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  1. This is why random and rank battles are stand off and shoot . Why become a torch!
  2. matvfls5591

    Tirpitz B camo

    I would like to know why the perment camo for the tirpitz b has disappeared ?
  3. matvfls5591

    Match maker

    If your the bug 4 out five times where is the fun. Ask the bug on the wind shield if it is fun
  4. matvfls5591

    Match maker

    I have had that happen too where it was me and another ship several times
  5. matvfls5591

    Match maker

    I think that people that wontplay lower tiers should keep their mouths shut
  6. matvfls5591

    Match maker

    Does't happen much below tier 5
  7. matvfls5591

    Match maker

    I guess nobody plays anything but tier nine and ten or you don't pay attention to tier at all. To me it is a common to have this happen at 00:00 to 04:00 us screen shots can be doctored
  8. matvfls5591

    Match maker

    I don't care what punishment wows wants too give I will leave or not play a match where tier ship is over matched by one to three tiers by all other ships in a battle. Plain and simple it is not funnnnnn.