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  1. matt_alan

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    She turns on a dime, easy to dodge shots, so usually i am the last to die. Coop is very predictable, you position in a flank (in advance. so not worrying about speed) then shoot AP and you are done. Healthpool is the issue. AA is not an issue, it does not exist, so i team up with a cruiser and dodge.
  2. matt_alan

    Let's Talk Z44

    Play like a mini-cruiser (do not go for cap till you have backup) and you will be fine. All German DDs have very similar mini-cruiser playstyle.
  3. matt_alan

    Mikoyan Initial Impressions

    I wanted to love her with 180mm guns, i enjoy Kirov and Molotov. But you can citadel only if you can hit the enemy - with the terrible dispersion you can do it consistently from close (<7km) range. And you will consistently die in close range. Kirov with 9 guns is a much better option. If i see a Mikoyan in the enemy team i sing hallelujah! Not even good for DD hunting because with 6 guns your damage output can be dangerously low - german/russian T7 DD will citadel you with ease. I could not even kill an Isokaze when the guy dodges every shell...So if this ever becomes available in shop, do not spend any money on her...
  4. matt_alan

    I could use some help with the Kongo...

    I picked up her again after some time and she is just way too squishy. Her guns are ineffective above 15km but if you let the other BBs shoot you at 15km you are back to port regardless of angling. 5 matches 5 loss even if 3 times i was in 3 best. Heavily depends on team otherwise you get focus fire and you die.