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  1. Good point. My choice of words wasn't the best but I do agree with you. They can change anything they want whenever they want. I just feel ripped off if they do so.
  2. Lets say you buy a program that does "x". The only reason you purchased it was because it had "x". Now, "x" has been changed to "z". Do you still feel you haven't been cheated since "x" was what you actually purchased and could care less for "z"? That is kind of my thought roughly behind why I don't think they should be touched. If I am sold on something for this, it should not be changed to that when the initial agreement said it would not be changed at all.
  3. Iron_Myke

    You are either for us...or against us.

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... Well, least you didn't join the lavender crowd. Its those people ya gotta keep an eye on.
  4. Better than nerfing the money making ability of the Mighty Mo....a ship that steals credits. Like a pirate ship with stealth. You sneak up on an unsuspecting MO undetected and steal all their credits. Its BRILLIANT ! Tier 1: Paddle Boat Tier 3: Long Boat w/electric motor (extra stealth bonus) Tier 5: Tug Boat with grappling hooks with a 10km range Oh...the list could go on and on
  5. Iron_Myke

    You are either for us...or against us.

    Look...either its purple or its grape. Choose a side because there is no middle ground people....c'mon.
  6. What about premiums that can only get the special camo allowing them to earn more credits per battle? Not all ships have access to this special credit earning camo. Would you also agree that they need to nerf that as well or simply give all ships access to that special camo?
  7. Iron_Myke

    You are either for us...or against us.

    I agree with you, partially. There are some things that are simply one way or the other where there is no middle ground.
  8. Iron_Myke

    Who will move in to fill the cc void?

    I honestly don't see the need/demand for a CC program at all once a company reaches a certain size customer base. The CCs that have departed; either from their own choice or dismissal via Wargaming, have done their part to get the game to the point it is now. I have enjoyed their streams, videos and commentary over the years. In the case of LWM though, her work has far exceeded any other CC to me. I will miss her informative post. I don't feel there will be another like her stepping up to help players make decisions on purchasing premiums to fit their playstyle based on what information she shows about those ships from her extensive testing and meticulously detailed post.
  9. The original MO should never have been touched. Only the new version should have the new "game balance" attribute.
  10. There is a tag on new premiums now where they can be altered for game balance...or something to that extent. So it is already in place for new stuff. The issue I see is that a new ship is released that has some feature as its selling point. Then down the road when it is no longer selling well, it gets nerfed to perform as any other ship and then a new premium comes out with the same type of "feature". Rinse and repeat for profit.
  11. Iron_Myke

    Wichita - A Misunderstood Gem

    I enjoyed playing the ship but the guns are just too weak to make this my favorite to play anymore, even though it is my most played cruiser (soon Mainz will overtake it on games played). With the release of the Italian DDs and the new German DDs I have placed this ship indefinitely on the shelf. I can not destroy them with this ship. Last game I played in this ship made me so mad that a T9 German destroyer sat in front of me basically broadside and out gunned me. So sad.
  12. Iron_Myke

    Was Gulio Nerfed?

    GC is definitely OP for her tier. I played this ship to complete the Five Epochs of the Navy missions at tier 5. She is as strong as ever. The ship is fast, accurate and extremely stealthy. With Luigi Sansonetti as a captain you can add +%8 to your range which removes the only real issue with this ship. I have not noticed even the slightest change to her if there ever was one.
  13. Iron_Myke

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    OMG Reddnekk...I love that sig...made me laugh so hard.
  14. Iron_Myke

    Smaland for money?

    How much was the Puerto Rico if you paid outright to get her? People will pay...cost to some, is irrelevant.
  15. Iron_Myke

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    My Irian is going to take a significant loss to fire chance and thus, overall damage. That is all I see with these changes. With gun calibers on ever new battleship being released that can over-match most cruiser armor from any angle, this nerf makes the Irian less attractive.