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  1. Honestly, the Orion's reload and HE needs to be looked at. On a side note, the Monarch's turrets look like they were lifted straight from the Nelson. That is just lazy as hell. Not only that, the British were very much into vertical turret faces, and any 15" triple turret would look much more like the Lion's than the Nelson's. In fact, Monarch literally looks like someone took the model of the KGV hull, grafted on Conqueror's masts and then slap in Nelson's turrets. The first one doesn't bother me much, the second one is silly since those mast are 1950s vintage, and the last one is just so incredibly lazy and inaccurate. Also, I just saw iChase's Conqueror video. LOL, that is some of the most hilarious and downright rabid teaboo-ism I've ever seen. It's pure Queen's masturbation.
  2. REEEEEEEEE Just to list off my objections (and suggestions) - give proper belt armor thickness to KGV, Monarch, Lion, and Conqueror. I might have to dig through my Friedman book to prove this to WG. - just can the 419mms, these guns were never a part of L2's designs, and were obviously never considered for the Lions. In one fell swoop you can tone down both Lion and Conqueror by getting rid of this thing. - if not, then for the 419s at the very least tone down the fire chance and make the bounce angles normal - tone down the Orion's HE. Like seriously, are those HE fire chance and alpha a bad joke or something? - why does QE somehow have worse penetration than Warspite? It baffles me some of the decisions WG makes.
  3. Better ship balance and actual uniqueness in the Conqueror drowns the sound of any weeb screams.
  4. They could do something like drop the overmatch ratio to 14.28, which will allow the 18" guns to pen the bows of tier 8+ BBs, and it literally wouldn't affect the overmatch of any other gun at the moment. I don't see the need for 419s in either the Lion nor the Conqueror. In fact, the 419s are a straight upgrade from the 16" guns on the Lion.
  5. And the 419s can largely be fixed by removing the USN cruiser bounce angles, those are just ridiculous.
  6. Man, see lots of comments about how British BBs "deserve" to be more powerful. It's kinda the same argument that 'Murica fanboys make with the Enterprise. Except that in this case the Conqueror is actually shaping up to fulfill those teaboo dreams.
  7. How do you define "combined scheme"? And under what conditions? A South Dakota has better turret/barbette protection, roughly equal deck protection while having worse belt and slightly thinner bulkheads. Hardly something that would swing the advantage one way or another. One KGV benefit I left out is that the armored freeboard is indeed quite high, but how much the actual protected volume is I don't know.
  8. Ignoring Yamato, let's see here. Belt armor - only at close range due to no inclination, but at close range Littorio and Bismarck has it beat in terms of citadel protection Deck armor - exceeded by American and French Torpedo protection - shallower than American and French systems and a poster recent uncovered evidence that the 1,000 lb TNT rating may be due to a low order test Turret and barbettes - LOL KGV armor isn't bad, but it's nothing spectacular, and rather overrated and not that well designed.
  9. Alabama is incredibly agile and extremely fun to drive. Gun accuracy leaves some to be desired, but damn it's fun.
  10. Just replace the goddamn Khabarovsk with the Kotlin. There you go, an actually balanced tier 10, with none of the [edited] that Khabarovsk brings.
  11. Teaboo! Teaboo teaboo teaboo teaboo teaboo teaboo! TEABOO.
  12. The number of teaboos talking about how criminally underpowered the KGV is, how awesome the 14" guns really were in real life, how it's the second most armor BB ever. Seriously, teaboos might be some of the most rabid fanboys of them all. LOL Conqueror in a Russian port. Ultrakek.
  13. Yeah, but I was under the impression that the NC, SoDak, and Iowas achieve 30 second reload at max elevation, so what would the Littorio's reload time in that condition be?
  14. Any idea why the 419 mm guns get the 60/67.5 bounce angles, i.e. USN cruiser bounce angles? It's literally better than the 406 mm in every single way.
  15. From pictures I can't tell the difference between the Maryland and West Virginia bulges. Do you have a source on their beams after refits? I think the Maryland final refit was August 1945.