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  1. This flips national flavors, and will make matches with CVs boring until one side overwhelms the other.
  2. They are 2 separate ships on purpose.
  3. Very tired, misread the date lmbo. I think Gremy deserves a second look due to the removal of OWSF and the new captain skills.
  4. I am honestly confused why WG gives us a bit of hope about USN CVs having a chance, the trying ti snatch that away. Also the "strike focused flavor" IJN CVs having access to AS loadouts still, some of which are entirely overwhelming with ok strike, while "fighter focus" USN CVs lose their AS loadouts.
  5. @LittleWhiteMouse Gremy 2.0 review Mouse? Also the Kamikaze was for sale recently?
  6. Filthy Roma

    I dunno why people act like Roma has bad pen, having excellent pen and flat arcs is why cruisers always get overpenned. I've citadeled angled NCs numerous times and I rarely have pen issues on BBs.
  7. Well most CCs said she was OP, and most of us had an idea of what a tier 9 Yamato would do, and it hasn't deviated from our expectations.
  8. Tier 9 fighters have less speed DPS and ammo than tier X fighters, even with those skills you're still downgrading the ship. Making the tier 9 fighters the new tier X is stupid, especially considering they should just relabel the planes at this rate.
  9. It's stealthy like Cesare, and has a nice premium camo with good speed. The guns aren't as accurate but the armor is incredible. It shares the same high citadel, and lacks AA. I quite like man but some people will really dislike the troll guns.
  10. USN CVs have always been mistreated, and the one time they truly shine WG is dropping a nerf on it.
  11. Nelson is great when used properly. Also I've seen 2-3 Moresushi a match quite a few times.
  12. You can always get that Harekaze camo.
  13. Next Dev Blog is gonna be about expanding HE drop patterns lmbo.