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  1. general_D_H_Chun

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    carrier players: guys just adapt, carriers are a part of the competetive meta now carrier players when Wargaming releases a DD line with actual AA: REEE HE SHOOT MY ENTIRE ROCKET PLANE FLIGHT DOWN
  2. general_D_H_Chun

    Odin. Why?

    I wouldn't say it's unplayable, as you can absolutely get in touch with your cruiser side of the family and spam HE. The fire chance is rather good for 305 mm, at 27% (same as Yoshino). You play more like a cruiser near the start, and push in and use your close quarters advantages if you can. You can slot expert loader and take potshots at broadsides, and maybe try to get into a crossfire position where you can use your 20 second reload to its fullest. It's not a SPECIAL BB, and not one I'm remotely interested in after the hp nerf, but I wouldn't say it's the end of the world.
  3. general_D_H_Chun

    German CV's inbound

    if these things are anything near the Graf Zeppelin in terms of performance than you can count me out a line dedicated to the one in twenty games secondary meme sounds... unappetizing, to say the least
  4. general_D_H_Chun

    ST, changes to test ships.

    You can never have enough Amagi.
  5. Is hydrogen cyanide good for your longevity? Hmmm, not sure.
  6. general_D_H_Chun


    I really don't know who's more at fault here. The people who put a tier six battleship at tier seven, or the people who genuinely expected it to not be absolute and irreparably garbage. I think that Wargaming realized that they have to meet their quota of garbage USN premiums after Enterprise, Somers, Benham, Massachusetts, Georgia, Alaska, and Ohio.
  7. general_D_H_Chun

    The Bismark should no longer be Tier VIII

    you really have to wonder if it's the same person making all these threads to farm downvotes
  8. general_D_H_Chun

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    update: I read the bottom. heart attack has passed.
  9. general_D_H_Chun

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    please tell me this thread is a meme
  10. general_D_H_Chun

    High tier Pan-EU DDs quite probably need an AA nerf.

    shouldn't you... be advocating for a Kurfurst AA buff, then?
  11. general_D_H_Chun

    Is it true clans are boycottong clan battles??

    clanwars was basically a meme to begin with. some of the classic comps, such as the iron curtain (7 Stalingrads), and the tour de France (7 Klebers) have been invented because no genuine unicum took the mode seriously. It's always been a gamemode for lol's. Not serious play. If you want actual competetive play, look at KoTS, where all the elite clans unanimously vote-kicked CVs.
  12. it depends on the secondary ship shooting at you, and the ship you're in. USN secondary ships are universally lethal, melting what they can penetrate, and burning down what they can't, as they're hyperaccurate enough to constantly deliver hits. Graf Zeppelin and Agir are absolute secondary memes in that their secondaries are absolutely lethal, the drawback being they basically have no other advantage over same tier counterparts The German battleships, however, feel annoying at best. They are incredibly inaccurate. If you're in a Kremlin or any other ship with good fire resistance and armor, you can basically ignore them.
  13. I actually wouldn't mind that. Respect to the ship. Although, this seems like a slippery slope into what WoT does, where they basically put a removed premium on sale for a juiced up price for like a day
  14. general_D_H_Chun

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    for an example of what Yashma means by "broadsiding," reference the Kutuzov in the video.
  15. a Musashi can't exactly pinpoint a target at 30km with a 19 second shell travel time. The solution is to not stay stationary like an idiot.