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  1. WG reduces the number of Belfast players through gradual attrition of veteran players. This is done by removing the ship from the premium shop and the number of Belfast players will go down over time. Now, if you reintroduce the ship, the number of Belfast running around will go back up again, which defeats the original purpose of removing a ship.
  2. Russian_BaLanSe

    IFHE All Night Long

    Hey Mouse This is my first time replying to your posts. First of all, I really love your detailed, numbers-driven reviews & analysis in the past; as someone from an engineering background, I really appreciate the fact that I can just skim your reviews like an engineering report! Second, I just have a few quick questions that I hope maybe if you can clarify? Does this mean the Grozovoi will take a huge hit to its performance? And I assume to a lesser extent the Smolensk? I am wondering if this will be a big nerf to the Massachusettes's secondary build? The Massachusettes will lose out on 1.5% more fire chance (compared to the old IFHE) and lose the ability to HE penetrate the upper hull of T10 CA? Thanks in advance! :)