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  1. RealNewDeal

    how do you cit a fuso in a furutaka?

    Must've been one hell of a shell to punch through the deck, prob an armor gap or thin spot. I have noticed plunging fire work with Alaska.
  2. RealNewDeal

    how do you cit a fuso in a furutaka?

    honestly your best bet is simply as close as possible, but be sure to watch how your turrets are aligned you don't shoot and have them bounce. At close ranges if you don't factor in turret angles you'll bounce almost every shot, I've won piles of drive-bys that way.
  3. RealNewDeal

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    You realize there are differences between Pobeda and Yamato right?
  4. RealNewDeal

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    You’re cherry picking arguments people presented for Pobeda being OP, going only with theory crafting to back yourself up, and straw man others. Congratulations, you’re a little kid covering their ears in an argument. I genuinely hope you aren’t defending this so it passes live and you can dunk on people.
  5. RealNewDeal

    100 games in a West Virginia '41

    My biggest issue is the speed makes uptiers impossible to deal with, and the inferior armor to Arizona makes it not as forgiving and not nearly as tanky. The guns are fantastic though, and in a level small playing field like 5v5 Sprint I can destroy with it, but randoms is just luck to how I do.
  6. RealNewDeal

    Low tier Russian BBs

    That’s a Nikolai you realize that?
  7. I wonder if @Radar_X will get this, but how can we treat WG’s word on things they say will be set in stone after such a major turnaround?
  8. Gremyaschy, Nikolai, Ark Beta, Konig Albert
  9. Few realize a tier up, especially in WoWs, is a whole new playing field with any ship. Especially with how T6 MM is now, I dread to see GC hit live at T6.
  10. Saying what you’re currently doing is premature is misleading, Sub O has publicly doubled down on your decision, and GC is in testing right now. Being present in more than one thread on both the forums and reddit on this issue would freatly alleviate that, this applying to both you and Sub O.
  11. Let me clarify both questions. Question #1 is asking is there any guarantee that in the future WG won’t use the precedent to make a purposely OP ship, then sell it for a while, then uptier and sell again? This is the “bait and switch” I referred to. Question #2 is asking why did Sub Octavian choose that particular reddit post, especially considering how it was the most sympathetic one towards WG, than other posts that were within a day with similar memes, questions, or upvotes? Did he purposely choose those to ride a wave of sympathy? Why did he ignore multitposters confirming they wanted the answer to the same question?
  12. Radar_X, please reread my initial post, the community has two main questions that seem to be at the heart of the issue, and the answering of those questions will greatly heal the rift in the community. You have entirely ignored the existence of those two questions during your two previous posts and the current one now. We need those answers. Regarding the debate on GC itself, this thread is more about Sub O’s (and now Radar_X’s conduct) and their lack of answers to essential questions on this highly important issue. There are plenty of other threads to debate on the GC itself.
  13. The ships either have so many more inches in gun caliber it’ll make someone blush, have excellent accuracy, or much higher volume of guns. They have better armor schemes, and any BBs with less gun volume than GC has the same reload hut larger guns, and are more accurate for some. The guns of the tier have more penetration, and any ship with less gun volume and similar caliber have faster reloads. Her only strengths are her stealth, mitigated by the CVs and the CE change, and her rudder.
  14. Unfortunately, seeing how Sub O doubled down on reddit it seems we're going to see the uptier or nothing at all, as Sub O publicly stated their course and reasoning (whatever publicly stating something is worth anything now), and anything short of massive backlash and a repeal seems impossible, despite us wanting compromise. Another nail in the coffin is how ridiculous the RU BB looks at T5, having insane dispersion below 15km is having insane dispersion all the time at that tier.
  15. Radar, I really hate to say this, but what you are saying has not reassured us at all, especially given the context of this thread. All the community is asking for is answers to two questions, which you have clearly ignored or dodged when responding to not one, but two times here. You are doing the opposite of dispelling fears, only stoking them. Concrete answers in a manner that does not seem disingenuous is what the community needs right now, especially considering the recent CV Rework which inflamed the community, deserved or not.