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  1. will_pdx

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    hi, trying out the new CV thing in the public test game. using the Lex and really really bad at it so far. For example with torp planes can I do more then 3 at a time drops when I have a flight of 8 or whatever? Is there any guides out there on the details of how you control the planes beyond the basics? feel free to tell me where I should post this sort of thing if this is the wrong thread, thanks
  2. will_pdx

    Ultimate Frontier 2018 Dec

    Good stuff. How do I setup the manual torpedo/bomb drop? Thank you
  3. Been playing UF a couple of times tonight. 2 with the Ranger and 1 with the New Orleans. One CV game seems to click nicely. The other 2 not so much as in abject defeat. Questions to the wise out there. How to keep my Ranger planes from getting wiped out by theirs. Also of course trying to get after the enemy CV. Any other wisdom too from those who are playing the current round. Thanks
  4. I think the comment that was most interesting here was more recent when you have someone call out targets. That is always helpful. Or retreat or whatever. Is there some helpful guide for the chat? I had looked at the instructions a couple of time but could never get the hang of it. Thanks