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  1. Iron_Myke

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    OMG Reddnekk...I love that sig...made me laugh so hard.
  2. Iron_Myke

    Smaland for money?

    How much was the Puerto Rico if you paid outright to get her? People will pay...cost to some, is irrelevant.
  3. Iron_Myke

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    My Irian is going to take a significant loss to fire chance and thus, overall damage. That is all I see with these changes. With gun calibers on ever new battleship being released that can over-match most cruiser armor from any angle, this nerf makes the Irian less attractive.
  4. Iron_Myke

    Do not forget to sign up for free respec

    Thx for the heads up.
  5. Iron_Myke

    Your favorite midtier ship?

    Same for me. That ship is currently my favorite cruiser wise. It out shines the Kutuzov. At least for me. The Exeter is also a fun boat. Giulio Cesare is hands down my favorite battleship at tier 5. It is way OP. But I also like the Kii and Scharnhorst. T-61 is my go to destroyer at tier 6. Just love the hydro advantage.
  6. Iron_Myke

    Is this also your experience?

    I have played losing matches with 200k+ damage and a kraken and receive more exp on the losing team then what the top player on the winning team got. You can do your best and even have luck on your side. But, sometimes people will do their utmost to guarantee a loss when a win was within your grasp. Go figure. Are you looking for win rate or trying to gain more experience/credits? Or both?
  7. Wouldn't it give you a message if their stats were hidden and not that they haven't played a game?
  8. Iron_Myke

    CV Nerf coming?

    I think CVs need SAP rocket planes to be honest. AP rockets? ...that's just weaksauce.
  9. Wait....is that ....Elvis on that island? My goodness...I think they FOUND HIM !! May be a nude beach there...I dunno.
  10. Wonder if subs will drown if underwater and get stuck?
  11. Iron_Myke

    Its Fixed! Its Fixed!

    I have a 1mb ethernet connection. It never reaches that level though. If I ping my local ISP my bandwidth is around 800. So, if I am playing a match and my daughter decides to watch a movie on netflix, my in game latency will spike to 1200ms or so. Makes knife fighting other DDs more of a challenge to say the least. Guess that's why I mostly play cruisers. Glad the OP has a better connection. Makes a world of difference I'm sure. Cheers to ya mate. I am still jealous.
  12. Iron_Myke

    Fire damage/HE spam

    Battleships can dev strike a cruiser. They can also start fires just the same. It takes a fair amount of time to kill a battleship with HE spam 1v1 (except maybe Smolensk or Colbert). Wouldn't you agree that a battleship can kill a cruiser given the same amount of time? What wrong isn't the ability of the cruiser...it is the methods and tactics they use to their advantage. Don't play into their strengths. Force them to play to yours. Problem is some battleships armor shatters a lot of HE shells. The fires are really the only damage they can do. I do feel battleships are at a disadvantage still though. Perhaps drop it to 3 fires and with captain skills only 2 that can be set at any given time. Cruiser can do the same and DDs get 2 fires and with captain skills can drop the duration on those fires but not the amount that can be applied. Just a thought.
  13. Iron_Myke

    Its Fixed! Its Fixed!

    A 1mb connection shared with 3 other computers and 4 cell phones. Not an optimum setup added with my location. Pretty sure that has a lot to do with it for me at least. Forgot to say: I live in the remote mountains of N.C. Ever see the movie Last of the Mohicans? They filmed parts of that about 10 miles from my home roughly. Give ya an idea. Absolutely beautiful landscape here. Terrible internet though.
  14. Iron_Myke

    Its Fixed! Its Fixed!

    Wow, you can get below a 3 digit ping? Mine NEVER goes below 400ms. It bounces between 450ms and 800ms....hehehe. I'm jealous !