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  1. Iron_Myke

    Wichita - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    This is my favorite ship at the moment. I love this ship. It is so maneuverable. It is good at hunting DDs, nailing broadside cruisers with AP and tanking return fire from them and also burning down BBs from range. Its AAs is a little on the weak side against T10 but it can put a hurt on a squad that tries to strike you. I haven't gone full AA build yet, but my biggest problem is the need to want to give cover fire for capping DDs with radar and some AA to boot. Gets me killed most of the time but I can't help it. This ship is a total package at T8 hands down. I have gone straight in to 3 BBs and survived throwing out fires and some broadside AP salvos on them for 10k a pop. Man, no other ship I have played shows me this kind of fun.
  2. Iron_Myke

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    German T10 Hinenburg with the legendary upgrade is about as "tanky" as you can get with a cruiser I believe. HUGE survivability with a properly specced captain at the helm.
  3. Iron_Myke

    I bought both the exeter and furry-taco ships.

    I have played them both in randoms a bit and I can say that they are about equal. I do feel that the Furry is a little tougher though.
  4. Iron_Myke

    Tier VI T-61

    I fire AP at almost everything with the T-61. Only time I use HE is when a ship stays angled or a BB is at max range. But I try not to fight with guns. I play it more like a torpedo boat that can use it guns then the other way around. For me, i found a lot of success with it that way.
  5. I see your point. I was certain that; if spotted, I would be too easy of a target and would be focused by the CV due to the tier mismatch. I was sided with a DD and a BB so there was no cover unless I sat at spawn with the BB. The CV spotted me as I was moving to mid where other ships were going right at the beginning of the match. Just luck of the draw with the spawn location being what it was. What I am puzzled with is that with DF active and all the AA I can put on the Wichita it was not enough to stop the first wave from killing me. Once DF was on cool down, I have no problem with my inevitable fate from the next squad. How only 4 plane kills with an active deterrent, max AA and turning to avoid did almost nothing is why I say "not all ships have OP AA" as a few have mentioned previously is all. Using what I just experienced as my example. I do feel that MM should only cover a +1/-1 tier selection. My previous remarks being about AA disparity against +2 tier planes is one point. Range of ships guns is another. But that is an entirely different discussion and I won't remark further on that matter. GLHF guys. Cya out there on the open seas.
  6. I was just in a T10 random with my T8 Wichita. AA rating of 55 I have full AA Capt build, AA module and AA consumable. With all that I could only shoot down 4 planes on 3 attacks from the same squad. I had defensive fire active and focused and the planes still came right in and dropped their torpedoes not once, not twice but three times. AA is NOT over powered across the board I can assure you. On some ships perhaps but not for all in general. I would like to be able to click on a squad of planes to focus fire on like before. I could care less about the torpedo bombers and more so be able to focus on the AP bombers when these 2 types both come at me simultaneously. I could care less about shooting at planes once they have dropped their payload too. They are no longer a threat.
  7. Iron_Myke

    Zao needs some love

    Zao's hps are fine. With the recent upgrade to the range of her torpedoes, she is now a complete package. Her armor is enough to offset her lower hp pool. I have tanked plenty of BBs firing at me from range just for their shells to bounce off the hull. The ship is not designed to go toe to toe with a Moskva, Des Moines or Hindenberg. They will delete you like that. Play to her strengths, not theirs. She works fantastically from range with her fire chance and highly accurate guns. You stop firing, go dark and then change positions launching your torpedoes during the transition. I will say this though, I think her AP damage has been changed slightly. I used to nail broadside BBs like Montana with 20k+ salvos. Haven't seen that recently. Only 12k or so now.
  8. Iron_Myke

    Tier VI T-61

    I have had some incredible games in the T-61. It and the Loyang are my favorite DDs to play. It is a fun ship. I like it a lot better than the other German premium the z-31(32) or something another.
  9. Iron_Myke

    The Kii trap

    Can't say much on the Belfast as I don't have it but the Kutuzov is hit or miss. Have some good games and some bad ones. Not enough smoke to spread around to actually hide in. BBs will nail you every time in your smoke out in open waters. It really shines when running away at range or hiding behind an island. I seem to get annihilated in that ship once spotted though. 8km smoke firing penalty means you have to stay pretty much way back. Feels like every shell that hits me is a citadel HE or AP the like. Kii is an average ship as long as you are not up tiered. But then again you can say that for a lot of silver ships as well. Only thing I like about the Kii is you can actually make a little money in it doing Co-op. That's about it.
  10. Iron_Myke

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    Almost forgot to mention that if I see a GC when playing my Scharn...it is dead meat. Actually had a battle where the GC Captain was complaining at me for singling him out. The thing has no chance. I will burn it down if it angles or cit it to death if it tries to get a broadside shot at me. I am not even a decent BB player or pvp player overall. But like the tier 7 and lower IJN and US cruisers....the Scharn will eat them up every time. Hell, the Scharn is more OP than the GC is by far.
  11. Iron_Myke

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    When they bumped the Cleveland up to tier8 and gave it a few buffs...it fit well at that tier. GC is not an OP ship though a few commentators have stated otherwise. If/when they move it to tier 6 I hope they buff it in the same way. I have had this ship for awhile and it is comparable to the Kongo. I definitely agree. If it is OP just what exactly can it do that is so over the top it needs to be raised a tier? Facing a NC or Bis or Amagi, this ship will have no chance.
  12. One problem. The planes have dropped all their torps before even being spotted then "F" keyed back. Maneuvers while under fire won't prevent any of this if that is what you are referring to.
  13. Had a random a few hours ago with 4 CVs. Our Midway sunk 7 ships with Kraken, Witherer, Arsonist, and 3 other achievements which I can't recall. He /she could have easily sunk more. The enemy Hakus x2 were stealth torping ala iChase strat and even announced that at the start of the match. The influence these ships had on the game made it a total crap shoot for everyone else. We were either trying to hide or struggling to get in a few shots before the CVs destroyed the targets. Grouping up for an AA bubble is laughable. Face Haku x2 and see how that strat works for you. If this is the game that was intended via 8.0 ...guess there will only be CV captains out there waiting to que soon.
  14. Iron_Myke

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    Moving a ship up a tier changes things drastically from tier 5 to tier 6. MM will be merciless because that ship will face tier 9 from time to time.