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    I love CVs

    You're positive. I like that. Have an upvote.
  2. people I respect: "CVs are fine, here's why you're wrong" "CVs are (very much) too strong right now, here's what I think can be changed" people I don't care about: "Remove skycancer lmbo" Spineless invertebrae of a human being whose sole purpose in existence is to critique an entity larger than themselves to attain the satisfaction and rush of a "rebellion" "CVs are inherently broken by nature and should be removed from the game, sacrificing months of work on your part and permanently shelving over thirty elaborate ship models. Regardless of the high potential that there is a solution, I could not care less, as if I don't tell Wargaming to go [edited] themselves on forums on a weekly interval, the last remnants of my brain enter into cryostasis and I am perpetually trapped in a permanent vegetal state. I am also the kind of person to leave the toilet bowl up and criticise you for hygiene when you lower it."
  3. I'm saying that the balancing for the individual ships was finished. Your assumption that everyone who bought a carrier was expecting them to change, however, is just incorrect from the base forums response to the changes. Furthermore, what defines "individual change?" Suppose I remove overmatch and nerf sigma for all battleships No doubt, certain ships don't even care (bourgogne), while other ships are utterly and foundationally changed (Yamato). Your narrow assumption of what defined an "individual change" is why you can't understand people are unhappy. If you nerf engine boost globally, carriers that don't rely on it, like Enterprise, are marginally hurt, while ships that sell on it, like Graf Zeppelin, are rendered significantly less playable. It's not a global change if what's being changed doesn't affect everyone equally.
  4. Flamu's subs don't really have opinions of their own Once during a stream, he got torpedoed in a Kreml trying to rush a Minotaur in smoke, and he complained the Mino hadn't launched the torps with enough "skill" (keep in mind if the Mino had done what Flamu thought he should've done, launching torps to cover area, not sector, his Kreml would've taken only 1 torp and lived) Flamu eventually gets upset to the point he sets his chat to subscriber only and has his mods ban anyone who told him he messed up. Great player, but a bit angsty and emotional
  5. what you don't fully understand is that the carrier simply will always be focused, due to the average battleship player getting a hate boner It doesn't matter how much health, or armor, or heals the CV has. And this is a twofold problem firstly, the CV takes frustrating damage that their ship really wasn't built to take second, every shell wasted on a CV is a shell that could have gone to, say, that broadsiding Minotaur thirteen km away. It makes no sense
  6. another thing to note is that in the devblog, they explicitly stated that they "considered the balance of these ships finished" Of course it can be misinterpreted, but the lack of communication in that aspect also ticks people off
  7. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-guides/premium-cv-here/#graf-zeppelin This is the page on the premium carriers scroll down to the hUgEly oVeRpOweRed Graf Zeppelin I quote, "The engine boost of her attack aircraft is twice as strong as that of other aircraft" Keep this in mind because this is really important as to understanding what the clowns in the balancing department are [edited]around with. "We want to draw attention to the most discussed points of the latest announcements. Boost standardization — is a system-wide change, which affects the speed of the aircraft only when using Boost, without changes in the cruising speed, and affects all planes in the game" So, what are these changes? Buffs? [edited] no. Before, it was a maximum speed of 140% of your cruising speed. Slowing down meant 80% of your top speed. That sounds basic. But apparently, somebody really really needed to know those boost values. The carrier's ability to reach your ship apparently somehow mattered. Well, Graf Zeppelin's boost meant the attack planes could go at 190 knots, top, with a STANDARD boost, not EVEN the "twice as strong" boost What does this new change do? For EVERY carrier, the speed is exactly 35 knots, increasing, and 17.5 knots, decreasing. The "twice as powerful engine boost," is completely gone. Regardless of how fast the planes were before, they're now 171 knots, top. You ADVERTISED this boost. It's right there. "the boost is strong pls buy" And then you REMOVED the boost. AFTER people bought it. Keep in mind this was a fifty dollar ship. A fifty dollar, 12k alpha, no plane health, RNG bomber, piece of utter mediocrity. For NO justification whatsoever. Keep in mind, also, because this is UNIVERSAL, ALL plane squadrons get [edited]. The TBs go 181 knots, at 140% boost, they reached a speed of 253 knots. This was their ONLY redeeming feature, because they have LANGLEY torpedoes. Now the speed is, 181 + 35, 216 knots. You just slashed off THIRTY SEVEN KNOTS of NEEDED speed. Because this ISN'T a strike/alpha-based ship. I don't know WHAT it's supposed to be, all jokes aside Now, you say, the class's balance isn't finished. This might be a needed change. Now I counter you. Why did you sell them, then? You had to prove to your CEOs that this change was profitable? Sure. Then TEST IT BETTER. We had THREE PTS rounds of testing, and the hilarious situation upon 8.0 going live demonstrated the utter incompetence of their ability to interpret a situation. All in all, what I think we should do is ask for collective refunds. These ships are NOT concrete. They should NEVER have been sold. A Saipan player did 353k last week. Then they announced both Saipan and Kaga would have their dive bombers nerfed along with Lexington and Midway. I can't call these pathetic efforts "finished products." These are overglorified test ships that we're paying excess of forty dollars to test FOR them. Sell them when they're ready. A three-year-old can understand this better than Wargaming's entire collective balance team can.
  8. general_D_H_Chun

    "Bring the CVs in line with other classes"

    so, some mistakes were made in this thread, but I'll do my best to explain As you may or may not know, I was gradually improving at RTS carrier, with my highest winrate ship being my 70% Hiryu. What "high alpha" means is that a large portion of a ship's health is capable of being lost in a short interval For your reference, if the entire squadron is considered a salvo, and your target is, say, a bottom tier BB, then yes, you still have that "alpha" in that you're dumping 36 HE bombs at him and then coming back within the two minute interval Basically, in comparison to the original system, it's not much better. Even one drop deals good damage compareable to a single Midway DB strike with the 2 2 2 original HE DB iteration. In one drop. Although this isn't a universal rule to CV, it's still a problem. And it doesn't really matter one drop deals significantly less damage, because if you can't shoot anything down because the planes are two tiers higher, you're still getting railed on and you're still saying bye bye to your HP bar. Basically, I'm stating that if they can stay up indefinitely, can heal HP, and have to make it back alive, then they are, in essence, ships. They fulfill the same role, and their damage in one full wave is compareable to an effective battleship strike. (the torps are more like underwater BB shells at this point) And to add to this, a "planes are like ships" system isn't going to WORK because flying ships that can spot constantly, can harrass isolated targets, and output effective damage is a very harmful design. I'm not saying they should function like ships, I'm saying, in function and action, they are already like ships. You think the flight mechanic's getting out of the cockpit to fix the engine when you're getting shot at by flak? How does that even work In essence, if they functioned like shells, with limited flight time giving them a clear range, then that'd work better with their current iteration.
  9. This was the argument made for this rework. Plenty would have just been fine with the RTS being balanced and made more accessible for the rest of the playerbase, but this rework creates problems to solve problems. Simply put, I have zero clue what the planes are "in line" with. The rate at which they launch attacks has been significantly increased, leading me to believe they want the planes to be more like shells So then, why do they still have high alpha? Why do they have heals? Why does AA kill them after the attack is released? Why can they fly around indefinitely? If they're like ships, on the contrary, then now we have a problem, because you can't put a flying "ship" against a system (AA) practically completely controlled by a computer, not the player. What skill can ever come out of clicking on a sector? Won't it be braindead if it can still shoot down planes? Even the ctrl + click system had more skill than this. There's zero satisfaction in getting blasted out of the sky by the equivalent of a bot. There is practically no skill involved in getting memed by a 33k health squadron that just dodges the randomly spawned flak clouds. Someone's going to suffer if this is the system. And the planes don't resemble shells in function and application in the slightest. Simply put, the philosophy behind this entire change has been very confusing. I have no clue what they want, but I'm gradually thinking it's not something good. Are they flying ships? Are they shells that you have to recover and reuse? What are they being brought in line to resemble?
  10. general_D_H_Chun

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.4

    I don't really like the concept of "everyone stays together in a terrified huddle." In clanwars, especially, you'll find that in no unicum clan's strat does it involve everyone hugging and moving in one giant blob Crossfires are unachievable, flanking gets you killed, map control simply doesn't exist, and Hakuryu can still slap you for half your health in one drop. So what if it "encourages people pooling their AA together" That in itself, should not be a good thing.
  11. general_D_H_Chun

    Unrealistic Expectations

    guys, he's not demeaning employees, or accusing them of anything. simply put, what he's saying is that balance or "making the rework the best it can be" simply cannot be top priority for these people. It wouldn't me top priority for me if I had mouths to feed. He's saying to stop criticising these employees for "lacking passion" for the game's overall wellbeing when stepping out of line could mean losing your job. Cheers.
  12. general_D_H_Chun

    How to adapt to the CV changes?

    they simply won't come to the conclusion that a system which pits player controlled squadrons against AI controlled flak simply can't ever BE balanced how do I "skillfully" click on a sector? How do I "skillfully" wipe 25.5k off a dude still in spawn? these are the questions that Wargaming does not like to be asked
  13. general_D_H_Chun

    Premium Ships Being Nerfed.

    I wouldn't consider this an individual nerf to a specific ship, so I'll let it pass. This is just an instance of Wargaming's desire to make money passing their desire to balance a class I agree that the people saying to "just adapt" are utter morons, as that's the same argument that can literally be turned on any DD or other surface vessels right now. But does that mean it's fair to them? No, it isn't. Shut your mouth. Still, it's an uncomfortable precedent, and it's one I don't like seeing. They're only getting away with this because everyone's fine with CV nerfs anyway, which is why I didn't invest into the new premium carriers, as any promise to keep them in their current state, unnerfed is just complete trash. So yeah, they're going to change the premium carriers. They have the justification that they aren't losing ground to any ships around them, and the added verification that the playerbase isn't going to step in to defend Kaga, Enterprise, Saipan, and GZ like they did Cesare. I suggest you don't buy any of them.
  14. general_D_H_Chun

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    to be fully honest, I find the individuals who defend this [edited] rework no matter what and the salty DD mains crying their eyes out both hilarious. Reactions like this make me want to play CV all the more
  15. This is a timeline of Wargaming's mistakes, so, it'll be long In case you forgot the glorious history of this majestic and completely balanced class, as well as the extremely functional and highly competent balance team responsible since day one, I present, "CV rework: the Entire Saga" Correct me if I'm wrong 2015-2016, aka the "wth damage" year Wargaming induces the class- within the first week players acheive damage values of 300k or more Hosho and Langley have the strike of their higher tier counterparts Midway is the primary culprit with 12 torpedoes and 12 dive bombers- Wargaming promises to fix it without nerfing it into obscurity Wargaming nerfs Midway into obscurity Playerbase complains about Midway's dive bombers lacking alpha Dive bomber alpha upgraded to 14.5k per bomb. For 21 bombs. (Don't worry, Midway's going to get more hilarious later) AA buffs and fighter changes sometime around here 2017- the year of the how-do-you-[edited]-up-a-class-so-spectacularly-in-one-year HERE WE GO FELLAS people complain about sealclubbing (?) in lower tier play. You know, because Hosho and Langley have the strike of their higher tier counterparts Wargaming: Have no fear Wargaming: *removes any opportunity to learn basic CV gameplay at lower tiers rather than just fixing the god awful alpha* (Pay attention to moments like this- the balance team shooting themselves in the foot is going to be a trend here) In a completely unexpected turn of events, proficiency in strafes and manual drops at higher tiers decreases significantly Wargaming, in a stroke of unrivaled brilliance, releases the first premium carrier! Meet strafe-pan, why-pan, or this-is-going-to-be-crap-in-the-rework-later-pan! Saipan has tier 9 planes, at tier 7! Saipan doesn't lose planes in the exit-strafe! Saipan is the only USN CV that can cross drop right now! Brilliant, Sergei! Promotion for you! We'll receive plenty of fat western dollars from this! Complaints about strike power being too strong at lower tiers and strafes being too unforgiving have finally reached Wargaming's ears! To fix these prevalent issues, Wargaming finally comes about and reduces the torpedo alpha at lower tiers, while returning manual drop to t4 and 5. Furthermore, strafes cannot wipe entire squads now. I can't criticize this choice. Just Kidding! Wargaming releases another two t10 CVs! Meet Kaga! Kaga has the torpedo alpha strike of the Hakuryu! And she still has better fighter compliments than the Ranger! Speaking of fighter compliment, we get Enterprise! Enterprise has 12 fighters- that's more than any other in the game right now! And her strike's still better than Lexington! Other notable events: -Graf Zeppelin (15 torpedoes initial version), USN CV revamp, AP dive bombers! (oh boy, this is getting good) Skipping all that stuff in between, we find ourselves at the end of 2018, just in time for the CV rework! Why do we need a rework, you ask? Because of all those problems that arose as a problem of the gameplay, and not something we introduced ourselves through our utterly pathetic ability to balance a class! Here, Sergei's back! And his decision-making skills have undoubtably become much better since 2016! 1. AP DBs are still a thing 2. HE DBs still 15k you, but he comes back for three more strikes 3. wait, there's a key I can just press to avoid facing any consequences for my poor play? Cool! 4. aw, CVs are kinda (260k average damage) broken. Let's scapegoat the Hakuryu, no, the entire IJN tree! 5. flood chance is nerfed for all the IJN CVs, torpedo speed for Hakuryu is nerfed to utter crap, on top of this, the flooding mechanic itself is changed so poor usage of repair party can't even be punished! 6. People find out the Midway's dive bombers are actually lowkey ridiculous 7. high precision nerf to Midway's....torpedo bombers 8. No fear! High precision nerf to CV...rockets. And that brings us to now! Where Wargaming is now desperately adding countdown timers to ships we already paid for! That about sums up this rework! Poor decisions, motivated by more poor decisions! Apologies to the long text, but I think I got the history right! If someone wants to correct me, go ahead!