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  1. 13Assassins

    PvE guys

    Do players need to take advice from you? I shouldn't think any PVE players are insulted, you can rest at ease.
  2. 13Assassins

    HMS Vanguard and HMS Dreadnought Problems

    And from these parts from other ships "God created the mightiest battleship the world had ever seen" Amen.
  3. 13Assassins

    Did they nerf IFHE and US CL accuracy?

    According to Devs Blog, No nerfs to those ships since you last played.
  4. 13Assassins

    HMS Vanguard and HMS Dreadnought Problems

    It is a simple FACT that Dreadnought was the blueprint of all battleships of that era, 1000s of historians can not be wrong in making her so. Dreadnought was an actually built ship, and amazingly in 1 year and 1 day, not just a thought and a rough sketched drawing. Every naval nation, even Italy built their future battleships of that era, based on the design, gun-power and propulsion of the mighty Dreadnought.
  5. 100% photochopped, and really bad work, there is an orange border around the pic, chinese image manipulation at it's best.
  6. 13Assassins

    Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    This, Excellent reply. +1
  7. 13Assassins

    Nuking team mates in co-op

    I see what you mean, 7 minutes and only earning this kind of income
  8. Yes, just found out and bought 10 for $0.99 :)
  9. EU are getting 10 X Guineas for £0.76 special one off offer. I hope will we be getting this offer on NA? Link -> World of Warships: 10 X Guineas for £0.76 - 0.89 Euro Total (One Off Offer)
  10. I only had 8 tokens, it was frustrating finding so many things I could buy (Sarcasm), so I bought just 1 camo.
  11. Lets hope they do a "Any amount of Guineas bundle" like they do with doubloons.
  12. If I only earn lets say 20 Guineas, I presume I will need to buy the remaining 30 from the shop, Is this correct? sorry, but WG never explained anything about this, and I am so confused.
  13. 13Assassins

    Does Potential Damage Count In Score?

    It "is" rewarded with XP and credits. Just that the "reward" is poor and hardly worth putting your ship in danger, unless it is required as part of a task.
  14. 13Assassins

    Way Too Many Games?

    +1 Very true, I can understand game addiction, but forum addiction, now that is strange.
  15. 13Assassins

    Super container drop rate increased?

    Your next container will be Feb 2021.