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  1. I just got her the other day and me and her guns are not getting along at all. I dont care how powerful they are and at the moment i have trouble hitting a barn....Short...Long....
  2. I ended up sending in a ticket....See what happens...Unless there was a higher pkg than Ultimate for 49.99
  3. I bought the Giulio Cesare Ultimate for 49.99
  4. ok....i will admit to being a wee bit odd just to buy a ship with a SPQR flag.....But i have always been in the Romans....BUT....I did see a picture/graphic of the boat with a SPQR flag and when i bought the ship that flag did not come with it. Anyone get the ship with a SPQR flag?
  5. Well.....Thanks a lot! I should have her in a week or two and you are putting yours in mothballs ! ;)
  6. I just hope they dont ban Aslain Mod.....I really use it for something that i have issues in the regular game setup and that is depending on the map i have real issues seeing where my shots are going. I can change graphically in the mod to make my shots much more visible .
  7. Thanks for the help guys
  8. How do you send email to someone ?
  9. A little bit confused here...Even though one might have enough free ex to purchase/research a high tier ship.....Being that is part of the tree and not a premium that you have to work your way through the other ships in order to research and but the ship. So....If you have enough free xp.....you do not have to work your way through the tree ?
  10. Thanks again....I am just about to get the Lion
  11. Not big on the secondaries ?
  12. Thank You for the feedback
  13. I am going to start working my way through the British Battleship line and i was looking around on the boards and in the Vids of builds for this line of ships and i have not found much on this topic at all. Any idea where i can look ? Thanks
  14. First off....I know nothing about the British Battleships (Molotov Cocktail) line but.... I am working on the Bismark and getting close to being able to move up to Friedrich Der Grossse and have watched a few vids about it to learn about the type of ship she is and hope to outfit her. And they havent said much about her that was good at all. I get the impression that the gun cant suck enough. And from what i have read and watched about the Izumo the feeling about this ship is pretty much about the same. A lot cant stand that ship. And the Iowa also gewt slammed quite a bit. Just seems a wee bit odd that tier 9 ships that is one tier below the best of the tier ships get a lot of bad press in this game.
  15. I know they are air dropped....But in reality i really dont think there is enough room from what i have seen for them to do what they do...Unless they drop them and am able to go horizontal in a fraction of a second. Then again...It is a game...and anything can happen in a game