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  1. Shenennigans

    WG Explain Yourselves!

    Included the replay in case you wanted to see this nonsense for yourself. How does a 100mm HE Akizuki shell score a citadel on an angled Cleveland 10km away?? I watched the "How it Works" series and feel you have lied to me. What's the max pen for the buffed IJN HE penetration with the new IFHE? 32mm-ish yeah? Even if it hit the side plate of the turret, that's 38mm (and impossible since he was shooting at me, all turrets facing me). Outside of that, paths to citadel are: 51mm through turret top plate, 152mm through barbettes, 25+51mm through side plate and citadel deck, and that doesn't account for the angling. 20200326_154214_PJSD108-Akizuki_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  2. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    That was kind of the conclusion I was going towards myself. Once I knew position/detection was server side, I figured there was no way a cheat could do that anyway.
  3. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    I was definitely undetected both in-game and in the replay. Not to mention being in an area where I wouldn't be detected just by the rules of the game, if you look at my position in the replay. I seen the aircraft turning in my direction, tucked into an island to avoid detection for as long as I could. He dropped before I was detected at all (by several seconds). I then potatoed and grounded trying to turn out (because I was completely blown away by the accuracy of that drop). It happened just like it looks in the replay (posted earlier). It was crazy. Like I said, if he "deducted" that I was behind that island and did that, it still doesn't make sense that he dropped into the island, but good on him I guess... was just so implausible it caught my attention.
  4. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    This is the replay in question. I don't claim to be a pro (only better than the guy flaming me on my post lol!). TWO MINUTES+ of undetected time. If he were in voice comms with the BBs I was spotting, he might have had a general idea where I was, but to drop into the island in a direction that would have hit me was suspicious. If it was impossible, fine he got lucky. About done dealing with the WoWS forums again though. Here's the replay for those interested. https://replayswows.com/replay/66559#stats
  5. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    Yeah I mean it could have been the luckiest guess ever, but hitting a moving DD isn't the easiest thing when they are spotted. I was undetected for more than 2 minutes and not really near the island he dropped.
  6. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    You have like <1000 more games than me and 5% worse GWR. Please, stop trolling me. For the non-trolls, where/how would you post a replay file? It drew my attention.
  7. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    To clarify, the torp drop I'm talking about did not hit me. It would have, but he dropped into an island before I was spotted... while I had been unspotted for more than 2 minutes. He didn't even know specifically where I was.
  8. Shenennigans

    Are there cheats in this game?

    I got played by being accurately torp-dropped while unspotted for more more than 2 minutes? I'm not here raging about a loss bud, calm the troll reactions. IDGAF about a bad game, this seemed... impossible.
  9. I have a replay I can share with anyone who cares where a CV drops a me (Yugumo) accurately, but into an island, while I had been unspotted for >2min. The drop would have been a hit if there weren't an island there, followed by two accurate drops, one while smoke was active. That first drop though... it was impossible. Dropping into a target while an island is in the way is the kind of dumb thing you would see an aim program using. Are there CV aimbots for this game?
  10. Shenennigans

    Anniversaries: Europe

    Ok consensus seems to be Friesland and Blys. Is there an article explaining why those are the only "European" ships lol? I'm very confused now.
  11. Shenennigans

    Anniversaries: Europe

    What ships actually qualify as "European" for this directive? I played games in my Neptune, that's apparently not European. Played matches in Gneisenau... also not European. Played in the La Galissonniere, no dice. I've already finished the directives for this week, just bugs me that I'm not getting credits for this one.
  12. Shenennigans

    Post rework CV refunds

    Still in beta, if you buy things expecting them not to change, that's definitely on you.
  13. I am in the Izyaslav and did 11.9 (9.3 w/ health buff) Izyaslavs-worth of damage and still lost. Ouch. Not normally down here seal clubbing, but I just got the Russian commander and had no Russian ships to put him on other than Okt Rev. With the health buff, I landed on Khaba (some day). Sincerely depressed this one was done in by an auto-drop torp lol. Got a citadel with 102mm though haha. Up to Podvoisky now, having a lot of fun with these DDs.
  14. Shenennigans

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    I would stand up at my desk and confuse my family with my loud applause if I were in my Sims and fire my sea mines and a DD outran and caught my torps. If his goal was to make me pink, well he freakin deserved it lol.