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  1. Tecelote

    Giving up on tech tree ships

    New Mexico's a great ship. With her "over the shoulder" type of shooting while staying angled is an awesome plus. I still have her in my port even though I have the AZ to play with. The Colorado's slow but those guns pack a good punch and as mentioned before, at T8, the US BB line becomes the BB that we've all become familiar with in looks and firepower.
  2. Tecelote

    Code for the fast ones

    @Tim__2016, your avatar makes me want to look for the flyswatter....lol
  3. Tecelote

    Teamkill penalty applied????? SRSLY????

    I've had this happen a couple of times. Hence the reason I have a low tier bote for playing the 3 matches in co-op to get rid of the pink tutu.
  4. Tecelote

    Reported in my Haida for selfishness

    Earlier I got reported for being the second to die (running my Gniesenau) trying to support 2 DD's and a CL. Who reported me you ask? The one who was first to die. He claimed I wasn't a team player 'cause I didn't go running one way with the rest of the team. We lost the match. Go figure. I play for my entertainment, not for the "blowhards" who are so competitive they break their mouse against the wall when the match doesn't go their way.
  5. Tecelote

    too many overpens?

    IT's good to know that I'm not the only one noticing this although it's not just BB's that are affected. Even my Leander is getting over pens on DD's and CL's.
  6. Tecelote

    Ramming an AFK ship!

    I did it with the Bogue...lol...was quite fun, actually. Enemy be the enemy. Sink 'em where you find 'em.
  7. We just came off of a holiday weekend, too. The additional free time has allowed more of the "spray & pray" use of torps in Co-op. I found it quite entertaining how the number of "bots dodging my torps" posts increased slightly as well. Using the search instead of posting would have given them the trick to getting past that problem.
  8. Tecelote

    It not that freakin hard

    The smoke also makes it difficult for the supporting BB's (who, if they're following basic support tactics, are running at flank speed just to stay in support range of the DD's who've left them far behind) to do their job so that the CL's don't get hung out to dry and deleted.
  9. Tecelote

    VETERANS Thank You So Much

    Headquarters & Headquarters Co. Central Army Group (CENTAG), MP Battalion, Heidelberg, W. Germany (1984-85) after boot & AIT. I'd do it all again without hesitation. To those who've served - past, present & who will serve in the future, Thank You! Edit: Special Birthday wishes to the United States Marine Corps on this weekend as well.
  10. Tecelote

    German BBs

    I'm currently grinding through the Gneisenau(a decent brawler and the torps make it a bit more challenging) to get to Bismark simply because I somehow managed to get the perma-camo for the Bismark. With the way the MM is going, I doubt I'll bring her out much, though.
  11. Tecelote

    Halp with German BBs plz

    Look for @UrPeaceKeeper on YouTube. The "how to" vids may be a bit outdated but there's still some very good information to be gleaned from them. Any time I get a new ship I'm hitting his channel to find one of the "how to play ..." videos. Still hasn't helped my DD and CL play much, but I still learn a lot.
  12. Tecelote

    This game cost me 2 karma

    I play predominantly BB's and do the same for CL and DD drivers who try and work as a 3 part team to either get a cap or defend one while at the same time concentrating fire on the same ship. They know who they are and I thank them for the fun of playing as a somewhat cohesive group.
  13. Tecelote

    Ship refit request

    At least the refit request was made in the proper format
  14. I received my first SC after a 2-3 month wait and was awarded 100X of a signal set that I rarely, if ever, use.
  15. Tecelote

    Tier 7 nonpremium battleships data

    As one who ground through CO, she's a tough ship to learn. She's a beast in a brawl if you have the manual secondaries and those 16" guns are just nasty in brawl. Edit: Angling her properly will get a lot of bounced shells for the enemy as she's set up well for that. /Edit That being said, at long range the two-shell dispersion makes her virtually useless. I sold her off as soon as I managed enough ship XP to get the NC. The only T7 ship I'll keep will be Gneisnau even though I'll do the grind through her for the Bismark. The NC & Bismark will be as high as I'll go. I have no interest in T9-10 ships.