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  1. Doublenut

    Submarines: How to Play

  2. Doublenut

    clan wanted

    New bro looking for a clan and some training. Prefer adult only and teamspeak is a must. After a 2 day fight with discord installer crashing i have no desire to try again unless you have a guru to walk me thru it.
  3. Big thank you to the Wargaming staff!!!
  4. Doublenut

    Ping penalty

    Getting hit with penalty's for leaving battles and team damage while getting hit with massive lag spikes and disconnection issues. Anyone else having problems?
  5. Doublenut

    how to leave a clan

    Digging around looking for info without much luck. How do i leave a clan?
  6. New player here just installed and my profile tracker has locked up and is not updating. Any idea's on a fix?