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  1. general_D_H_Chun

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    I think you're making a bit of a mistake by equating the general intelligence level of the CV population to other classes. see, not all of us are dumb enough to stay stationary for the three minutes it takes the two Musashis to kill you across the map. Some of us have learned the w key hack. Keep in mind that Musashi's travel time at this range borders on anywhere from 15-17 seconds. Even a *carrier's* rudder shift can outpace that. This isn't a broken exploit. Yuro states that it only works on stupid people. Hence, it works on most CVs.
  2. general_D_H_Chun

    where is my Taihou?

    it's sort of like the Montana situation. Midway comes from a time where WoWS was a WWII ship game, and historical accuracy mattered. Midway was the historical apex of WWII carrier doctrine, on the part of the USN. She was designed in the 30's, she fought in Vietnam and Korea, she launched the first missile to ever take off from the deck of a ship (armored flight deck made her a perfect candidate), and she featured a level of survivability not matched by any USN carrier up until that point she was also the first USN ship too large to fit through the panama canal, representing the first time the USN had overstepped a major barrier it had adhered to for all of WWII. She's big, she has history, she's very tanky, and she can carry a lot of planes. That makes her perfect as a t10.
  3. general_D_H_Chun

    where is my Taihou?

    It's been a year now. Where are the odd tier CVs? Has Wargaming deleted them permanently? I don't really like CVs or anything, but I really liked looking at those ships in port. Where are they? They're literally going to implement submarines before we get our Essex back
  4. Indomitable has its own little cult that argues that it's an amazing ship Other than that? I played Kurfurst for a month. Nothing but Kurfurst. A unicum that only plays their Bourgogne or their Kremlin, isn't a unicum. It's really unique. It trains slingshots. It forces you to stack DoTs. It absolutely farms when top tier. And, for what it's worth, it's fast enough that I find myself mitigating AA damage You want something broken? Get a Lexington. None of the premiums past Enterprise are what I would consider strong. But this? You should ask yourself. You choose how to spend your money. I wouldn't judge you for taking it, even if simply for this thing's history alone. <3 twin engined bombers
  5. general_D_H_Chun

    How to balance CVs and make them a part of the game

    ah, yes. the notorious criminal organization, at work behind the curtains- I have them to thank that DDs are so easy to play oh wait
  6. general_D_H_Chun

    How to balance CVs and make them a part of the game

    Huh. Now that's a narrative I've never heard before. You do realize that destroyers have to engage in a sixteen step checklist to minimize their chances of losing half their health to rocket planes in the opening minutes, right? Carriers contribute more than radar to the "it sucks to play DD" narrative. They were removed from competetive King of the Seas. Hopefully they will never see the light of day in clanwars. Don't compare your last few months of "boo hoo, I can't get 200k average damage in Hakuryu anymore!" to the experiences of a class that regularly gets shafted with every successive patch. You don't get nerfed because Wargaming likes to oppress you. You get nerfed because you helm the single least intellectually taxing class since artillery.
  7. general_D_H_Chun

    How to balance CVs and make them a part of the game

    What he's trying to say is that he's played many tens of times the number of carrier games you've played, and thus has actual leverage with his opinion while you can't really go "oh, I'm a carrier player. I know things that you don't"
  8. general_D_H_Chun

    How to balance CVs and make them a part of the game

    I don't believe that there is a carrier nerf that the CV playerbase wouldn't complain about You sort of get that quality of player when you make a class this easy to play
  9. general_D_H_Chun

    Indomitable on NA premium shop.

    I'm getting serious Graf Zeppelin vibes here They seriously want another no TB CV
  10. BBs: Yamato, Kremlin- These are ships that are good, but also extremely forgiving CAs: Smolensk, Hindenburg (for most forgiving), Henri (for most competetive) CLs: Smolensk, Worcester (for second most competetive), Minotaur (for if you're bad at positioning and need a smokescreen) DDs: Smolensk, Daring, Kleber CVs: Not Audacious. That's the only condition. Midway and Hakuryuu encourage two different kinds of play, with one farming damage and the other killing their DM in the first 5 minutes. Midway is considered by some to be better, but Hakuryu is capable of more
  11. general_D_H_Chun

    I love the Lenin.

    First, what immensely interested me about this ship. HP: 63.2k Concealment: 13.1 km So, immediately, Lenin is a Russian BB that breaks from the tradition of practically all of its tech tree counterparts- The superior concealment and hp are nowhere to be found. I think Wargaming did an exceptional job of giving the ship somewhat realistic characteristics. You expect this huge ship to be spotted at thirteen kilometers. At the same time, the second to lowest health pool at tier eight is really an interesting touch. Furthermore, unlike Kremlin, this thing does get citadelled extremely easily. The belt is 350mm, but holy crap is the citadel high. And unlike Soyuz and Kremlin's T-shaped citadel, there isn't any strip of thicker armor, any underlying spacing to troll. You definitely get citadelled. I like this touch, after stomping in Kremlin for a solid month. However, the damage control is too strong in my opinion. You rarely expend all five charges with intelligent play, and I find that I rarely ever need all five charges anyways. However, is it amazing to have? Definitely. I love it. It saves your behind in countless scenarios. Maneuverability and firepower: Combined, are they too strong? Probably. I've noticed comfortable accuracy up to around 14.5 kilometers. At these ranges, sure, I get trolled, but they work fine all the same. The turret traverse is a dream. You can snap onto a target clean off your bow. I love it. Rudder shift is cruiser level, and you notice it. Furthermore, the amazing acceleration and deceleration allow you to offset your turning circle with handbrake maneuvers. You can easily countenance your citadel in this way. All in all? I have a new favorite tier eight BB. Goodbye, Bismarck
  12. general_D_H_Chun

    Puerto Rico grind thread

    I have decided to grind the Puerto Rico for zero money spent Will upload status as time goes on
  13. general_D_H_Chun

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    except you could buy the Kamikaze in the premium shop, I think and it didn't cost 236 dollars.
  14. One of the directives is to earn 950,000 experience It takes 750,000 free experience, on average, to work through an entire line "Free tier ten" my absolute [edited]
  15. go treat yourself to a family vacation. take a break from the game. do something meaningful.