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  1. general_D_H_Chun

    CV Balans

    I'm seeing a lot of people diverge from the "CVs break the game" argument, and I don't fully understand. All I know is that all this pro-CV talk is making my walnut-sized brain incredibly angry. Not funny, guys. Stop it.
  2. general_D_H_Chun

    Research bureau, one player experience

    In reality, Ohio is just the most expensive free xp ship up until this point. Seriously. Just spend six million free xp.
  3. general_D_H_Chun

    ST, new German commander and test ships.

    Improved engine boost? On the German commander? Am I hearing you correct?
  4. general_D_H_Chun

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    then you turn around, load the high explosive, and kite him to hell. Tirpitz is not very hard to outplay. Even the 11.3 km "no-go" zone is, in reality, just the "admire the shell splashes from the secondary shells missing" zone
  5. general_D_H_Chun

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    "Bismarck is three knots faster! You see?!"
  6. general_D_H_Chun

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    Also, because I am tired of big brain individuals citing how good they are in German BBs as a cohesive argument, I present, my Bismarck stats. Please check them on wows stats and numbers yourself. [PvP] Stats of general_D_H_Chun's Bismarck (NA) Distance: 2707 km Last battle: Tue, 05 Nov 2019 19:44:34 GMT Battles: 72 (45W/27L/0T - WR: 62% - SR: 47%) Planes destroyed: 267 PR: 2301 Average scores - Damage: 82601 - XP: 1728 - Kills: 1.04 - Planes destroyed: 3.71
  7. general_D_H_Chun

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    Factually speaking, Wargaming openly admits that they do not balance based on overall averages. This makes sense. If we did that, it would mean that min-max ship lines, such as Royal Navy light cruisers or Russian tech tree cruisers, which cannot pull full [edited] plays and survive, perform statistically lower. However, ships like North Carolina and Moskva are still very competitively viable, and can be seen in somewhat large abundance even now, while on the other hand, the German battleships remain extremely undesirable simply due to the fact that their defining characteristic is the ability to turn out like a [edited] and only lose half their health. Skill average does not imply skill ceiling. I can suicide consistently in Bismarck and deal the ~51k average damage shown (I'm rounding up to be somewhat nice), and then I will burn down. Meanwhile, I can consistently and steadily deal higher totals, and contribute more to a victory, with a ship like North Carolina, which has the simple fact on its side that if you aim for a point, a shell will probably land there. I do not believe that a line with good mobility (past NC), and very consistent, high alpha 406mm rifles is "out of the meta." For this argument of averages, I offer a simple solution, to improve the USN battleship experience greatly. git gud.
  8. The single competitive event this game has is KoTS, if it can even be called that. I agree. 3-marking, or something similar. The game feels very dull.
  9. general_D_H_Chun

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    This is the funniest comment I have seen in months
  10. general_D_H_Chun

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    I accidentally hit submit, I will edit.
  11. The Tirpitz, as a ship, is mediocre. Most would agree. On WoWS stats alone, the Tirpitz B, which was released after the Massachusetts, sits dead bottom of all tier eight battleships. Regardless of wasting time arguing how bad the rest of the German BBs are, let me just cut to the chase and tell you, they're garbage, Let us look at this one, isolated, poster child of "the meta changes, but the ship doesn't. Because we refuse to give it anything other than a marginal secondary buff." The Tirpitz. It is subdivided into several crucial aspects. We will look at these, and we will see why the ship fails so spectacularly in comparison to other ships of the same "niche." The categories are: 1. Armor 2. Main battery 3. secondaries 4. Consumables to aid survivability Point the first- the armor. Tirpitz has very good armor. This is one of the few meaningful strengths the ship has. However, does it matter? High explosive shells do not need to penetrate to light fires. This is a problem for almost any battleship (cough cough, paper ships of Russia). But, why does it affect poor Tirpitz more? Because the ship cannot mount survivability build. Well, I say it can't. You can, technically. But then you completely ignore the third category. Tank build really is more viable at this point, but this just converts German battleships into bargain bin Soviet BBs, if that wasn't what they were already. In summary: Armor does not matter if you cannot take sustained concentrated fire on account of your having the fire resistance of a tub of kerosine. Point the second- Main battery. Tirpitz's main battery has been buffed to a competitive state! Now, you can pull the trigger fully expecting to be able to land the shells! Erm... just kidding. Wargaming's consistent and long time justification for not bumping the sigma or the ellipse in a better direction for the four long years of this ship's existence have never changed. "It's a brawler, get close." Herein lies a problem. Get close? Right now? Are you sure you limited the liquor intake four glasses a day? Bottom tier is a mess. This is true for any battleship. But even top tier, the ship is a candlestick. A damage pinata. A giant [edited] for punishment. In certain, narrow instances, the ship stands a chance of being able to accomplish something. If they have a single, competent Schors, a Belfast, maybe even a Bayard, or several of them, good luck. You do not need to be tier ten to light up a Tirpitz. You just need to have high explosive shells. Given the utter lack of ability to close the distance in numerous instances, the lack of compensation with the main battery is humorous. You might think that the sigma itself, 1.8, shared by other vessels at this tier, is acceptable, but this doesn't even factor in the poor vertical dispersion caused by shell drag, or the awful German dispersion formula which reaches a competetive level of consistency at around five kilometers. In summary: The main battery is an utter joke, which only barely functions at close range, but good luck even getting there. Point the third- Secondaries Tirpitz's "strength" is supposed to be the secondaries. They're supposed to be a primary source of your damage, your offensive capacity, an 11.3 kilometer no-go zone. What a joke. Let us turn from the land of balance, Russia, to the USS Massachusetts. Another ship I consider borderline broken. Aside from the fact that the heal will always be up, or that the guns have considerably better dispersion formula, calliber, and layout, let's look at their secondaries. For all those not aware, Massachusetts comes with something that makes German battleship captains vomit. It's the 60% dispersion bonus. I do not mean manual secondaries, I mean pre mounted. This means that Massachusetts can demount manual secondaries, have equatable secondary dispersion to the Germans, and invest in something meaningful, like FP, or CE. What this also means, is that Massachusetts is able to stack MS twice. Massachusetts' secondaries are extremely effective. They can take out destroyers at eight kilometers from 5k health to null in under 16 seconds, at times. What they also boast, is a superior fire chance and damage to Tirpitz's low calliber, 105 mm rifles. The large calliber rifles, the 150 mms, do not fire quickly enough and with great enough volume to be considered reliable damage. Tirpitz has a 60% deficit in secondary dispersion, compared to every USN secondary oriented battleship. Let this sink in, for a moment. On top of this, Georgia and Ohio get very reliable main batteries. In summary: They stand out as a strength. Or they would have, if this was 2016. Point the fourth- consumables. This one is very simple. Why does Tirpitz not benefit from a faster recharging damage control, like the Russians, or repair, like the USN secondary ships? It doesn't make sense, in the slightest. Is the Tirpitz so blatantly strong that consumables that prevented it from igniting instantly with the captain's sneeze, or not being killed in the cooldown between consumables, that bad? This does not need summary or explanation. It's stupid. It makes no sense. At this point, do you really need an overarching summary? Really? Fine. Sure. Summary. Buff the Tirpitz. It's trash. You saying it's still fun and viable does not make that the reality.
  12. general_D_H_Chun

    Design a Russian ship contest!

    Guys please, I said real and plausible designs. Your designs are too weak
  13. general_D_H_Chun

    Design a Russian ship contest!

    (this is a joke. I actually sort of do want to see the crapyou come up with, though.) Due to unfortunate circumstances at headquarters, our entire collection of extremely historical documents has been lost! Vadim in the next apartment block is highly suspect. Apart from several kilos of doctor sausage and half the liquor in the coolers, our entire gallery of Russian ships has been stolen! With the upcoming release of the Bigensk, a 1950s design featuring sixteen 406 millimeter naval rifles, our loss of balance references comes at a most dire moment! If we cannot output a replacement vessel in time, Gaijin will become the most famous Belorussian game developer! Oh no! We need your help! Submit an extremely historical Russian battleship design for the Research Bureau! The winning design will be announced at a subsequent date! Prerequisites: -cold war era turret designs that only ever existed on a single document! -armor scheme completely incompatible with the true state of Soviet industry! (Shh, don't tell the west) -must make the Germans even more irrelevant! (Maybe give it Kurfurst secondaries) Please submit your very real and plausable blueprints below! (Winner gets a shortened hard labour sentence)