you get sunk the program already lets you know who sunk you.
  9. Thanks for the feedback.... As far as the " unique voice lines " I do not understand the one i already have....I have no idea what she is saying.
  10. There are 4 new Fleet commanders ....A captain and a recorder and a Weapons Officer and a Chief Eng. Are they just 10 point captains and nothing more ? And what is the difference between the four of them. And are they captains that can be treated as a captain of a prem ship captains ? Thanks
  11. Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Has something changed with the Hood for this to be posted again ?
  12. Yes.....Worships really have you coming or going when it comes to money and captains.
  13. Well...Littlewhitemouse seems to be a very busy mouse and i am not going to bother her with a type of question that i had. ;)
  14. Thanks for the feedback
  15. Hello.....I got the Indianapolis and was reading on how to outfit it. Littlewhitemouse states to outfit it with (Gunfire Control Sytems Mod 1) Which i fine but that is not one of the option that i can pick. Maybe warships change the names of a few things but what she said isnt listed as such. Could that now be the Aiming Systems Mod ? Thanks