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  1. CSSHLHunley

    What is WG trying to tell us?

    This was a standard battle, not domination. But, yes going to D does take you out of the battle.
  2. CSSHLHunley

    What is WG trying to tell us?

    I just noticed this sign on one of the islands in North:
  3. CSSHLHunley

    How easy is getting the Cossack in coop?

    To the OP, I have done the first 3 stages all in co-op. Each stage took about 1-1.5 hours each stage to do.
  4. CSSHLHunley

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Just had my best game in Operation Dynamo (13 kills, and 39 aircraft shot down): Sims is ridiculously overpowered in this scenario.
  5. CSSHLHunley

    Favorite Looking Commander?

    I nominate this guy for best dressed:
  6. CSSHLHunley

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    1000 doubloons 100 Sierra Mike signals 100 Juliet Charlie signals 15000 coal 50,000 Free XP I used to coal to get the Salem and then got this:
  7. CSSHLHunley

    Operation Dynamo Scenerio Questions

    Not sure if you are just stating the ships that you have, but it is open to any allied t6/7 destroyer (except the Pan-Asian line,) plus the Cossack: Here is a cut and paste about the new Dynamo: Conditions of Participation The operation will be permanently available in World of Warships in the standard operations section. Please note that you will need to have at least Level 8 in your Service Record to take part in the operation. The new version has an updated list of the ships you can use in the operation, which includes British, Commonwealth, French, Polish, Soviet, and American Tier VI and VII destroyers. Besides these, you can also use British Tier VIII destroyer Cossack to complete the operation.
  8. CSSHLHunley

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Just had a nice game with my Des Moines with @Lord_Zath
  9. Bought a set of 40 when they first came out to get the ship missions, but after that it has all been random drops, plus containers from missions.
  10. CSSHLHunley

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Dr. Seuss FTW. +1
  11. CSSHLHunley

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Just had a really nice game with my Hindenburg. Also, on the final 2 stars of Mission 3 before unlocking the final task.
  12. This looks pretty interesting. Didn't get a chance to do much in the Fire and Water contest last year.
  13. CSSHLHunley

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Today being a special holiday, I decided to take out the Massachusetts (I don't have an Independence.) Just shy of 2 million potential damage, 264 secondary hits (about 1/4 of all damage.) This thing brawls like a German BB. Probably should re-name her, "Das-achussetts."
  14. CSSHLHunley

    Have a code for July 4th!

    Have a +1