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  1. RealNewDeal

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    What I'm trying to say is the combination of the GC starting initially OP and the fact it had weaknesses and did not excel in one particular category meant that it was slept on. Certified OP ships before GC being if I remember right Kutuzov and Belfast, the community was used to a gimmick causing an op ship. This combined with citadel buffs to USN BBs made the main GC weakness, high citadel, look significant forgetting that it could be mitigated. My take is that if a ship is good in all respects and has negatives that can be mitigated with skill, it will be OP as it becomes a ship with no real downsides. Look at RU BBs, their "long range penalty" doesn't really exist and encourages pushing that is good BB play, with fast turrets that help with that play, along with excellent armor schemes and a DCP that mitigates HE spam. Their only other weakness, high citadels, is countered with insane armor schemes that are easily angled, making them the monsters they are now.
  2. RealNewDeal

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    It's hard to believe how hard the community slept on the GC. I had bought the Okto just before and did fairly well, and viewed the GC as nearly the same power level until I had a monster game, where I saw it's true potential. I guess it's a good reminder that a ship without gimmicks can be awfully dangerous if every aspect is good or great and the weaknesses are easily negated. The simply presence of a weakness does not mean balance, as we've seen the hard way with RU BBs.
  3. RealNewDeal

    Puerto Rico Grind: A Sinister Long Term Plan

    That is exactly what I think. Many “gamers” are in a hue and cry about many companies but pre order their games every year. They are just as culpable as the companies for falling for the hype then accepting apologies, in an endless cycle each and every year.
  4. RealNewDeal

    Puerto Rico Grind: A Sinister Long Term Plan

    WG is a company, and their goal is to make money like every other company, not to make is happy. Some companies try and balance customer enjoyment and money in entertainment but there has been a recent trend towards purely money. You pay them for entertainment, you don’t owe them anything.
  5. So I was lurking on the forums and subreddit, watching the whole fiasco then realized something. Now in most video games the plans for events like this are usually a year. Well let’s step back a year or a bit more, and think about doubloons. Remember stuff like Steam Packs back when they were giving full doubloon amounts for duplicates among other things? We were positively swimming in doubloons. We asked for doubloon sinks like the armory as we had so many. So they add the armory and we spend dubs on ships we always wanted, and over time doubloon stashes get drained. Bam, here it is, an event that if you even want a chance at getting the ship you need a massive pile of doubloons. Keep in mind development times and the fact WG definitely has the stats of doubloons spent and doubloons still in circulation. WG knows full well what happened before they dropped the event, like how the GC nerf was announced after Christmas Crates and the widely considered OP T-61. This is simply sickening.
  6. RealNewDeal

    how do you cit a fuso in a furutaka?

    Must've been one hell of a shell to punch through the deck, prob an armor gap or thin spot. I have noticed plunging fire work with Alaska.
  7. RealNewDeal

    how do you cit a fuso in a furutaka?

    honestly your best bet is simply as close as possible, but be sure to watch how your turrets are aligned you don't shoot and have them bounce. At close ranges if you don't factor in turret angles you'll bounce almost every shot, I've won piles of drive-bys that way.
  8. RealNewDeal

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    You realize there are differences between Pobeda and Yamato right?
  9. RealNewDeal

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    You’re cherry picking arguments people presented for Pobeda being OP, going only with theory crafting to back yourself up, and straw man others. Congratulations, you’re a little kid covering their ears in an argument. I genuinely hope you aren’t defending this so it passes live and you can dunk on people.
  10. RealNewDeal

    100 games in a West Virginia '41

    My biggest issue is the speed makes uptiers impossible to deal with, and the inferior armor to Arizona makes it not as forgiving and not nearly as tanky. The guns are fantastic though, and in a level small playing field like 5v5 Sprint I can destroy with it, but randoms is just luck to how I do.
  11. RealNewDeal

    Low tier Russian BBs

    That’s a Nikolai you realize that?
  12. I wonder if @Radar_X will get this, but how can we treat WG’s word on things they say will be set in stone after such a major turnaround?
  13. Gremyaschy, Nikolai, Ark Beta, Konig Albert
  14. Few realize a tier up, especially in WoWs, is a whole new playing field with any ship. Especially with how T6 MM is now, I dread to see GC hit live at T6.
  15. Saying what you’re currently doing is premature is misleading, Sub O has publicly doubled down on your decision, and GC is in testing right now. Being present in more than one thread on both the forums and reddit on this issue would freatly alleviate that, this applying to both you and Sub O.