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  1. Shenennigans

    Post rework CV refunds

    Still in beta, if you buy things expecting them not to change, that's definitely on you.
  2. I am in the Izyaslav and did 11.9 (9.3 w/ health buff) Izyaslavs-worth of damage and still lost. Ouch. Not normally down here seal clubbing, but I just got the Russian commander and had no Russian ships to put him on other than Okt Rev. With the health buff, I landed on Khaba (some day). Sincerely depressed this one was done in by an auto-drop torp lol. Got a citadel with 102mm though haha. Up to Podvoisky now, having a lot of fun with these DDs.
  3. Shenennigans

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    I would stand up at my desk and confuse my family with my loud applause if I were in my Sims and fire my sea mines and a DD outran and caught my torps. If his goal was to make me pink, well he freakin deserved it lol.
  4. Shenennigans

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    I seriously had that same thought when I said it. Someone with more motivation than me should definitely follow up on this lol.
  5. Shenennigans

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    Nope. I watched the replay, that guy was making a move before you launched the torps. It wasn't obvious, it wasn't a great move, and he definitely should have dodged them so I wouldn't even hold it against you, but you didn't know he was there at all when you launched the torps. Even if he tried his hardest to catch them, it doesn't matter because you didn't glance at him at all before that shot. Go watch yourself, he didn't change course or speed significantly between you launching those and him catching one... if there were a gray torp indicator for friendlies, it would have been right on that guy.
  6. So I've managed to get two ranked flags on my ship. I'm not sure if the effect is doubled (I have 50% for permacamo on DM, 10% for this flag, got -75% service from my last battle). Anyone else see this? I could probably recreate it with enough doinking about, I was just switching flags in and out and ended up with 2 of the same equipped. They are the only ones that confer a bonus so I didn't mess with it. Anyone else see this? Relevant post I've missed regarding it? Am I unwittingly exploiting a bug?
  7. I believe someone posted about losing with the most XP of either team... yeah in ranked it's that much more annoying. The skill is all over the place... I kind of expected this to tone down as I got up in ranks. Nah, irrevocable ranks are the worst idea. This game involved someone pumping 3 salvos of HE into the broadside of a beached Mino. I wanted to cry.
  8. Shenennigans

    Super Containers

    I almost always unlock 2 or 3 containers a day, and until recently, always on "try your luck". I see a super container probably between 1-2 times a month if I had tracked it and averaged. The problem is, of all the supercontainers I've opened since I started, the only things that weren't a disappointment were the Anshan and RADAR module upgrade (which can now be bought and is removed from containers lol, so really only one). I've just started taking the resource containers so I can buy what is actually useful when I need it. The supercontainers are just a periodic bummer... "yay 50 flags... glad I got reduced resources (or flags) for a whole month to get this container!!".
  9. Shenennigans

    Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    Heh because I want another T10 machine gun and grinding credits makes me sad. I wouldn't skip either if they weren't so expensive to buy and upgrade.
  10. Got enough free XP to skip one, won't have enough credits to touch the line I don't skip for a while (purchasing the T10 and modules puts me at like -10 million right now lol). Anyone done both grinds?
  11. Shenennigans

    Broken game

    People aren't giving him trouble because he's a beginner... that's the confusion here. This is like if I watched a YouTube video about the Double-Slit Experiment, then rolled into the MIT physics department acting like I know what I'm talking about. It's his overconfidence and the staggering display of Dunning-Kruger effect that is garnering him this response lol. "I played 300 games of chess, let me tell you why the Sicilian Defense is inferior to the French Defense!". You'd get laughed out of those forums too.
  12. Shenennigans

    Go Navy Event End Date?

    Ah bummer, gotta make the choice between the unique camo for a ship I don't yet have or the standard permanent camo for my beloved Des Moines. That's a tough one. I'm sure I will enjoy the Worcestor a bunch after I get it, but I don't know if I will like it as much as the DM.
  13. Shenennigans

    Go Navy Event End Date?

    I checked the post, it just said it ended at the next patch. Checked the next patch notes and didn't really see a date. Basically, I'm just wondering if you would have enough time to farm the tokens of both sides to 125. Tomorrow, I should have >125 Eagles tokens. I have the Des Moines, and will have the Worcestor soon. I'd rather have the Des Moines permanent camo first, then get the Worcestor skin if there's enough time. Because everybody is playing on Sharks, the Eagle camo will be the more rare one, and I'd rather get that Worcestor skin, then grind the DM one with the Sharks.
  14. The best way to use the duplicates is when you are: completed collection - (duplicates/5). So basically, save them all until using your duplicates will completely finish the collection. Otherwise you are just buying another thing that you can get duplicates of later.
  15. Shenennigans

    Question about Shell Damage

    You're hitting modules that have their own health bars.