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  1. Clearly not trolling, just tired of watching people who have no clue what they are talking about running around trying to inform people about a topic they clearly haven't played, or even looked into. Maybe all ships should have a finite amount of shells, torpedoes, and AA rounds. Wouldn't that be fun and engaging? No it wouldn't, I never had an issue really with being deplaned in the old Cv's because I wasn't a bad player that fails to multitask. Welcome to the rework that was made to dumb down CVs.
  2. If I have a CV that regenerates 1x Plane every 1x minute do I have unlimited planes? No, why? Oh yeah because the games only last 20 minutes if the team isn't pointed out.
  3. The plane hangars are almost the same as they were, slightly larger. Keep wearing your tinfoil hat. It is a fact, go and read anywhere, go and play Cv's in a training battle and keep track of how many planes you can gather in a full game where the timer runs out.
  4. That's my exact point, I don't understand why this guy is yelling they can't be deplaned when they can. CVs are unbalanced, and so is AA at this point.
  5. it's true right now you just don't have a single clue what you're talking about. You want to ignore the facts and continue thumping the book that planes are unlimited. I'm telling you facts that they are limited and how and you're screaming "Lies, heresy". I would take your tinfoil hat off, it seems hot out.
  6. Wrong, planes are limited. They are no longer limited by a hangar capacity, now they are limited by the Battle Duration, also depending on the type you have like 77-87 seconds for reloading like 1-3 planes? I can't remember which, so coming on here and acting like CV's can throw planes away, have an unlimited amount amount, and can never be deplaned is false and is misinformation.
  7. I wish people would stop telling others planes are unlimited. That's a lie, and you're spreading misinformation.
  8. Knavbot

    The worst parts of the CV rework for me

    No on put him in the position by himself. If you sail off alone you're clearly going to be targeted. Nothing in the game should be immune to the other, granted the old cvs were strong, and AP Bombs were broken.
  9. Good players don't auto drop in the old CV's, looks like you got clubbed by them and are salty. Welcome to the new one where you can be killed quickly via flooding, hope you continue to get clubbed by a class you clearly have a grudge against.
  10. Knavbot

    The worst parts of the CV rework for me

    Good players could. Stay around, because in a few years they will make this game so easy for every player in it, everyone will be completely equal and no one will be able to be better than anyone because they will remove all of that from the game
  11. No it wasn't. It was over a laptop the clan mate had for eight months.
  12. It isn't wargamings job to make a statement every time someone dies. Two people fought over a laptop, and drugs were involved. This is a ships game, not a memorial page.
  13. Why even have an event, why not just give you the rewards for signing in? It's ranked play it or don't, you players keep asking for good players to be kept out, How about you bad players are kept out? Better solution
  14. Great idea, they should also remove all rewards as well.
  15. Knavbot

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Deadly Strikes

    My Graf Zeppelin.