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  1. GZ success depends entirely on what the opposing CV is and some player skill.
  2. If you read the changelog on the update and the Devblog it's 116 and the Hak is getting the stupid 3-3-2.
  3. What he means is it really is a buff that will send the Midway back to the bottom, it's just there are always people who will disagree for no reason.
  4. in sync or not in sync

    Don't Listen to them, so I don't know what to say about this topic.
  5. Kaga is OP, I do crap in it as CVs have a skill cliff to scale.
  6. I find Spruance would have allowed a special skilled called "Powder River" - If an enemy CV is rearming, bonus damage. or some other interesting perk.
  7. Personally I would have preferred Spruance, but Halsey is a great choice nonetheless.
  8. So it was well agreed that USN CVs were supposed to have better air control, so why did WG remove USN AS loadouts and not IJN AS loadouts? Seems to me the IJN can have better strike whenever they want then control the air whenever they want. And Nerfing the Midway while Buffing Hak, how high is WG? The Hak will now have air control over the USN with 3 fighter squads (We all know 3 is better than 2, don't gives me that "roughly same number of fighters excuse") while the Midway is having almost as many planes as the IJN while the USN are supposed to have more, while having better strike as it has 12 TBs with converging drop and not single downtiered plane (RIP TX planes, Saipan now has TX planes) and DBs that can hit. Sure Midways have AP bombs but it only works on a select few ships unlike the GZ imaginary nukes.
  9. Midway rant again!

    I agree, but buffing the Hak and nerfing the Midway, even thought it is in testing, sounds like a bad idea.
  10. Yes Mouse, I'll be seeing Gearings in my Graf Spee. ;)
  11. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    I'd recommend the Roma, a good ship instead of mediocre with extreme credit potential and actually is a good ship.
  12. Guilio and OKTR

    For me the OR is a fun, funky ship I take out on occasion to bowtank tier 7s and generally have some fun with the Communist McDonalds camo. The Giulio for me, is the ship when I want to run around the map murdering everyone and hard carrying. Guns are fantastic, with great HE shells and high pen AP. Turning makes CVs and DDs cry and the armor can be extremely resilient if angled right. The OR guns though low in pen are numerous in number, very suited against Cruisers. The HE can do good work, once set 4 fires in a single salvo.
  13. To Nelson or not to Nelson?

    I'm just pointing out it took lolpen for me to start getting citadels.
  14. Your "Cursed" ship....

    Warspite, I line up shorts perfectly and watch as they miss or do very little pen damage. one time I aimed a the waterline of a Tirpitz 10km away and watched every shell splash the water :(
  15. To Nelson or not to Nelson?

    Bacon I mean Nelson is great, the only ship that has citadeled is a Musashi from 5km away when I was mostly bow in.