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  1. I mean if Duca D'Aosta shows anything then these are going to be very interesting ships. I am curious as to what the T8-10 cruisers will be cause they aren't shown yet. The SAP sounds like it's gonna be very interesting too so maybe they're more geared towards anti DD/CL styles of gameplay
  2. USSThuban

    Non premium sister ships

    I'd really like to see Oklahoma in the game too, that'd be cool And she also has an Azur Lane counterpart and that'd be fun too XD
  3. USSThuban

    Non premium sister ships

    Oh ok, thanks for that!
  4. USSThuban

    Non premium sister ships

    That would be awesome. Though isn't hood a sister in the Renown class Battlecruiser or is she really her own thing?
  5. USSThuban

    Non premium sister ships

    It could though if they make it like the Freedom camo, the Sharks/Eagles camps, the Halloween camos and so on and so forth
  6. USSThuban

    Non premium sister ships

    So I'm kinda curios to see how this ends up. But I was thinking about how some of the ships have their sisters in the game but you can only get them in the premium shop and while it's cool I think that people would probably find it cool if they made it so that ships with multiple sister ships that aren't already in the shop could be earned as like random mission rewards or maybe in the camouflaged tab for half of the price of the tech tree version, like if you could get a Raleigh camo for Omaha, or the WW1 variant of Großer Kurfürst as a camo for König (which is a thing, I've seen it in model shops like Hobbylink Japan all the time). But yeah, what do you think about it? Would it be a good idea? Let me know if love to hear back from you guys! Sincerely, UssThuban, Scrublord
  7. USSThuban

    Proposal: Tier 10 Musashi

    Honestly Shinano would be cool. Yamato armor on a carrier