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  1. Stalingrad was the second ship of this type, and it’s performance is extremely relevant to the Alaska and Azuma.
  2. Then they should do a global balance like they did with cruisers and Spee, instead of throwing ships people really want under the bus. Stalingrad basically broke clan battles.
  3. I agree, she was as many put perfectly balanced as said by STs and CCs. If she is nerfed in such a severe way like this she needs a buff to compensate. With the recent spate of all-or-nothing premiums one that's balanced would be a welcome relief. A plating or gunpower increase would be sufficient.
  4. My issue is Stalingrad has broken CW, Kron is already known to be more armored and survivable than Alaska, and all the CCs said she was perfectly fine. Then they nerf my increasing fire duration on only Alaska and Azuma. The reasoning they use is flawed due to the other battlecruisers. What gives? Why are they doing this?
  5. RealNewDeal

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    Doubly so considering the cost had the bombs not been dropped.
  6. The big thing is Spee has a heal and the other cruisers don’t, which makes the 10k health disparity even larger. The fire duration nerf makes me think, what’s the point of getting Alaska if it costs 250k more free exp than Kron but has worse pen, plating, velocity, and health pool? The issue is the other two battlecruisers get Graf Spee fire duration, why make Azuma and Alaska break the mold and make them worse? Especially considering Alaska has inferior armor in many respects compared to Kron.
  7. RealNewDeal

    Ranked Sprint In a Shellnut

    Yep, thanks to luck I've had some sealed games become dumb losses.
  8. :( Yep, even in 5v5, you simply can't carry hard enough to compensate for a team that evaporates in 2 minutes.
  9. 1. British carriers with carpet bombing mechanic? Sounds like they’re doubling down on the HE spam introduced with RN BBs. 2. Apparently WG has never heard of Regia Marina, as the Russians are coming first. I’m not gonna yell russian bias or any of that, I’m just disappointed with the Regia Marina not getting a single line.
  10. RealNewDeal

    Nicknames you have given to your ships

    Giulio Cesare - discount Nikolai Gremy - Destroyer of T5 St. Louis - T3 American BB Nelson - Unsinkable WV 41 - The Punisher Graf Spee - The Cruiser Killer Okhotnik - Gunbote
  11. RealNewDeal

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    Are you also incapping turrets frequently in WV?
  12. RealNewDeal

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    People forget that even if they can manage without priority target really well, you're using your limited attention and thinking on substituting for it rather than predicting teams or positioning or etc. The way I see it, Priority Target along with the minimap allow people to channel more of their limited mental resources into more important things at the cost of a single skill point, at a skill tier where it's the best option unless you're a CV.
  13. RealNewDeal

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    Pen is a pretty significant factor, overmatch or not. Arizona tops damage numbers not just with gun volume but good pen and accuracy and without overmatch. Sailing and fighting against a Warspite, that pen is sorely missed when uptiered or against angled BBs. Ships like Arizona, for example, have limited extremities to overmatch and thick armor, needing raw pen to do significant damage. As I’m sure you know LWM is a huge fan of Warspite and she named almost without caveats WV as having the best firepower per tier. This is due to the WV 16” rifles being superior in every way to the 15” Warspite rifles except for accuracy.
  14. RealNewDeal

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    You realize WV can overmatch just as well? Also Hood has very poor pen for the tier, if you look at dispersion charts Warspite loses 100mm or more at all ranges. 1.8 sigma is fine, as that’s Mutsu accuracy but the shells will always pen and do massive damage. Try and compare stats before you make assumptions.