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  1. Best BB dd killer?

    Giulio Cesare, concealment gives them less time to play, speed and rudder allows you to chase and dodge like no other, great HE and accurate guns round out the lolieater package.
  2. I'd say the old super heal would be a bit much, buffing the turret traverse if necessary makes more sense.
  3. The high cit is fine, Yamato needs no buffs. You get the best armor in the game with that cit, and the guns wreck everything.
  4. Yea, if the Kirishima was blind and Washington had a loaded gun, Kirishima was essentially unable to return fire or even spot Washington.
  5. I must say the Massachusetts would be a poor competitive pick put looks very interesting as a premium, I'm interested in purchasing it.
  6. Worcester + AR AA mounts = MEMECESTER
  7. Can't wait to see what a 1% hp Atlanta has for aa
  8. A hidden advantage of the downtiered planes is dogfighting expert will always apply. Also the way the GZ fighter squads are composed gives them a few interesting quirks.
  9. Nikolai, the potato farmer

    You have the Nikolai, nice. I'm slumming it in Konig Albert and Giulio Cesare.
  10. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    There was nothing like it in the game, closest equivalent we have right now is the Kronshtadt, and at best it is just a taste. I would've gladly purchased the DoY as it was instead of this nerfed KGV.
  11. WG is selling Giulio Cesare again?

    Jesus it was on the tree for 1100 Doubloons? I'd pay 3 times that if I had to lmbo.
  12. WG is selling Giulio Cesare again?

    The theme I'm seeing is the Nikolai is a better ship for it's MM, but the Giulio is just so fun in many ways, and everything about the ship handles well, the opposite of the Nikolai. Also there's feeling guilty vs. having fun.
  13. WG is selling Giulio Cesare again?

    I hope there was a /s hidden somewhere, selling that would be like selling my Gremy and Fat Albert.
  14. Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    That citadel is the size of my kock- Rooster is what I mean ;)