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  1. From what I can tell by looking at several versions of the cruiser and seeing that many of them have depth charges on the fantail, it's not just DD's that'll be tasked with ASW duties.
  2. Tecelote

    In Remembrance of Memorial Day

    Firstly, I wish to salute all those who have served, are currently serving and who will serve in the future. Thank you for your service. Secondly, as a veteran, I wish to say thank you for your support to @TexJapan, @Tpaktop2_1 & @swifttex1 .
  3. Tecelote

    Question about the game.

    This is the same reason I occasionally get this little "freeze" in the midst of battle.
  4. Tecelote

    Des Moines freedom camo

    Winning the Freedom camo for Cleveland was the primary reason I bought the ship as I rarely play over t7. Now I understand why lots of players enjoy the Cleveland....it's an AA beast and with the Freedom camo gives me a positive on my net earnings.
  5. Has anyone else been wondering why damage to aircraft is tracked yet not included in the damage total at the end of a match?
  6. Tecelote

    I propose that:

    Of the few BB's I have in my port I'll have to say that my AZ is my favorite. Makes me wonder sometimes why I still hold on to the New Mexico.
  7. Tecelote

    Leaving World of Warships for good, after 2+ years.

    The more I read threads like this from DD primary players further confirms why I rarely take out my only DD (T5 Ataska that one day showed up in my port. I must have completed something to end up with it).
  8. Tecelote

    Credits Nurf ?

    Now you know why I never (well, rarely & only when they've an event running for clan battles) play above T8. T8 without premium is about as high as one can get and still get a net gain on credits from what I've seen.
  9. Tecelote

    Best tier to play casually?

    I enjoy my T5 Furtaka (IJN CA), T6 US BB New Mexico(great brawler) and (I know, it's a premium but still a good ship) US BB Arizona. I also have the Wickes and a couple of other really low tier ships to play with from time to time. Once you get into T7 games, as has been mentioned before, the MM can be ugly and not always in your favor.
  10. Tecelote

    Suggestions on Mini-Map Firing

    It would help if the +/- resizing buttons worked. I'd enjoy having a larger mini-map. Sometimes being visually impaired sucks.
  11. Tecelote

    This game worth coming back to?

    Since you had a grand total of 86 battles before leaving, I'm not so sure you have enough experience to say whether the game is different (or better/worse) than it was when you left. Play the game and find out. That's the only way to answer your question.
  12. This is good to know since some days the free time I have to play varies and I lose a lot of those premium hrs.
  13. Everyone is now finding out why a country's capital ships became CV's instead of BB's. One prime example is Yamato. @Redwing6 also recognizes what is happening to the game. He just said it before my post was finished. Kudos.
  14. Tecelote

    Selling CV's

    I re-purchased a CV (after selling all them off due to not playing them enough to warrant taking up dock space), played it for a few days to see how the re-work affected CV game play then sold the CV to open up dock space again. IMHO, I should have left well enough alone as it ended up as a waste of credits.
  15. Tecelote

    Giving up on tech tree ships

    New Mexico's a great ship. With her "over the shoulder" type of shooting while staying angled is an awesome plus. I still have her in my port even though I have the AZ to play with. The Colorado's slow but those guns pack a good punch and as mentioned before, at T8, the US BB line becomes the BB that we've all become familiar with in looks and firepower.